Sweden Schedule in Mountain Daylight Time

2010 Sweden May Event in MDT
A New Fragrance of Divine Love For Scandinavia— Expanding the Unguent of Compassion to Save Sentient Life

Free Broadcasts!!
Thursday the 13th of May
5:00 am MDT Welcome (13.00 CEST , Sweden time,)
Kuthumi the Buddha; Kindling the Essence of Kindness
Clare de Lis (Mother) with Lanello; The Flowering of Divine Thought
10:00 am MDT Dinner (18.00 CEST)

11:30 am MDT Uppsala – Home of Science and Faith Presentation by Karin Edebol Eeg-Olofsson (19.30 CEST)
Chamuel with Charity; Self-Realization through Accelerated Ruby-Love

Friday 14th of May
1:00 am MDT Morning session begins (09.00 CEST)
2:00 am MDT The Soul balance method Presentation by Hans Thörn
Goddess of Light; A Cosmic Cascade of Light for All! (10.00 CEST)
4:00 am MDT Lunch together at Hotel Linné (12.00 CEST)

5:30 am MDT Queen of Light; Light IS the Alchemical Key to Your Divinity! (13.30 CEST)
9:00 am MDT Dinner (17.00 CEST)
10:30 am MDT The Spiritual Power of Etheric Oils to Magnify the Heart-Mind connection to the I Am Presence Presentation by Britt Marie Persson
Goddess of Purity; The Ritual of Soul Purification within Your Solar Evolution (18.30 CEST)

Saturday 15th of May
1:00 am MDT Wash Europe in Crystal Light (09.00 CEST)
Saint Germain with Portia; Trust in the Higher Way of Freedom
Great Divine Director; I Am Invested in Your Solar Victory!
5:00 am MDT Lunch together at Hotel Linné (13.00 CEST)
Wellspring broadcasts Morning Service, 6:00 – 8:30 am MDT
6:30 am MDT Not Broadcast - Guided tour in Uppsala. (14.30 CEST)
Picnic in the Park at the Castle (if the weather permits)

10:30 – 12:00 pm MDT via Elluminate webinar: Meru University, MU 1004-2, Advanced Studies of the Human Aura (18.30 CEST)
12:00 pm MDT Broadcast: Heros and Amora; Love IS Changing Earth to Be Freedom's Star!

6:30 pm MDT American World Freedom Service

Sunday 16th of May
1:00 am MDT Mother Mary; Your Immaculate Conception Occurs Daily! (09.00 CEST)
Jesus the Buddha; Trumpeting the Message of Christic and Buddhic Joy!
Sanat Kumara with Lady Venus; A New Fragrance of Divine Love For Scandinavia
4:00 am MDT Sealing of the seminar with lunch together at Hotel Linné (12.00 CEST)

8:00 am MDT Sunday Service broadcast from Arizona