2017 Summer Events

In the Garden with Anastasia IV (June 16)

and Beginning the Next Day:

Divine Mercy Comes to Save You and the Earth! Kuan Yin and the Heavenly Mothers East and West Inaugurate a New Golden Cycle of Mercy (June 17-20)

in Livingston, Montana 
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David Christopher Lewis talks about the upcoming Anastasia workshop:
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Experience Conscious, Cosmic Gardening with Us!
Anastasia, of the Ringing Cedars Series, and the Ascended Lady Master Flower A. Newhouse will share through David Christopher Lewis exciting new teachings on natural living, conscious gardening, and permaculture, including…

The Magic of the Tree Devas
Trees are nature’s air-purifying alchemists and the devic beings who overshine them perform one of the greatest services to the Earth and to humanity.  Learn how they perform their special divine magic, which helps hold a harmonic and energetic balance for earth, water, air and fire.

The Flowering of Consciousness—Body, Mind and Soul
Anastasia collaborates with the Ascended Lady Master Flower A. Newhouse to share with us keys to our “flowering” or Self-realization and enlightenment by being attentive to our Buddha Nature and living in harmony with the laws and ways of nature.

How to Photosynthesize Divine Light Within
Learn some of the deeper secrets of the solar sciences within a sacred darshan with Anastasia and Flower where you may ask questions and receive their wisdom teachings.

A Practical Exercise in Connecting and Attuning with the Elementals—Earth, Water, Air and Fire
As weather and time permit, assist in some permaculture work related to the topics that Mona will be sharing on working with nature to co-create a food forest.

Food Forests
Anastasia leaves her nourishment and life support up to Nature! See first-hand how the goals of a food forest support our life on planet Earth. Touring the newly installed ¾ acre food forest, you will learn about...

  • Plants appropriate for our climatic zone.
  • The “hows” and “whys” of compatible plant placement.
  • The necessary information for successful planting.

With the basics of this example you can duplicate an edible foodscape wherever you choose. Using the wisdom of the trees, elevated biotics for our health and well-being, and connecting with Nature’s abundant rhythm of life, we empower ourselves and others to create our space of love and to give the gift of new life to our planet.

Come prepared to weed, plant and shore up this sacred site. And while you are here, take time to meet and commune with the new three baby Siberian Cedars!


Who is Anastasia?
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Who is Flower Newhouse?
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Welcome to Our Summer Solstice Event with Kuan Yin and the Heavenly Mothers East and West

2017 Summer Meru University in Livingston, Montana


The Divine Mothers Come to Bathe You in Mercy
With the Divine Mothers East and West celebrate summer solstice in beautiful Montana and begin a new golden cycle of mercy! Join spiritual initiates from around the world for four mystical days immersed in the love of Mother. You will be renewed, revivified, and re-energized by an inundation of mercy, ready to once again continue the joyous trek upward with more of a spring in your step, a song in your heart, and the knowledge that our heavenly Mothers are always with us.  

Through David Christopher Lewis, we will be welcomed to our special time together by beloved Kuan Yin, and later that day we’ll know the bliss of darshan with Mother Mary. On the days that follow, the fiery heart of Clare de Lis will remind us to “Wield the Mother Light Where You Are!”

Feminine Virtues, a Divine Clearance, the Baptism by Fire!
Did you know solar awareness brimmed with feminine virtues? The Goddess Meru will talk to us about them. And during our visit to the Healing Light Retreat on Sunday afternoon, Mariel, handmaiden of God and sister to the Blessed Mother, will share a special word.

More Divine Mothers attend us during our solstice event—the Goddess of Beauty, Lady Master Nada, and the Archeia Faith. Blue Tara performs a divine clearance. And for those physically present, beloved Pallas Athena offers a personal baptism by fire!

There’s More!

Communing with Mother Nature
Of course, there will be fun outdoor activities. You’ll enjoy…

  • Hiking and horseback riding on scenic mountain trails
  • A visit to the Healing Light Retreat with its Vastu Temple
  • Steaming away stress at Chico Hot Springs
  • Dancing the Paneurhythmy outdoors in the mornings with our awesome instructor Boris Mitov
  • Picnic fellowship and fun with David and Mona on the final day of our event 

Our sessions will also include ...

  • The beautiful Paraguayan harp music of Nicolas Carter
  • Lovely visuals and videos to enhance our prayers and songs
  • Brief reports from our U.S. and  international groups and our Hearts Center council
  • The silliness, surprises and laughter of our annual talent show*
  • Trying out a new song or two with the Harmony Club

Livingston—An Historic Old-West Town, Nestled in the Mountains of Montana
If you have never been to Livingston before, its Old-West charm will delight you. At the doorstep of Yellowstone National Park and on the banks of the Yellowstone River, Livingston is surrounded with natural beauty. As backdrop to this idyllic town, the Absaroka and Gallatin ranges make certain that just about everywhere you gaze, snow-capped peaks will greet you.


The Elohim Hercules encourages us to physically attend this class- Audio excerpt recorded 6/1/17



Talent Show

This Year’s Talent Show, FunStreams, JoyStreams, LoveStreams! Won’t Be the Same without You!

"What Could I Possibly Do?" You Ask. Well ...

  • A song; a dance; a musical piece on your guitar, violin, zither, harmonica, accordion, spoons, whatever
  • A comedy routine, a skit, a puppet show
  • Poetry reading, a dramatic reading, a pantomime
  • A juggling act or other feats of physical dexterity and prowess to amaze the masses


  • Keep your act to five minutes or less.
  • Send a description of your act—the script/the music/the cast of characters.
  • Tell us the time it will take, the title of it, and your name, in an email to talentshow@heartscenter.org.
  • Your entry is due to us by June 1.
  • First come, first served!
  • Acts will be accepted until we reach the 90-minute time limit for our show.
  • For our Harmony Club act—if you would like to get a head start learning your alto or soprano part, email harmonyclub@heartscenter.org for the music.


Links and Information

Conference Program PDF

Program for In the Garden with Anastasia IV  PDF

Video Replay Price:

Prices are per household. See store page for reduced senior and international rates. 
Tither* Price $90
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Images from this event


Food and Lodging

Meals and Restaurants
Listed in order by most fresh and healthful, as rated by our local connoisseur! Click here

Livingston Lodging
June is tourist season in Livingston, so reserve your room early! Click here

Location and Transportation


Golden Cycle of Mercy Venue

Masonic Temple
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
130 North 2nd St.
Livingston, MT 59047


In the Garden with Anastasia IV Venue
David and Mona Lewis' Livingston property. Address will be emailed when you register.




Book your flight into the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN).

  • In the Garden with Anastasia IV starts at 10:00 am Friday, June 16
  • A New Golden Cycle of Mercy, begins with Paneurhythmy at 7:00 am on Saturday morning, June 17, at David and Mona’s property. The conference begins at 9:00 am in the Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
  • Make your departure flight after 5:00 pm on Tuesday, June 20 if possible, as there will be  a personal Baptism by Fire given by Pallas Athena (for those who have attended all four days of the conference in person), followed by a catered picnic.


During business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm:

  • Two-hour parking only on the streets where businesses are located
  • Park Street, on the opposite side from the Livingston Sanctuary—the side of the Livingston Depot Center. See map. (It is okay to park in the Depot’s gravel parking lot.)
  • Public parking lot. (Drive north on Park Street. Go right on B Street to the public lot on the left after Callender and before Lewis Street. See map.)

After 5:00 pm and on weekends

  • Unlimited parking on the streets
  • The American Bank parking lot, a few doors away on 2nd Street. See map.

Click Here for a PDF of Printable Parking Map

Testimonials from Past Events

My greatest take away from my experience at the Heart Center was reconnecting with my long lost friends on this spiritual journey. There is so much love and oneness here. I got a sense of purpose and confidence that the masters are continuing to bless love and work with us on saving the planet as we have vowed to do when we came with Sanat Kumara.I also got a sense that the masters are even closer to us than ever before. I felt so at home that I wanted to stay but I know that my family needs me as there is much work to be done here and with God's grace and this new found oneness of community in the light I feel that nothing is impossible because it is not me but God that is doing the work. I know now that I am not alone.

I found that this is a community of light workers who has a direct connection with the masters and all the hosts of heaven ready willing and most capable of saving our beloved earth. That this community is real and the masters are real and we as humans need their help and intersession to do the work that God can save the world with the help of his servants the masters and the angels in heaven but they need us who are on this physical plane to be their heart hand and feet to manifest in the physical that which is possible in the spiritual. We as humans cannot do this alone. We need the love wisdom and power of those who have the unlimited access and abilities to do the work.— D.M


Seldom during this sojourn does one find the opportunity to dip into the consciousness of Pure Divine Love. So was this opportunity, as one was willing to open to the Heart of the Masters.—D.K.


Keep meditating! This was a fantastic class with the group meditation for 30 minutes at the beginning of the day. Much was accomplished! And we were told how much we can continue to accomplish with divine beings in our times of silent meditation. Paneurhythmy is beginning to take on a more spiritual aspect now. Boris was fantastic--at teaching and at modeling the spirituality of Paneurhythmy. I pray that our community will one day have the reverence for it that he does.

It was great that other masters and cosmic beings came besides the ones on the program. Expect the unexpected. The Buddha of the Maxin Light came because he said we magnetized him during our meditation. And Alpha and Omega came because our meditation reached the Great Central Sun! Amazing! I would also add that you can't even imagine all the light, love and graces that you receive when you come. Mother Mary assisted in the retrieval of  our lost soul parts. How valuable is that? .—L.H.


We had a chance to be together with like-minded heart friends to take it. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know one other as well as serve in the light in a more powerful way than being at home listening and watching on the broadcast.—C.H.


There are so many great experiences for me---how does one choose? Here are a few I remember at this time:  We were given a golden sheath around our aura. Teachings: Loving Kindness is the key to all healing and wholeness. Loving Kindness flows on waves.  All of us are empowered to give the wave blessings to all of life. The love and camaraderie shared between all those present. This conference was the best by far! I will listen to the replays to recall all the other teachings and blessings we were given.—R.L.


I felt like I was a different person after the coming of the Buddha of the Maxin Light.  I knew that I was changed in some way.—A.R.