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Saint Germain on Prophecies for 2015

Saint Germain on Prophecies for 2015

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Saint Germain’s Prophecy for 2015?

David Christopher Lewis
December 31, 2014   10:00–11:00 am MST
Hearts Center Talk Radio Show
Livingston, Montana

Saint Germain’s Prophecy for 2015

Today we do not have a human guest with us on the line. I have the opportunity to present to you, live from the heart of an ascended master named Saint Germain, his prophecy for the year 2015.

Saint Germain stands at the nexus of delivering to mankind very deep and spiritual teaching that is essential for us to embrace today in order to meet the challenges and all the opportunities presented to us now. And they are numerous.

Spiritual Acceleration and Tangibility of Results

What does the year 2015 bode? What are the portents, the omens that we can see now of what is to come? And what does Saint Germain have to say about this? First of all, Saint Germain says that the will, wisdom and love of God working through initiates of light will be active in the affairs of mankind in a tangible and accelerated fashion throughout the coming year. There are many devotees of light in numerous spiritual movements and religions of all kinds who have as their primary focus the invocation of light through prayer, meditation and inner silence. These will continue, through their inner collaboration in a vast array of light and radiance, to assist the ascended masters and hosts of light, including angels of the sacred fire, in blessing the Earth with great light-energies and frequencies for the awakening of mankind.

This is what is occurring now. Many are awakening to their divine Source. They are feeling the impulses of this awakening deep within their souls, in their inner beings. Many are being called to a higher purpose to understand the dynamics of what life is about—their purpose, their mission. Many lightbearers throughout the world—and it doesn’t really matter what their religion or religious persuasion is—are collaborating on the inner to bring in this new awareness with all of its possibilities.

The Meaning of “2015”; Ruby Love Integration

Today the Master Saint Germain, who is a master alchemist and the master of freedom and divine love, is sharing directly to our listening audience his prophecy for 2015. Numerologically, the number 2015 adds up to eight. Eight is the sign of infinity and is symbolic of integration. In esoteric terms, eight, as this number of integration, is tantamount to Buddhic awareness. There is a vast ocean, an infinite potential of divine light for humanity to tap into in order to solve its problems. And this can be done through the eighth ray of integration. This requires what the ascended masters call ruby love, which is accelerated or concentrated love. Ruby love is often tough love. It requires that we look squarely at the reality of things as they are, as they exist now, and decide to take proactive measures in order to bring forth the highest God-good in our lives.

Becoming Conscious Ones; Changing Negative Prophecies 

True spirituality urgently necessitates that we become conscious ones. What does that mean? It means that we are fully awakened and enlightened as to what is occurring in the world in order to resolve the major issues and potential crises that destiny dictates, in one sense, because of the law of karma and the outplaying of the cycles of light and darkness. We know that what goes around comes around, and what this means is that the energy that we put out to the universe returns to us. So if we put out love, we will receive love back. If we put out something else that’s negative, we will receive that back at some point of our evolution.

Therefore it is much better for us to be conscious and aware so as co-creators we can choose the world we together are desirous of manifesting by intelligently, and by divine design, integrating all of what we know and what we have learned from history, and choosing wisely what we will do with the energies vouchsafed to us from the Creator, provided to us as our own creative talents, gifts and energies that flow through our hearts, through our minds, through our wills every day.

True spirituality urgently necessitates that we as conscious ones resolve some of these major issues and potential crises before they manifest in the physical. We always have the choice, the Master says, to avert dire prophecies by praying, meditating and investing our energies in conscious works of the Spirit; by bringing our best to the table and applying the wisdom teachings of East and West that we have learned in whatever religious or spiritual movements we have been brought up in or now embrace; and by integrating what mankind as a whole has learned from the past so as not to make the same mistakes. We can avert war. We can avert all manner of crises and violence and things that do not serve us well.

World-Wide Awakening; Where Change Begin 

The Master says that greater numbers of people around the world are awakening to these new opportunities to discover and utilize the spiritual keys that we all have access to in order to solve our planet’s problems through dynamic interpersonal change. In order to solve the problems of the world, we have to change individually. We cannot dictate or mandate that change occur outside of ourselves. Those who attempt to do so by violence will learn the hard lessons that come because violence only breeds greater violence.

Those who have used the nonviolent approach, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King and others, have brought about exemplary national, and even planetary transformation. Nonviolence is the way and the true wave of the future for the youth and those who desire real and lasting change. If we are truly willing to understand all of these inner dynamics that are manifesting right now, we will avoid the reactivity we have seen manifesting as various negative social upheavals and in what the media has portrayed that has fed this reactivity, which will not secure for us the ends that we collectively desire.

Conflict-Resolution Mastery a Key

Gaining mastery in conflict resolution will become crucial to meet life’s many challenges—personally, within our families and our businesses and communities, and ultimately within the greater world-at-large. It will become more important for us all to understand this dynamic of transformative change through what temporarily looks like conflict, which brings the issues to the surface so that we can resolve them. Emotional and violent reactivity does not yield permanent, positive results. Using compassionate communication and developing deep listening skills while seeking common ground and investing in common goals will ultimately yield the greater and higher outcomes that we, in our hearts, in our minds, in our souls, desire. There, a new brother/sisterhood must manifest to avoid potential violent conflict.

What is brother/sisterhood? It is an understanding between hearts, between peoples, that comes when we realize that we are all of one God, we are all created in God’s image and likeness, we are all from the same Source. When we understand this, when we grok it, as Heinlein said in his book, Stranger in a Strange Land, when we truly learn the lesson and integrate it and know it within our being, then there is no judgment of others through a dualistic lens of awareness. We do not look upon others as less than ourselves. We see all life is one. We realize that we are all connected, that we are all brothers and sisters of the same Father-Mother Divine One.

Tolerance—a True Tenet of Spirituality

Saint Germain says that another master named El Morya Khan has said that the second tenet of every religion—after the first tenet, which is to love and adore the Creator with all of our heart, mind and strength—should be to accept, respect and have tolerance toward every other faith and religion. If all religions had this as their second tenet, we could have peace almost instantly upon the Earth. The same value, of course, should hold between nations, ethnic groups and races, and all other types of groups. If true brother/sisterhood were to exist upon Earth in this vein we would see such a transformative power of Self-realization manifesting worldwide that we would literally be catapulted into this new awareness and consciousness of peace, prosperity and the all-possibilities of abundance and grace manifesting in so many divine ways.

People everywhere, especially the youth, will be compelling greater transformational change to occur through transparency in all areas of life, especially in the fields of health (the natural-health field in particular), education, government, the economy, immigration, the environment, and law enforcement, as has been demonstrated recently.

Emergence of Truth in Every Area of Society

This focus on the eighth ray of integration throughout this coming year will accelerate a sense of urgency for people to live in true integrity, to be truthful and honest, to be real. Those who attempt to hide the truth in any way from mankind-at-large will continue to be exposed again and again and again, the Master says, and brought low. Those who are the instruments for the exposing of truth, though often initially scorned or hailed as betrayers, such as Edward Snowden, will eventually be seen as intrepid heroes and heroines who were willing to take a stand for the truth and speak in the face of the lie and of those who are attempting to put limits on our freedom and who are attempting in any way to control our minds, our wills, our hearts.

Exposés, especially on the manipulation of our economy, will continue and cause a greater stir in the financial sector, with greater numbers of its high-ranking officials and individuals being humbled and brought to accountability. Even though the powers that were will continue to attempt to protect their moneyed interests, the truth will prevail, and the people will discover through various media what is transpiring. The powers that were will continue to attempt to hide from the masses their strategies, their plans, their so-called work. However, greater numbers of defections will manifest from within these circles, allowing the exposure of certain dark deeds to the world, especially through the alternative media.

The regular media is controlled, primarily by a cadre of those who like their money and their power. They are not prone to allow these exposés to be brought before the public. They edit the news to control what we see, hear and read. We know this for a fact. The controlled media will continue to have a declining audience because the people who are awakening will see what is occurring and what is at stake. They will know that they cannot trust most of the regular media and the pablum that it is feeding to the people. It no longer serves them to watch, listen to or read this type of news.

Technological Advancements in Communication, Transportation

Discoveries of powerful new modes of universal and instantaneous communication using crystalline technologies are already occurring and will continue to occur, though it may take time to bring them into the marketplace. There will be, as there always has been when dynamic new technologies are invented, a power play between the powers that were and those who are discovering them over whether they will be offered for free, as some should be, or delivered for a fee.

Some of you listening may know that Nikola Tesla discovered a way to bring forth free energy to the entire planet, and yet his discoveries were snuffed out by the powers that were. Now we have to pay for energy that should be freely provided, for it is universally available. You can Google “Nikola Tesla” and find out more about his life, his discoveries and what transpired. Today there is an electric Tesla car, named after him. These cars are currently expensive and do not have the range of gas-powered vehicles. Eventually prices will go down as demand for them grows and the infrastructure of the Tesla Motor Company expands to allow more efficient production; and the vehicles’ range of operation will increase.

Saint Germain says that additional advancements will be made in this area and prices will come down. The powers that were cannot completely control the new discoveries from manifesting because the energy, the oomph, the dynamism of these powerful discoveries will make their mark. Our civilization as a whole will be changed. However, it may take decades and even centuries for these upgrades to be fully accommodated within our civilization.

It is happening. It cannot be stopped. Solar energy, crystal energy and an awakened consciousness that powers these energies will be born within our civilization. Those who attempt to snuff out the new discoveries will themselves be held accountable for their actions, removed from the scene at certain energetic periods of time, and the truth will prevail.

Lightbearers and lightworkers from numerous divinely sponsored activities will begin to collaborate more than they have in the past in beautiful new ways, using the various spiritual resources available to them to co-create the divine world that many of us have been dreaming of and attempting to manifest for decades and centuries.

Helping Our Young People See the Way to Positive Change

We have a question from a caller in Santa Barbara on the line:

Question: My question for Saint Germain is, what is the best and most effective way to get the young people to understand that the true change that we need will not come about through violence, as has been portrayed in the media and is so prevalent, and that it’s more of an inner job, an inside job? How can we help them to know that when they transform themselves, their world will also change and will change others on a grander scale? How can we communicate this to the young people today?

David: The young people actually have this inner knowledge already, and they know this integrally within themselves, their hearts, their minds. The media manipulates things and makes it appear that more are in a reactive mode than actually are. The media feeds a desire for reactive dissent, especially through social media. So in certain pockets, like the inner cities where we’ve seen the violence, there is a certain portrayal by the media of what is occurring. Yet overall, most of the youth desire the gentler way of positive, correctional change.

Modeling Tolerance, Compassion, Non-Violence

Now, how do we get through to those who see violence as the only means to an end? We have to have leadership at the local level who model the way of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. We have to have these leaders stand up within these communities and decry violence. We have to pray for these leaders to appear and to awaken the people through a positive momentum and way. We cannot empower or continually listen to or heed certain leaders who are always in a reactive mode and are constantly playing upon the so-called evils of the past. Of course there have been past injustices and wrongs. We can focus on the solution and not just on past problems. We first have to pray for divinely inspired leadership.

In response to another caller, the way of compassion, kindness and love is the wave of the future in the eternal Now. We should always embrace that and embrace others as heartfriends, all with whom we resonate at a heart level—those of any movement or no movement who are simply heart-centered, loving or working through, or coming from the heart.

Arbiters of Our Own Destiny

Saint Germain says that the tensions between Russia and the European Union, the USA, and the UN, and between Syria and the same Western power bloc will continue as the powers that were attempt to bring about conflict and war in order to move us toward a one-world government and economic system. Some who in the past have seemed to be our enemies or the enemies of freedom will actually now be embraced as our friends—the friends of true freedom for transformative change—and they will help the lightbearers to overcome factors of control and of mass manipulation.

Cyber espionage and computer hacking will continue to occur and continue to make headlines. In response, governments will use this issue as an excuse to introduce greater controls over the Internet, ostensibly to create greater security. Yet what does this bode? Many of us know that the destruction that occurred on 9/11/2001 in the United States was an inside job and that it was actually planned and executed by certain powers that were for the purpose of the West going to war in Iraq for oil, money and power, and to create greater controls over our individual and collective liberties and rights within our own Western world.

More and more of what George Orwell wrote about in the book 1984 is coming to pass in an almost universal form of control. Yet Saint Germain says that we cannot let this cause us inner tension or anxiety. We are the arbiters of our own divine destiny. We are the freedom-loving ones and we can emanate the light of freedom through our hearts. We can produce amazing and miraculous works by concerted and concentrated efforts, working to overcome these factors, most of which still have a certain place within ourselves and a lock on our inner, soul freedom. When you see things in the outer world that you feel are controlling or limiting, look within to find those factors within yourself. Work on them. Do Ho’oponopono and you will become the victor over yourself first. And through the victory over yourself, you will become the victor in a greater context for the planet.

Returning to Our Love for Mother Earth; Returning to Our Roots

Permaculture, natural-health modalities and practices, and a return to honoring and working with Mother Earth in general will become more and more prevalent and commonplace among the general populace as greater numbers of people continue to experience unusual sicknesses and diseases due to the genetic and chemical manipulation that has occurred and will unfortunately continue to occur through agribusiness, through pharmaceuticals, and through chemical manufacturing companies and industries of all kinds. People are literally returning to their roots, and their roots will assist them in rooting out the darkness within all of these control factors and manmade chemicals and toxic substances that are actually changing our DNA.

Mitigation through Prayer and Fasting

Saint Germain says to watch some of the following countries for potentially dangerous and possibly catastrophic occurrences next year and in coming years. These can all be mitigated through prayer, divine intercession, meditation, fasting, et cetera. These countries are Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, France, Australia, two nations in central Africa, one country in Central America and, of course, the United States of America itself. Some of these potential occurrences may be natural calamities. Others may involve what seems to be terrorism, yet are often actually false-flag occurrences that bring about violence, destruction, murder and mayhem. We will continue to see in certain areas additional social and civic unrest and upheaval.

Preparation for Any Contingency

The major thing that we all can choose to look for, Saint Germain says, is what is happening in the economy and the financial sector. It is imperative that all of us become aware of what is really transpiring and that we financially get our own house in order, that we have reserves of food and water, and that we assess what we truly have to have in order to be free. So a word to the wise is sufficient. The masters and others have been saying this for decades. It’s not a fear tactic; it is what it is.

Awakening a Planet with Saint Germain’s New Book

Finally, I’d like to share with you that Saint Germain says that the release of his upcoming book, Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy, will spawn a greater inner search for divine truth and keys to advance transformative change throughout the world on both a personal and planetary level. This book will be coming out in the next few months.




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