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Audio Replays

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
9/14/18 1h 42m Mother Mary Mother Mary Comes to Heal Chicago through Her Immaculate Heart
9/15/18 2h 14m Saint Germain Saint Germain’s Teaching on the Pulsation from Our I AM God Presence
9/15/18 2h 35m Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit: I Empower You All with Divine Love
9/16/18 2h 49m David Lewis Reading from The Teacher by Beinsa Douno


DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
9/14/18 11m Mother Mary Mother Mary Comes to Heal Chicago through Her Immaculate Heart
9/15/18 19m Saint Germain Saint Germain’s Teaching on the Pulsation from Our I AM God Presence
9/15/18 9m Saint Germain 2018 Saint Germain Infires Chicago with Violet-Joy Love
9/15/18 26m Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit: I Empower You All with Divine Love
9/15/18 28m David Lewis The Solution for Chicago—Pray and Love Each Other
9/16/18 18m David Lewis Reading from The Teacher by Beinsa Douno
9/16/18 23m Jesus Jesus' Discourse on Sound, Chakras, Music and Toning
9/16/18 19m Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara: I Shower the Saving Grace of Divine Love over the Heartland Now!

2018 Prayer Vigil:The Holy Spirit Comes to Chicago

The Holy Spirit comes to Chicago


Prayer Vigil 2018

The Holy Spirit Comes to Chicago to Empower
All with Divine Love

September 14-16

With David Christopher Lewis

Experience Chicago as Saint Germain’s Dazzling City of Light!

Yes, it’s all about seeing, feeling, and believing in what we desire to manifest. During our upcoming prayer vigil in Chicago we focus on all things positive. With the Holy Family, beloved Sanat Kumara, and the blessed Holy Spirit, we will inundate Chicago with numberless angelic presences through our co-creative visioning and affirmation of this city as a city of light! 

Mother Mary Comes to Wrap Chicago in Love

The children of Chicago, the teens require Mother Mary’s healing presence. And she is ready to minister to them, their parents, and all citizens, wooing their souls and ours to a higher understanding of life’s purposes and opportunities through her message on Friday evening.

Saint Germain’s Town Gets a Reboot with Heaven’s Light

On Saturday, beloved Saint Germain enfires Chicago with violet-joy love. He shares his message of blessing and encouragement to renew our determination to keep the flame for Chicago.

The Master reminded Chicago heartfriends on September 13, 2012, “You are the focal point of victory and freedom for this nation, if you choose to be. You are the nexus of light for the release of God-freedom to this planet....  Yes, activate new energies of Spirit!”
The blessed Holy Spirit comes also on Saturday to re-infuse the heartland with her presence of divine love.  And Holy Spirit Soul-Raising Sessions can be scheduled at certain times throughout the weekend.

Our Lord Jesus Lifts Our Spirits; Beloved Sanat Kumara Blesses Our Hearts

Even though there is much for which we must hold the balance in Chicago, on Sunday Jesus’ words remind us to be in the spirit of angelic joy always. And Sanat Kumara seals our vigil by showering us with the grace of the Holy Spirit and blessing the heart chakra of each participant—those physically present as well as those joining over the broadcast.

Come to the Heart Chakra of America in September

Do you feel a special connection with Chicago? Perhaps you grew up in this city or its suburbs. Maybe you graduated from one of its colleges or universities. Or you may have met the love of your life there. It may be you are drawn to Chicago for unexplainable reasons. Well, this is the time to act on that inner prompting. Join David, local heartfriends, and our dear masters in heaven in redirecting the course of Chicago by your loving presence. Come to the heart chakra of America in September.


The "Chicago Cosmic Supremes" Invite You!


Program, Information and Links

Event Program PDF

Dates and Times

The event begins on Friday, September 14, at 3:30 pm with waltz lessons. Soul-Raising Sessions are available from 1:00-2:30 pm on Friday on a first-come-first-served basis. The event ends on Sunday, September 16 at 12:30 pm after a special blessing. For those planning to attend the Andre Rieu concert on the evening of the 16th, we carpool there at 5:00 p.m. The concert begins at 7:00. Please plan your flights/travel accordingly.

Chicago weather in September can be very lovely and dry with temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees. And as we experienced at last year's event, they can rise into the mid 90s with high humidity. Depending on the temperatures, the trees will  just begin to display their fall colors, we hope. So dress for three seasons!

Andre Rieu Concert, Allstate Arena, Rosemont 

Seats are still available. The Chicago group purchased tickets some months ago in section 203 of the arena concerned the concert would soon be sold out. There were 2 seats still available on Aug. 12 in 203 and in nearby sections, and many other seats dotting the arena. Get your tickets through

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