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3/2/21 2h 30m MelchizedekMorning Meditation and Prayers 2021
2/24/21 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth #28 - The True Path to Oneness - Transmutation is Required for Your Divine Reality to Be Acquired!
2/23/21 2h 30m UnityUnity Speaks on the Psychology of Oneness
2/19/21 1h 30m David LewisSpecial Services and Dictations 2021
2/17/21 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth #27 - Vestments of Truth Result from Your Investments in Truth
2/16/21 2h 30m Constance WelzelConstance Welzel Speaks on Overcoming Fear through Joy
2/12/21 2h 30m MaximusMaximus: God is Getting Greater Every Day!
2/10/21 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth #26 - Hilarion Pledges His Support as We Remain True To Our Higher Self
2/9/21 2h 30m LanelloLanello: Demonstrating Self-Mastery through Sacrifice and Enduring Hardships
2/3/21 60m Pallas AthenaThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #25 - Darshan with Pallas Athena
2/2/21 2h 30m El MoryaEl Morya's New Quips
1/27/21 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #24 - What About You is True?
1/26/21 2h 30m AfraAfra Announces the Ascension of Ruby Coleman; Call to Her as "My Ruby Love"
1/22/21 1h 30m GaneshGanesh, Shiva, The Divine Mother, Rama, Krishna and Tara Deliver Gifts for Our Spiritual Advancement
1/20/21 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #23 -Living Within the Eternal Light of Truth
1/19/21 2h 30m Fourteen Masters Gov Destiny of AmericaYou Are Responsible for the Destiny of America - Jesus Adjudicates Divine Justice Now
1/13/21 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #22 -The Blessings of True Teachers and of Teaching Truth
1/12/21 2h 30m MichaelArchangel Michael Comes with an Epic Planetary Purge and Reminds Us that We Are Angels
1/10/21 20m David LewisBe Fruitful and Multiply!
1/6/21 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #21 -The Truth Will Always Lead You to Your Divine Nature
1/5/21 2h 30m El MoryaThe Hand of God Is Upon America Now
1/3/21 22m David LewisPain and Bliss as Two Sides of the Same Coin
1/1/21 2h 30m Elohim of the Twelve RaysThe Elohim of the Twelve Rays: We Energize Your Vision of a New Blue Earth
12/31/20 2h 30m Gautama BuddhaGautama Budda's 2021 Heartform
12/30/20 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #20 -Truth is at the Crux of the Divine Equation for the New Year
12/29/20 2h 40m PortiaEach Day is an Opportunity for the Flowering of Our Divinity
12/24/20 60m LanelloLanello's 2020 Christmas Eve Message - Mary's Vision of an Angel of Protection and the Great Shepherd
12/23/20 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #19 -The Five Dimensions of Truth
12/20/20 2h 36m MatrielMatriel and Vagela: The Cosmic Graces of Poise and Elegance Glazing Forth the Fifth Crystal Ray through the Ether
12/19/20 3h 6m PersielPersiel and Delfina: The Cosmic Graces of Honor and Dexterity Phazing Forth the Fourth Crystal Ray through the Fire
12/18/20 2h 35m RegielRegiel and Capella: The Cosmic Graces of Propriety and Fluency Lazing Forth the Second Crystal Ray through the Water
12/17/20 2h 1m AstrielAstriel and Aspira: The Cosmic Graces of Dignity and Tact Blazing Forth the First Crystal Ray through the Earth
12/11/20 1h 15m Queen of LightThe Queen of Light Initiates Us with Light! Light! Light!
12/9/20 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #18 - Give Accounting This Night! Hold to Your High Ideal and Live in the Truth of God!
12/8/20 2h 30m Mother MaryMother Mary Darshan - Re-enter Your Divine Childlike State to Rise above Challenges and Resolve Problems
11/26/20 2h 30m JesusJesus' 2020 Thanksgiving Message
11/25/20 1h 5m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #17 - Brings an Action of Divine Justice and Judgment
11/24/20 2h 30m MichaelArchangel Michael Performs a Cosmic Clearance and Ensouls Our New Angels Book
11/21/20 60m David LewisInterview on Radio Show Cosmic Love - Angels, Angels, Angels!
11/20/20 1h 30m David LewisMaintain Hope in these Trying Times
11/18/20 1h 3m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #16 - A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy
11/17/20 2h 33m JustiniusJustinius: Magnify Your Divine Oneness through Holy Communion with the Seraphim
11/13/20 2h 33m Vaivasvata ManuVaivasvata Manu Infuses Light Within the Earth
11/11/20 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #15 - Stand Firm, Stand True! Allow the Light to Flow Through You!
11/10/20 2h 33m David LewisThree Recently Ascended Lady Masters Speak
11/4/20 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #14 - Truth Is...
11/3/20 2h 31m GodfreGodfre Unleashes the Fire of Divine Justice
11/1/20 2h 3m AfraAfra's 2020 Ascension Day Message
10/28/20 60m HilarionThe Hour of Truth with Hilarion #13 - Beloved Hilarion Releases Unguents of Great God Truth and Sacred Fire into Every Avenue of Existence on Earth
10/28/20 1h 56m LanelloBeloved Lanello Seeds Our Higher Minds with Engrams of the Light of God-Consciousness

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