DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
9/16/20 1h 3m HilarionThe Hour of Truth - Service #8 by Hilarion
9/9/20 1h 2m HilarionThe Hour of Truth - Message #7 by Hilarion
9/8/20 2h 31m AfraYou, One with God, Are a Player on the Field of Light
9/5/20 2h 39m Saint GermainSaint Germain Speaks on God-Love as the Solution to the Current Plandemic
9/2/20 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth - Message #6 by Hilarion: How to Invest in Truth to Build a Reservoir of Truth for the Legions of Truth
9/1/20 2h 30m El MoryaEl Morya Re-establishes Our Moorings in the Will of God
8/28/20 1h 30m Sir VectorSir Vector on Peace and The Holy City
8/26/20 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth - Message #5 by Hilarion
8/23/20 3h 20m JesusDarshan with Jesus - Answers to Questions from Scandinavian Heartfriends
8/22/20 5h HimalayaLord Himalaya: Enter the Blue Lotus Radiance of My Heart
8/21/20 5h Vaivasvata ManuVaivasvata Manu: Ancient Cycles of Light are Coming to Fruition Now!
8/19/20 1h 8m HilarionThe Hour of Truth - Message #4 by Hilarion
8/18/20 2h Glad-a-LotGuy Hudson: Holding Purity of Heart for Ourselves and Others
8/12/20 60m HilarionThe Nine Choirs of Angels and the Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit
8/11/20 2h 40m MichaelArchangel Michael Delivers Divine Support and Protection for Righteous Police and Peace Officers
8/9/20 2h 45m Saint GermainSaint Germain Returns to Chicago with a Message of Freedom and Hope
8/5/20 60m David LewisSpecial Services and Dictations 2020
8/4/20 2h 30m HerculesHercules Ratifies Blue-Sphere Calls of Heartfriends to El Morya
8/2/20 2h JesusBeloved Jesus Live English Speaking MU Forum with David and the Masters
7/31/20 2h 10m RaphaelArchangel Raphael Infuses and Encourages Us with Healing Grace
7/29/20 1h 1m HilarionThe Hour of Truth - Message #1 by Hilarion
7/24/20 1h 45m GabrielWe Are Ready to Perform Miracles - You Must Make the Calls
7/21/20 2h 5m David LewisThe Antidote to the Four Current World Challenges
7/14/20 2h El MoryaEl Morya Delivers Blue Ray Cosmic Fire to Align Lifestreams on Earth
7/12/20 2h 15m Goddess of LibertyGoddess of Liberty Speaks on the Law of the One
7/7/20 2h 20m VestreaVestrea: The Action of the Five Crystal Rays
7/5/20 2h David LewisDavid Christopher Lewis Sponsors Live Spanish Speaking MU Forum with the Masters
7/4/20 26m Saint GermainSaint Germain's 2020 Fourth of July Message: Eternal Vigilance Is the Price of Personal, National and Planetary Freedom
6/30/20 2h 15m Padma SambhavaPadma Sambhava Says, "Hold the Sun Within"
6/21/20 2h 41m Holy Spirit2020 Summer Solstice Event
6/20/20 2h CyclopeaCyclopea and Virginia: Wholeness through Nature’s Emerald Streams
6/18/20 4h 1m HerculesHercules and Amazonia: Create New Worlds As We Do!
6/17/20 3h 42m HerosHeros and Amora: You Are a Miracle of Love!
6/14/20 2h 6m David LewisWork While Ye Have the Light!
6/12/20 2h 7m David LewisTransforming the World as We Become Closer to God
6/7/20 2h 10m David LewisThe Fragrance of Our Higher Self Descends into Our Lives as We Love God
6/5/20 2h VictoryCognize God Within, Get Active, and Live in Your Higher Supernatural Self!
5/31/20 2h Maha ChohanThe Maha Chohan's Pentecost Day Message
5/26/20 2h David LewisSharing from the Works of Dannion Brinkley; the Coronavirus and the Requirement to Stand for Freedom
5/24/20 2h David LewisGod is Our Cause Célèbre
5/22/20 1h 30m David LewisPurity Service to Celebrate the Life and Ascension of Beloved Patricia Murphy: Lady GlowRay
5/19/20 2h David LewisOur Hearts Center High Ideal is Within Our Mission and Vision Statement
5/15/20 2h 5m VirgoVirgo and Pelleur Hum and Tone to Balance Energies Throughout Our Earth and Within Us
5/10/20 2h Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha on the Golden Path of Silence—the Divine Science of Stillness
5/9/20 1h 30m David LewisInitiations within a Spiritual Community
5/7/20 3h Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha’s 2020 Wesak Message
5/6/20 3h Saint GermainSaint Germain: The Gift of Silence, The Magic of Stillness
5/5/20 2h PortiaPortia Comes to Dispense Mercy and Justice to the Earth
5/3/20 2h Mother MaryLive Spanish Speaking MU Forum with David and the Masters Sponsored by Mother Mary
5/1/20 2h 17m Saint GermainLarry P. Arnn's Thoughts (in Imprimus) on the Current Crisis and Saint Germain's Call to All Prayer Warriors

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