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DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
12/9/18 1h 30m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
12/7/18 1h 40m Padre PioDarshan with Padre Pio
12/7/18 4h 3m Angel Deva of the Jade TempleMeditate on Jade! Meditate in Jade! Meditate with Jade!
12/5/18 3h Saint GermainA Comprehensive Discourse on the Seventh Ray
11/28/18 3h David LewisDynamics of the Living Word
11/27/18 2h 5m Serapis BeySerapis Challenges Initiates to Choose to be One with God Every Moment
11/25/18 2h 50m LanelloLanello's Sermon for a Sabbath Morning #1
11/22/18 2h 40m Mother MaryMother Mary's 2018 Inspirational Thanksgiving Message
11/21/18 3h MaximusMaximus Comes for Planetary Change, Blazing the Fires of Transmutation!
11/19/18 45m Saint GermainThe Miraculous Action of Violet Fire Infused Within and Through Grateful Hearts
11/15/18 2h ZadkielEarn Your Eternal Freedom Through Work! Freedom is Being Responsible and Accountable!
11/14/18 3h MetaAll Children Deserve the Best Spiritual and Secular Education and Training
11/14/18 3h 5m GodfreAmerica, Awaken! Be Raised Up by the Holy Spirit and Be Free
11/11/18 3h 40m David LewisDavid Shares on the Fires, Mexico Event, Liver Rescue, Healing and More
11/9/18 1h 30m Lady KristineLady Kristine on Surrender
11/9/18 2h 58m ChristielYou are a Crystal Dewdrop of God! You Have a Christic Essence Within!
11/7/18 3h VirginiaVirginia: Practice the Presence through the Courageous Alchemy of Perfect Vision
11/6/18 3h 4m El MoryaEl Morya: Economize Your Life with God's Will Restored Within
11/4/18 2h HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
11/4/18 2h El MoryaYou Are a Signature of God
11/3/18 2h ErielLook Within and Behold the Face of God of Your Own Inner Child
11/1/18 2h 25m AfraAfra Blesses the Saints on Earth on All Saints Day
10/28/18 1h 30m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
10/20/18 1h 30m JesusJesus and Magda: Darshan on the Importance of Mindfulness in Our Daily Lives
10/13/18 3h 10m Boyd BadtenSpecial Services and Dictations 2018
10/12/18 1h 40m GabrielGabriel and Hope Announce the Shortening of the Days for the Elect
10/11/18 2h MelchizedekPerfect Love Casts Out All Fear! Be Selfless, Fearless and Victorious!
10/11/18 5m David LewisInvocation for Mexican Heartfriends
10/10/18 3h AkshobhyaAkshobhya Comes Consecrated to Our Victory and to Sustaining our Path of Oneness
10/9/18 3h Maria MontessoriLove the Child Within. Teach the Child Within. Save the Child Within. Then Love, Teach and Save all Children!
10/7/18 2h El MoryaEl Morya Charges Us with a Light Impetus to Adopt a Higher Orbit of Christhood
10/3/18 3h Divine DirectorDarshan with International Heartfriends
10/2/18 3h 2m El MoryaA Word of Caution to Initiates: Pride Can Compromise or Negate Spiritual Attainment - A Thriving Economy Must Be Built on a Foundation of Light and the Golden Rule
9/30/18 1h 35m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
9/30/18 2h 37m David LewisPatience, Perseverance and Purity on the Path
9/29/18 5h MichaelArchangel Michael's 2018 Michaelmas Day Address Reinforcing Our Spiritual Mooring on Our Path of Light
9/28/18 60m OmraamThe Courtesy of the Christ; The Comity of the Buddha; The Civility of the Holy Spirit
9/26/18 3h David LewisDavid's Reflections on 2018 Virginia Expo
9/23/18 1h 30m HeartfriendAfra Group Vigils 2018
9/19/18 3h ShivaShiva Speaks on the Processes of Transmutation in Nature
9/16/18 2h 49m David LewisReading from The Teacher by Beinsa Douno
9/15/18 2h 35m Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit: I Empower You All with Divine Love
9/15/18 2h 14m Saint GermainSaint Germain’s Teaching on the Pulsation from Our I AM God Presence
9/14/18 1h 42m Mother MaryMother Mary Comes to Heal Chicago through Her Immaculate Heart
9/12/18 3h Mother MaryMother Mary on Fortitude
9/11/18 4h El MoryaEl Morya Says Prosper in the Providence of your Divine Presence!
9/9/18 2h LantoLanto Infills Us with Golden Illumination Flame
9/8/18 2h Hans RöingThe Call Compels the Answer!
9/8/18 3h Hans RöingMorning Meditation and Prayers 2018
9/5/18 3h Mother MaryDarshan with Mother Mary
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