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Previous HeartShare Teleclasses with Audio Links

Study to Be Approved unto God May 30, 2024
Beloved Clare de Lis on her mission. Key take away - Make time to study the Word. More

Learn more about Melchizedek and His Work on Earth’s Behalf April 25, 2024
Melchizedek, the Great Awakening, the Angels of Virtues, the Unity Field and more

Saint Germain Introduces the Ultraviolet Ray. March 28, 2024
Learn about the practical applications of the Ultraviolet Ray and how it relates to Metatron, sun gazing and the five crystal rays. More

Create a New Painting of Your Life with Paul the Venetian. February 29, 2024
The Art of Giving, the Art of Living. More

A Happy, Healthy New Year with Dr. Nancy Lach. January 25, 2024
Dr. Nancy Lach answers health related questions. More

Jesus Shares the Aquarian Meaning of “I AM the Resurrection and the Life!”. November 30, 2023
How can we pray for loved ones who have passed on? More

Beloved Afra Speaks on Brotherhood, Unity and Love. October 26, 2023
How can we connect with the Unity Field of Beingness Afra speaks of? More

Begin Your Day with the Archangels and Archeiai! September 28, 2023
Who are the Seven Archangels and Archeiai and how do we call to them? More

Honor the Life Energy of God Within All, with Beloved Aurora, August 31, 2023
Beloved Archeia Aurora comes with a dispensation for the protection of all life. More

On Immigration, the Internet, and the Ascension with the Goddess of Liberty, July 27, 2023
The Goddess of Liberty comes with a discourse on an interesting combination of concepts More

Be Involved in Your Local Government with El Morya!, June 29, 2023
A Timely Message Of Inspiration More

Lord Lanto Teaching: The Nature of God Is Inherent in All Life, May 24, 2023
The Nature Of God Is Inherent in All LifeMore

Preparedness in All Ways—A Vital Component in Saving Our Civilization, April 27, 2023
Saving a Civilization through Spiritual, Mental and Physical Preparedness.More

Jesus Blesses All Mankind with Cosmic Forgiveness, March 30, 2023
Beloved Jesus comes to bless Israel and all mankind with cosmic forgiveness. More

Rise in God-Consciousness with the Fearlessness Flame!, February 23, 2023
Beloved Ray-O-Light comes to encourage us to Be Fearless! More

Be an Instrument of God's Blessings! January 26, 2023
The Holy Spirit comes with a timely message of inspiration More

Mother Mary Comforts Us during Difficult Times, December 29, 2022
Beloved Mother Mary comes with a timely message of hope and inspiration More

Safeguarding Our Spiritual Heritage and Rights Now! October 27, 2022
In this Teleclass our Beloved Saint Germain and Portia come with a timely message of inspiration. His HeartStream is entitled: Safeguarding Our Spiritual Heritage and Rights Now! More

Reinforce Your Spiritual Moorings with Beloved Archangel Michael! September 29, 2022
In this teleclass we shared Archangel Michael’s message from his HeartStream, "Reinforcing Our Spiritual Moorings on Our Path of Light." More

Zadkiel and Amethyst Bathe the Earth in Sacred Fire! August 25, 2022
In this Teleclass Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, archangels of the seventh ray, come to bathe the Earth in sacred fire! More

Enlightenment and the Alchemy of Love with Gautama Buddha July 28, 2022
Gautama Buddha comes to bless us with Enlightenment and the alchemy of love! More

You Are Making Mighty Inroads into the Aquarian Age! May 26, 2022
Sanat Kumara and Venus come to bless us with the “infinite Light of God and the ruby light of Venusian joy”!

Develop a Divine Friendship with God April 28, 2022
In this Teleclass our beloved Master Jesus comes to invite us to develop a divine friendship with God. More

Be Bold and Expand Your Abundant Consciousness! March 31, 2022
Sir Vector encourages us to savor our I AM Presence, to be bold, and to expand our abundance consciousness! More

The Buddha of the Golden Light Comes to Encourage Us to Connect with Our Divine Reality Feb 24, 2022

Archangel Michael’s Angelic Experience, Ready for YOU! January 27, 2022
In this Teleclass we celebrate Archangel Michael’s presence in our lives. More

Amazing Promises from Heros and Amora for You! Dec. 30, 2021
We are privileged to hear from Heros and Amora, the Elohim of the Third Ray, who are known for their messages of love. More

The Seven Archangels Bring Divine Solutions—Fear Not! Oct 28, 2021
In this Teleclass we heard from the seven archangels and their archeiai. They tell us there are divine solutions to every dire situation, More

Speaking and Prospering in the Light of El Morya's Truth! Sept 30, 2021
In this Teleclass, we heard from El Morya. He explained when NOT to compromise our truth, when it is time to call a spade a spade. More

Jesus on the Unique Power of the Light! August 26
Jesus comes to tell you of the unique power of the light! He tells you and me that he is here for us whenever we hear this message, to help us understand and utilize the power of the Light of God.

Become Fixated on Godliness to Know True Freedom! July 29, 2021
In this Teleclass, Saint Germain as he tells us how to obtain “true freedom.” What? Don’t we already have ‘true freedom”? Are you having “...optimal results in all your affairs”? Are you experiencing “…a divinely inspired resolution unto God-consciousness” daily? If you aren’t, Saint Germain says, America will not survive! We—you and I—are supposed to lead the way! How? More

Portia, Twin Flame of Saint Germain, Has Prepared You for NOW! May 27, 2021
This month Portia, Goddess of Justice, twin flame of Saint Germain, comes to tell you of the unique training you had in preparation for your current life! More

Meet Today’s Challenges with the Goddess of Freedom and Mighty Victory! April 29, 2021
In this Teleclass, the Goddess of Freedom comes, warning us that we are living in a time when “America is besieged by evil spirits.” More

Our Epic Planetary Purge with Archangel Michael March 25, 2021
Did you know that we are experiencing a pivotal time in history? Archangel Michael tells us that we are living during major shifts occurring throughout and within the earth.

Verity, the Angel of Truth, Teaches Us the Power of Light against Untruth! February 25, 2021
Have you heard of Verity, the Angel of Truth? This angel is very busy these days, dealing with the mainstream media. Would you like to know what he is doing and how he is doing it? More

Healing Ourselves with Justinius, Captain of the Seraphim January 28, 2021
Did you know that God has nine choirs of angels ready to serve us in many capacities? More

Archangel Raphael's Life-Changing Secret! December 31, 2020
Transform your life and spiritual walk by greatly enhancing our physical and emotional bodies. More

Godfre Unleashes the Fire of Divine Justice, November 27, 2020
Some amazing information from Master Godfre More

Michael, Victory and Morya Help Us Bring On The Change! October 29, 2020
Archangel Michael tells us that we are “living on that razor’s edge in this moment, More

Say “Yes” to Saint Germain’s Transformational Opportunity! September 24, 2020
Our Knight Commander, Saint Germain shares some amazing information on current events. More

Elohim Arcturus, Victoria and Hercules are Miraculously Changing the Planet! August, 2020
Gain a better understanding of the work of Elohim with Arcturus, Victoria, and Hercules. More

How Are the Masters Working for Us in America? July 30, 2020
Saint Germain, and Lady Liberty Goddesses of Freedom share what is happening behind the scenes and where we fit in this great Battle of Armageddon! Learn how heavenly hosts work behind the scenes. More

Prophecies Fulfilled in the Seventh Age! May 28, 2020
Saint Germain and Portia present prophecies and strategies being fulfilled in the seventh age. More

Be One with God and All Will Be Fine! April 30, 2020
Powerful messages from the Divine Director and Hercules More

Servatus Comes to Awaken Our Third Eye of Truth and Vision! March 26, 2020
What is the “…new manifest reality of the Aquarian Age emerging now everywhere upon Earth?” More

How to Vibrate Continually in the Light of God February 27, 2020
Would you like to vibrate in the Light of God with the amazing blessings that this Light will bring to you? More

Cleansing the Earth with Archangel Jophiel! January 30, 2020
Archangel Jophiel and angels of illumination clear the Earth of darkness and illusion. More

Life-Saving Advice From Lord Maitreya! December 26, 2019
Lord Maitreya shares important information on electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) More

How to Magnetize Your Soul to God with Saint Germain! October 31, 2019
Saint Germain has an amazing alchemical gift for you! More

Maximize Your Spiritual Power to Clean Up the Planet with Beloved Maximus September 26, 2019
Teachings from beloved Maximus on planetary transformation More

What Does Hercules Tell Us about Extraterrestrials? Aug 29, 2019
Are extraterrestrials always lightbearers? Or do some have malintent? More

Saint Germain’s Miraculous Freedoms for You! July 25, 2019
Are you concerned about losing your freedoms? Saint Germain is concerned! More

Cyclopea Performs Cosmic Surgery and Clears the Media May 30, 2019
Discover more miracles and ways God desires to help us be victorious in every avenue of life! More

Mother Mary Brings Us Spiritual Technology! April 25, 2019
Our beloved mother and archeia, Mother Mary, twin flame of Archangel Raphael, comes again to share “…secrets to true Solar awareness and spirituality.” More

Fulfill Your Dharma by Working With Archangels Michael And Faith March 28, 2019
Our beloved Archangel Michael comes again “… to infuse the Earth with blue lightning from the Great Central Sun, More

The Power of I AM Prayers February 28, 2019
Do you have any idea how powerful the words I AM are when included in our prayers? Do you know how to use your throat chakra wisely so that your life will be improved dynamically when you use these words? More

The Masters’ Prophecies and Thoughtform for 2019 Jan 31, 2019
Would you like to know Saint Germain’s 33 prophecies for 2019 through 2022? You will learn how to help some prophecies occur in a timely manner while mitigating others.

Mighty Victory Comes to Reinvigorate You! Nov 29
A powerful cosmic being known as Mighty Victory can help us to victoriously address every challenge and opportunity that comes our way during what is often an intense time of year for those in the Northern Hemisphere. More

Archangel Michael’s Miracles in Armageddon! Oct 25, 2018
Archangel Michael tells us that we are in the “last days.” He also reveals how he is going to help us and the world get through it victoriously if we attune to him as he shares a special address September 29th, Michaelmas.More

The Genius of Our Soul with Mother Mary! Aug 30, 2018
Would you like to know a source of genius waiting within you that will transform you? More

Healing Yourself with God’s Holy Humor July 26, 2018
Would you like to be free from some of the anxiety and stress you feel daily? Would you like to experience the holy humor of God? The ascended master, Fun Wey, teaches the “fun way” to live your life! More

Heal Your Body with Elohim Vagela of Fifth Crystal Ray June 28, 2018
As we grow older, our immune systems often decline. We may then acquire arthritis, digestive, circulation and sleep challenges; anxiety issues, cancer, dementia and more. Vagela, Elohim of the fifth crystal ray, helps us strengthen our immune systems. More

Desire Greater Spiritual Insight? Hilarion and K-17 Show the Way May 31, 2018
Would you like to receive the blessing of your third eye with the emerald ray of illumination? More

Winning Armageddon with Archangel Michael! April 28, 2018
The amazing Archangel Michael graces us with his teaching on how to work with him in winning the battle of Armageddon. More

To Your Heart from Jesus’ Heart! March 29, 2018
Jesus shares what he has in his heart for you More

Would You Like to Have ‘True’ Intuitive Abilities? February 22, 2018
Do you desire to have “true” psychic talent in order to help others? You are invited to learn ways that can happen through a HeartStream by K-17, leader of the Cosmic Secret Service, joined by Cyclopea, Elohim of the fifth ray of truth, healing and vision. More

Separating "Fake News" from the "Real Scoop" with Archangelic Help January 25, 2018
Gain understanding of the roots of the “fake news” that has been sweeping our country. You’ll learn ways to lovingly help yourself and others deal with this very important issue. More

Holy Spirit Prayers and How to Pray from the Heart Dec 28, 2017
The beloved master Jesus will share teachings on “Holy Spirit prayers and how to pray from the heart.” More

The Masters Come to Hear Your Concerns November 30, 2017
Listeners were in the presence of Jesus, Godfre, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and other cosmic beings who answered questions via David C. Lewis. More

Why Are You Essential To God's Plan? October 26, 2017
Did you know that before you were born, this time and every time around, you came up with a plan with the assistance of the masters and cosmic beings as to what you desired to accomplish while on Earth? More

The Four and Twenty Elders Declare a Judgment on the Mass Media, September 28
The Four and Twenty Elders with Vishnu as spokesperson, came to declare a judgment on the false mass media. More

Reconciling Spirituality and Science with Mary Baker Eddy August 31, 2017
Hear new teachings from Mary Baker Eddy via David C. Lewis More

Are You Fulfilling God’s Plan for You? July 27, 2017
The beloved Divine Director, a mighty cosmic being, manu and archetype for the 7th root race, comes to enjoin us in his work “to bring forth fruits of the Spirit, blessings, graces divine unto every man, woman and child evolving here NOW.” More

Beloved Master Afra Shares Amazing Opportunities for Change June 29, 2017
Afra, having ascended over 30,000 years ago, is the ascended master patron of Africa and represents unity and the true understanding of universal brotherhood. More

Lady Master Lotus Challenges Us to “Drain the Swamp!” May 25, 2017
Lady Master Lotus, twin flame of the ascended master Godfre Ray King (previously embodied as George Washington), invites us to help her and the masters ”drain the swamp” and fulfill the true destiny of America. More

Are You Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose? April 27, 2017
Know God’s Will through El Morya’s Dispensation of Grace. In this class El Morya comes to tell us what the masters have for us in return for our dedication! More

Why We Are Winning with Godfre and Surya March 30, 2017
Godfre, once embodied as George Washington, and Surya, hierarch of the God Star Sirius, come to tell us how we are winning a spiritual revolution occurring on planet Earth! More

Worldly Realignment With El Morya!? February 23, 2017
El Morya comes to tell us about a new mandate from heaven and a new mandate on Earth for this present time in history. More

What Do the Masters Prophesy for 2017? January 26, 2017
You will be encouraged and hopeful as you hear these loving masters share their hearts and insights about what you can expect and how you can thrive during this 2017. More

Practice Loving-Kindness and Win the Day for God? December 1, 2016
Discover new teachings on loving-kindness, so essential for successfully transiting into the golden-crystal age. Lord Maitreya will be instructing us through his amanuensis, David C. Lewis, More

How Does El Morya Rescue Us? October 27, 2016
“When your world comes tumbling down and when trials beset you, what is your response to the Almighty?” During this class El Morya Shows Us How to Ask Heaven for Help More

What Is Archangel Michael Doing For You? September 29, 2016
Archangel Michael shares how to be free from fear and darkness, allowing us to live our mission and complete our reason for being. More

An Hour with Mother Mary on Harmonious Living. August 25, 2016
Learn some new teachings on harmony within spiritual communities, among disciples, and within yourself. More

Is Stress Hurting You? God Harmony Heals. July 28, 2016
There is an amazing master we call God Harmony who would like us to be harmonious, happy and healthy. In this teleclass he shows us keys to a balanced equilibrium in the midst of personal challenges and the planetary shift we are experiencing. More

Is America Hanging in the Balance? Portia Answers. June 30, 2016
Have you ever heard of Lady Master Portia? She is Saint Germain’s twin flame and also known as the Goddess of Justice. During our class Portia shared some amazing revelations regarding our future as she answers, through her HeartStream, the following questions: More

What Will You Do With El Morya? May 26, 2016
As a community of hearts who commune by and through the heart, how does the New Blue wave fulfill your purpose? El Morya wants you to know how to use this new energy current! More

Chemtrails and Other Health Issues-Hercules to the Rescue!April 28, 2016
This month our teleclass will be focusing on some health issues related to chemtrails and other challenges people are commonly experiencing. More

Teachings on the Feminine Aspect of Christ Consciousness March 31, 2016
In this class beloved Magda, twin flame of our Lord Jesus shares Teachings on the Feminine Aspect of Christ Consciousness. More

Lady Venus on How to Water the Seed of Love in Your Heart Feb 25, 2016
In this class Lady Venus comes to help us enter into a new level of Divine Love. She is followed by her twin flame, Sanat Kumara, who helps us to diminish the forces of anti-love. More

The State of Affairs on Planet Earth: End-of-Year Report, January 28, 2016
An amazing class with the ascended master K-17, leader of the Cosmic Secret Service. He serves as an “undercover operative” to help Earth during these intense times of change. More

Jesus' Work on the Twelve Lines of the Cosmic Clock-And His Plans for You! Dec 3, 2015
In this class Jesus shared the work he is engaged in for us. More

Guess What's Happening to You? Oct 29, 2015
Would you like to find out if you are a candidate for a changed body? Servatus tells us how it all occurs. More

Master Lanello’s Important Revelation Regarding 9/11. Oct 1, 2015
Did you know that the masters, angels and cosmic beings want us to know what really happened on September 11, 2001? More

David Lewis Presents a Message from a Mystery Master, Aug 27, 2015
Did you know that the masters, angels and cosmic beings love to communicate with you in whatever way they can get your attention? More

Earth Is Moving Up. Are You Going with Her? July 30, 2015
Metatron and Lanto Will Help You Ascend! Have you ever heard of Metatron? He is a very important cosmic being who can take our consciousness far above the earth, which he delights to do in this class. More

Everything You Wanted to Know about Chakras and Were Afraid to Ask! June 25, 2015
Join us in this class and get to know the Maha Chohan and El Morya. We have an amazing class for you this month find out the answers to the following questions: More

Maximizing Yourself with Maximus as a God or Goddess!! May 28, 2015
Did you know that you are a god or goddess? What does this mean? How can you know and experience the full power of being a god or goddess? More

How to Deal with Intense Personal and Planetary Changes, April 30, 2015
Some of you are aware that as we approach the new Golden Crystal Age we are experiencing something often referred to as “The Shift”. What does this mean? It means that as the earth changes, we are changing with her. For many people this results in some major physical, mental and spiritual adjustments and opportunities. More

Will You Make Your Ascension in this Cycle? Mar 26, 2015
A master of cosmic attainment, known as Vaivasvatu Manu, comes to prepare you for your ascension. He says that thousands of us will ascend at the end of this age, and he indicates that we are of the fifth root race. More

Is Big Brother Watching You? Feb 25, 2015
Are you are a “blip of light” on Cuzco’s screen? What qualifies you to be a “blip of light”? Why are some “blips of light” hardly visible? More

Saint Germain’s Prophecies for 2015, Jan 29, 2015
The challenges of today are overwhelming! We see violence, we see the economy spinning out of control, we see epidemic proportions of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer disease and we see terrorism and worldly mistrust continue. What does Saint Germain have to say about all this in 2015? Will things get better? Listen to find out

How Do Surya and Cuzco Amplify Our Efforts to Save Our Planet? Nov 20, 2014
How have our devotions and singing already protected us from negative forces and planetary eruptions? More

Positive Imagery, October 30, 2014
Why is Positive Imagery so important at this time in earth’s history? More

What Dramatic Accomplishments Are Being Created by Hercules & the New Blue Wave? September 25, 2014
Who is the Elohimic figure, Hercules, and what is he causing to happen on our planet? More

Where Do We Fit During “The Shift"? August 29, 2014
How are our brains changing as we go into this new age? What can we do to accelerate this experience in us and others? How does it feel? More

What Is in the Center Of The Earth? July 31, 2014
Is it possible for our souls to visit this amazing place? Are there beings living there? More

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Masters But Were Afraid to Ask. June 26, 20014
Who are the masters? What is prayer? What is Oneness? David C. Lewis answered participant questions with Mother Mary!

Could Your Soul Get Stuck Here? Angels Verity and Uriel Explain! May 29, 2014
Who is being removed from our planet and who gets to stay? Plus what is happening to many souls who are and were enslaved in earth’s astral plane? Could your soul get stuck here? Find out the truth from the Angel of Truth (Verity) and Archangel Uriel. More

Learn How to Increase Your Awareness and Help Rescue Our Planet! April 24, 2014
We continue our “earthly walk” to a heavenly ascension NOW with the Holy Spirit and with the Maha Chohan who wants us to know how to accelerate our awareness, our love and the example we came to be as God-men and God-women.

How Can We Win the Battle of Armageddon? March 27, 2014
Learn about Armageddon - what it is, why and where it is happening, and most importantly, how to deal with it victoriously! David Lewis, our messenger and teacher, will give us some excellent answers from the masters. More

Archangel Michael's Magnificent Solution to Chemtrails February 27, 2014
Archangel Michael surprised us this month with a powerful dispensation. Are you aware of chem trails? Do you know why chem trails were being used on this planet? He has much to say about these. Learn more about Archangel Michael’s magnificent solution?

Masters Lanello and Surya Come with Planetary Warnings and Solutions - January 30, 2014
Beloved Masters Lanello and Surya come with planetary warnings and solutions in this hour of which everyone should be aware. The concerns, gifts of love and higher vibration are here for you in this class. All you have to do is join us and learn how to live in the LIGHT! More

Mother Mary - Experience Super Miraculous Emanations of Light - December 26, 2013
Beloved Mother Mary, the epitome of the Mother Light, tells us how to experience super miraculous emanations of Light to ourselves and to this world by tuning in to the song(s) of our soul and singing Christmas carols from our hearts – all year long! More

Goddess of Joy - Secrets to Peace and Abundance through Joy - November 21, 3013
David Lewis also joined the call to share some wonderful stories of the miraculous abundance he is experiencing. More

Archangel Gabriel's Elevated Way of Life - October 24, 2013
Archangel Gabriel eagerly introduces us to a wonderful, elevated way of life in this class and even admits to having appeared to the inner vision of many of you who are seeking to make spiritual progress…although you may not recall his visit. More

Goddess of Liberty's Golden Seeds of Light - September 26, 2013
This is a powerful heartstream in which we learn that many important things. More

Living In Our Presence In The Present - August 29, 2013
David Lewis, author, teacher and gifted messenger,presented Living In Our Presence In The Present More

July 25th - Portia's Gifts
There are some amazing gifts that Lady Master Portia offers us that she and Saint Germain always have available. More

June 27 - Secrets Revealed by Padre Pio
Learn the easy way to animate your soul into a new dimension of perfect Beingness! More

May 30th - That Which Was Hidden Will Now Emerge
Are you concerned about what is happening on our planet? Get the “inside story” from lady master Pallas Athena herself as she shares some encouraging ideas and information about our future on planet earth. More

April 25th - What Can I Do About My Aura?
Have you wondered why you have an aura and how it is supposed to be used? More

March 28th - To Survive On Planet Earth, We Should Befriend These Unique Beings
This class will delight your heart, as you become acquainted with the Hierarchs of the Elemental Kingdom. Can you see them? More

February 28th - The Power of Singing from the Heart
This class will uplift your soul, as our beloved Mother Mary, through her HeartStream, and songwriter and musician Carol Wells, show you how to experience a great release of sacred fire from your chakras. More

Janurary 31st -Fortuna, Goddess of Supply, Brings Us Abundance and Prosperity
This lady master wants us to experience the fulfilling of our needs in 2013 despite the challenging economy we are all facing. More

December 27th – David Lewis and Elohim Virginia
December 2012 and Beyond David Lewis will be giving us information regarding December 21, 2012. Recently returned from Lake Titicaca, Peru, he will share highlights from his journey and what transpired during this pilgrimage that is assisting the acceleration of light to our planet. More

November 29th – Master Kuthumi Brings Angels to Surround You in Light
Master Kuthumi teaches you to find the joy and peace. Would you like to be more intuitive and not be bothered by the "bad news" that seems to surround us? Join us with Master Kuthumi to receive the gifts you desire to solve these concerns. More

October 25th – How much do you really know about Archangel Michael?
Learn more about what he is doing today and his offer to you IF you ask him. More

September 27th – Saint Germain on Freedom
How much do you really know about Saint Germain? Did you know he is very involved with our planet's survival? Did you know that he was once incarnated as the prophet Samuel, leading the people to their freedom?

August 30th – David Lewis on Lowering Our Carbon Footpriint
This is especially for you who are concerned about your country and our planet physically, spiritually and emotionally

July 26th – The Real Story of Magda
Hear from Madga, the twin flame of Jesus. Yes, Mary Magdalene, whom you have read about in our Bible, will be sharing with us. More

July 2nd – (Our June class) Miracles of the Sun
Gautama Buddha and Helios tells us that the Sun is the key to all our concerns in 2012 More

May31st – Can You Stay Healthy in the Midst of Earthly Changes?
With David Lewis, Kuan Yin and others….More

April 26th – Cyclopea's Promises on Behalf of the Evolutions of this Earth
Cyclopea and Virginia are known as Elohim, as Silent Watchers and sometimes as "The Eye of God". They come to us now to help us with our third eye of inner vision and to provide new opportunities for self-transcendence.. More

March 29 – Spirit of Aquarius
We have heard from Spirit Aquarius for the first time! He is a powerful, cosmic being who came to help us enter the Crystal Golden Age. More

February 23rd – Angel Inspira Speaks on Our Reason for Being
Would You Like to Be Inspired? We have heard from Inspira for the first time! He is a powerful, beautiful angel who came to Inspire and connect us with other powerful angels. He wants to inspire you to creatively fulfill your reason for being. More

January 26th – Elohim Astrea, What Is She Doing for You Right Now?
We do know that the Elohim are a unique and powerful group of cosmic beings that played a major role in creating this earth and YOU. More

A Visit from the Spirit of Christmas
There is an amazing cosmic spirit we occasionally hear from whose name is “The Spirit of Christmas”. This spirit is made strong by our belief system and our actions. This wonderful spirit stays very busy during the Christmas Season and has amazing gifts for us. More

A Special Message from the Goddess Aeola of the Pleiades
An amazing cosmic being who introduced herself as “Aeola”, came to a Hearts Center broadcast and spoke through David Lewis. She lovingly shared some amazing information we can use NOW! More

A Vision of Angelic Preparations in the Retreat of Archangel Michael!
Archangel Michael recently shared a vision with David Lewis regarding angelic assignments. More

Planetary Changes: What They Mean And What To Expect
El Morya recently gave a heartstream through David Lewis with a very important update we call, “Planetary Changes: What They Mean And What To Expect”. It’s good news for you and me! More

Radiation, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
Which type do you have? What is the difference?
Most people think of the Fuchushima nuclear problems as “old news”. El Morya warns us that there is much more to the story. Did you know that it may be a challenge to our health for at least ten years? But there is another radiation that is healing!

Water, our Life-giving Flow, Requires Our Selfless Commitment in Order for Us to Survive!
How can we help to reverse pollution? What is our responsibility toward the purity of our own holy fluid – our bloodstream? How is water related to our emotions? See what Jesus and Hercules have to say!

Overcoming Death and Darkness With Love and Victory!
You will learn what happens to souls who gave their all and you will find out how to have victory in every endeavor!

We Rejoice in These World-Changing Events with Archangel Michael and Master Peter Deunov!
This exciting teleclass from Thursday, May 26th, 2011 prepared and updated participants with God’s plans for the Golden-Crystal Age. Hear how the archangels are working with us. Listen to Master Deunov’s riveting prophecy of things to come! The following questions are answered:

What Really Happens When We Pray and Sing with Cosmic Beings?
El Morya recently gave the answer to this question. Please join us and find out why our planet is like a sponge for certain spiritual activities.

The Truth about December 21, 2012
The God and Goddess Meru, two astounding masters who sponsor mental acceleration and education, share their understanding about 2012 with us. The titles, "God and Goddess" denote cosmic beings who ensoul God-consciousness.

Messages of Love from El Morya and Lady Master Nada
In this powerful class both masters share special promises and blessings, which they are eager for you to receive, believe and apply. More

Pursuing the Way of Light, Love and Joy with the Saints of East and West
Sometimes David Lewis, our messenger, receives a “HeartStream” that is a dictation, or word-for-word message directly from the ascended master realm for our community. More

Acquiring the Divine Economy through Soulfulness
This teleclass studies El Morya's HeartStream on the U.S. economy as he addresses institutions and businesses that are embroiled in our current financial crisis.

The Crystal Cities of Light
Our teleclass from October 21, 2010 discusses the miraculous effects of these heavenly cities.

A New Era of Enlightened Consciousness
Meet the master responsible for the saving of Earth eons ago. He is called the Ancient of Days in Judeo-Christian scripture. Ascended master students know him as Sanat Kumara.

Helping Our Elementals Repair Our Planet
Do you who know who elementals are? The Elohim of the Five Secret Rays share information about this special kingdom.

Preparing our Physical Body for the Mother Light
In this class you will learn what the masters have to say about our physical well-being.

Victoriously Weathering Life's Storms
This is a very special class because it is was taught by Lady Master Clare de Lis.

Relating to Life in God's Love
God's love flowing through us fills our lives with every form of abundance.

Healing Yourself with Mother Mary and Raphael
Mother Mary and Raphael work together on the ray of healing the emerald ray. More.

Walking with the Buddha of the Ruby Ray
Getting to know the Buddha of the Ruby Ray is one way to expand your capacity for greater compassion.

Keep Vibrating with Saint Germain and the Violet Laser Light
Saint Germain gives us a way out of the doldrums. What does he offer and how does it work?

The Mother Aspect of God
Mother Mary explains that God is both Father and Mother principle. All individuals benefit from developing the qualities of both the masculine and feminine aspects of God.

Jesus Answers Your Questions about Heaven
Heaven is a place where we continue to evolve and learn. Will there be time for harp playing? Yes! But not as much as you might think!

What Is the Stigmata?
Many saints experienced this phenomenon--Padre Pio, Saint Francis and others.

The New Violet Laser Light
Why is the violet laser light frequency the solution for us today?

Upcoming Teleclasses:
5/30, 6/27, 7/25, 8/29

Times: 6:00 p.m. PT, 7:00 p.m. MT, 8:00 p.m. CT, 9:00 p.m. ET.

Zoom link availabe here on the day of the class.

Recent Replays

5/30 Study to Be Approved unto God.

4/25 Learn more about Melchizedek and His Work on Earth’s Behalf

3/28 Saint Germain Introduces the Ultraviolet Ray

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a teleclass?

A teleclass is an educational experience that brings students together with their instructors by telephone.

How do I find out about upcoming classes?

Check our website for class announcements under "Events" on the menubar, scroll to the "HeartShare Events" page. Our emails will keep you posted if you have subscribed to them under "Join Our Mailing List" on the homepage.     

What are the advantages of a teleclass?

Well, for one thing, you can "come as you are"! You don't require a babysitter or have to drive anywhere. You can move about, grab a snack or let out the dog. You may remain incognito or take part.

How do I participate?

All that is required is your telephone.  It is helpful to have a speaker component on your phone and to have an unlimited long distance service to keep phone rates down. 

To join the class, simply enter the announced telephone number. A recorded message will give you access code instructions. You can practice ahead of time. Call this number: 972-768-8319 before class if you have questions about the process.

What topics are offered in these teleclasses?

The topics always revolve around the teachings of masters such as Jesus, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, El Morya and others. There may be topics on the violet ray and other rays, what these rays are and why they are a great boon to us. We may discuss what the masters have to say about improving relationships within our families and within the world community. Every topic will be presented with practical application examples for you to use immediately.