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Include The Hearts Center in your Will

Your planned giving to The Hearts Center is a way to invest your legacy in a cause dear to your heart that will continue to benefit, bless and make a difference to future generations of lightbearers. Your legacy will be transformed into a legacy of light, a great boon to our movement. Your gift will also help you to balance a portion of your remaining karma now and after your transition and fulfill your dharma even as you help us accomplish our global mission.

Create Your Will Now!

Now is the best time to create your will and trust. This decision will provide comfort for you and clarity to your heirs regarding your intentions. It will secure and protect the future of your children, your spouse and/or other loved ones whom you name as heirs to your estate. Will and trust planning ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes to benefit the people and charities you intend. Avoid the sorrow to those close to you witnessing the state deciding how your property and possessions are dispersed. In your will you name and appoint those you trust to manage your affairs and assets.

Give Magnanimously!

No matter what your age or status, especially if you are over 50, consider writing your last will and testament or creating a revocable trust. Also consider writing a living will with directives concerning your intentions regarding life-prolonging medical practices. And as you decide upon family and friend beneficiaries, consider naming The Hearts Center in your will and trust with a generous gift. El Morya recently requested we all make our wills because only God knows our time of transition or what life-threatening or debilitating situation could suddenly develop. He also recommended giving at least 10% of our assets to The Hearts Center or other cause for the light. And if we have no heirs, consider the blessings of giving magnanimously, even up to willing 100% of our assets to support God’s work.

Everyone has Assets

Some heartfriends have said, “I don't have anything of value that I can offer The Hearts Center.” Making such a statement limits your abundance. You have the assets of your causal body. You have clothes, possibly a vehicle and other household items that can be sold. You could receive an inheritance or income stream in the future. Understand that your word is of value. As long as you will 10% or more of whatever you have in writing it will count toward the dispensation. You can claim your abundance now by completing your will. Your will can be your treasure map, an alchemy with El Morya. If you desire to leave a million dollars to the Hearts Center put it in your will. Participate in God’s will through completing your will.

Your Legacy of Light is a Statement to the Universe

And there are other reasons for having an intentional will than just to bequeath one-tenth or more of your affects to our movement. Your legacy of light is a statement to the universe. It is an affirmation of who you are as a supporter of the mission of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. It is an affirmation that the fruits of your labors upon Earth will be used to move forward the Brotherhood's plans through our dispensation.


Getting Started
Writing Your Will
How to get started... More

When Should You Update Your Will?
Major life changes are important moments to consider updating your will. More

How to Name The Hearts Center in Your Will
All it takes is a few sentences in your will or trust. Find the official language to share with your estate planning attorney here

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I give to my local Hearts Center or Heartfriends Group?
Guidelines and recommendations

Why have a will?
Here are nine great reasons to have a will

What if I change my mind?
Because you are not actually making a gift until after your transition, you can change your mind at any time. Wills can be modified or cancelled at any time. More

Can I donate real property?
There may be benefits in some cases of donating your property.

Why have a living will?
There are many benefits of having a living will.

Quick Links

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Before your will is complete

Please seek advice from an attorney when completing your will.

Send your completion notice to The Hearts Center at as an attached copy of the section of your will pertaining to The Hearts Center.

Include the name and contact information of your executor. (This e-mail is confidential, only accessed by three council members on the finance committee.)

Notorize your will even if your state or country does not require it.


Email or call 630-894-4410 with any questions about naming The Hearts Center in your will or living trust. We're happy to help.

The Importance of a Will–
A Spiritual Perspective
Discourse on the Meaning and Importance of Sacrificial Giving
From February 21, 2012

El Morya on Wills: September 27, 2011
El Morya is recommending that those who are active in following these teachings put within our will that we will have 10% of whatever assets we have at the point of our transition given toward our Hearts Center movement. More

Keeper of the Scrolls on Wills: October 25, 2011
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Other Ways to Give Posthumously

Make The Hearts Center a beneficiary to all or a portion of your IRA (a tax-free action). Your will does not control your IRAs, 401(k)s and other retirement plan assets. With each account, you will need to name a beneficiary to receive the benefits of your plan.

Name The Hearts Center as beneficiary in your life insurance policy. Your will does not control your life insurance policies. You will need to name the beneficiaries of your life insurance policies to receive the death benefits after your lifetime.