Come to Our Sweden Event in May!

sweden new europa event

A New Europa Emerging
Teaching for the Golden Crystal Age
From the Great Divine Director

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Welcome to Bränneriet at Dagnäs Castle in the south of Sweden, located in a historic and beautiful area that played an important role in laying the foundation for the establishment of the nation of Sweden.

The Great Divine Director Will Share New Teachings on the Ascension
This year´s conference offers a new and exciting development, as the spiritual being known as The Great Divine Director will be the sole ascended master who will be sharing with us. He will share all manner of new teachings on the ascension, with a great transfer of light from his being. He blesses all of Earth’s evolutions and is the Manu or special sponsoring master with his twin flame of the incoming seventh root race—a special group of souls who are embodying upon Earth now and in the immediate future.

Share Insights and Ask Poignant Questions
Numerous HeartStreams (discourses, dictations and darshans) will be delivered through The Hearts Center’s founder and primary spiritual teacher David Christopher Lewis. In addition, all participants are encouraged to share their insights and ask poignant questions during the entire event. 

Attendees will enjoy time set aside for silent meditation with the Master, singing and dancing, chanting mantras, walks in nature and more.

A Sacred Dance called the PanEuRhythmy
This year´s conference will also have a special focus on a sacred dance called the PanEuRhythmy, created by the Bulgarian Master Peter Deunov, Guru of the Ascended Master Omraam.

Co-Create a more Spiritual Sweden and Europa!
Come to Bränneriet at Dagnäs Castle to recreate yourself in the flame of freedom and the ascension light. Join the Great Divine Director in helping co-create a more spiritual Sweden and Europa and share your own essence of love-wisdom this spring with other lightbearers from Scandinavia. See you there!






Dance of the Soul…

…Exercise of the Body, Mind and Spirit in Harmony with the Universe

PanEuRhythmy is a sacred dance performed in circle formation. The creator of its music and movements, Peter Deunov, now ascended, was a Bulgarian spiritual master, a sacred musician, and guru of the ascended master Omraam. The word "PanEuRhythmy" means "the highest rhythm of the Universe." Every movement has its own symbolic meaning and expresses a particular thought, feeling or action. PanEuRhythmy is a harmonic manifestation of the Divine in the Universe.
PanEuRythmy PDF

Arleta Brzezińska, a native of Poland, is a disciple of the world-famous PanEuRhythmy teacher and author, Ardella Nathanael.


Since Arleta’s childhood, she has been interested in different forms of dance. Her passion is discovering the secrets and the potential of movement. When she began dancing PanEuRhythmy, immediately she felt its uniqueness and immense power.

Arleta practices this sacred dance with love and the belief that the more people who dance PanEuRhythmy the more peace will be felt in hearts and minds, and as a consequence also felt throughout the world.

The dancing circle symbolizes both a wonderful circle of life, beauty and unity and human awareness aspiring to perfection. PanEuRhythmy can be everything for you, whatever you need at the particular moment. It can be your prayer; your meditation; a way of healing; or a means to meet in co-creativity with others, with yourself, and even with your guardian angel. Or it can be just physical exercise, a soothing dance that brings relief to your body and releases joy and peace inside of your being!

PanEuRhythmy is a wonderful method of transformation and preparation of our bodies, minds and hearts for entering into a new age—an age of peace, harmony, freedom, unity and love. It unites us with the resources of nature, enabling a connection with healing energies. Thanks to the practice of PanEuRhythmy many people experience wholeness on different levels of their being.

Attend Online

Join our live video broadcast as your schedule allows. Video replays for each day will be available soon after each session for heartfriends  in different time zones.

Once the event is over you will continue to have access to all the event sessions.

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