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5/15/22 1h 58m Meta The Magnificence of Divine Light, The Miracle of Life, The Marvel of Birth, The Magic of Self-Discovery, and The Mystery of Solar Realization
5/14/22 1h 2m Zadkiel Zadkiel and Amethyst Bathe Mount Shasta and the Earth in Sacred Fire
5/8/22 2h Meta A Mother's Fragrant Heart Comforts and Supports All Her Children
5/4/22 2h 30m David Lewis Tangibly Feel and Experience Your Tube of Light
5/1/22 2h 16m Saint Germain Saint Germain Comes in Support of Chicago Heartfriends and Lightbearers
4/30/22 2h 2m Jesus The Virtuous Love of the Faithful Is Transforming Chicago
4/30/22 3h 1m Godfre Godfre discourses with us on The Miracle Violet Light—The Freedom and Destiny of Chicago
4/27/22 2h 30m Arcturus The Shift Has Occurred - Be Transformed in Our Resurrection Light
4/24/22 2h Meta Access Greater Vitality and Creativity from Your Eternal Self
4/22/22 1h 30m Fortuna Perfect Vision Leads to Great Abundance for Servitors of Love and Light
4/17/22 2h 10m Jesus Jesus' 2022 Easter Message - Part One
4/13/22 2h 32m Meta Meta: The Importance of the Developmental Stages of the Child Vis-à-vis the Spiritual Life of the Adult
4/10/22 2h Meta Meta: Use Divine Imaginative Vision to Architect Your Perfect Co-creative Work
4/9/22 50m David Lewis Holding the Immaculate Concept of Aquarian Age Models for General Enlightenment and Global Healing
4/6/22 2h 30m Mother Mary Mother Mary Assuages Our Concerns and Worries through the Comfort of Her Immaculate Heart
4/4/22 4h 40m El Morya El Morya: The Divine Energy of the Abundant Life is Available Now!
4/3/22 5h 24m Meta Meta Initiates a Spiral of Victory for the Enlightenment of the Youth of the World
4/2/22 4h 40m Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Bless Us with the Infinite Light of God and the Ruby Light of Venusian Joy
3/30/22 2h 30m Zarathustra Zarathustra Speaks on Becoming Keepers of the Lightning
3/28/22 3h 55m Holy Spirit Group Soul-Raising Session with the Holy Spirit
3/27/22 3h 56m Lanello The Power of Couples, Family and Community Prayers, Meditations and Service
3/26/22 4h Saint Germain Saint Germain and Portia: Embody the Divine Ideal of an Aquarian Man and Woman
3/23/22 2h 30m Lady Francesca Our Health and Wellness Are Important to Fulfill Our Mission
3/20/22 2h 6m El Morya El Morya Sends a Ray into Ukraine; Understand the Challenges of This Time
3/16/22 2h 30m Saint Patrick Saint Patrick Warns Us of the Slavery of Transhumanism
3/13/22 2h David Lewis The Hearts Center Is a Training Ground for Divine Ambassadors of the Holy Spirit
3/9/22 2h 35m Bonnie Blue Bonnie Blue Invites Us to Be a Silent Watcher with Her
3/6/22 2h Sir Vector Savor Your I AM Presence, Be Bold and Expand Your Abundant Consciousness
3/2/22 2h 34m Amitabha Meditate with Amitabha and Invoke Infinite Light for the Protection of Taiwan
2/27/22 2h Jesus Jesus' Discourse on Virtue and What Is Required for Meeting the Challenges of the Hour
2/26/22 2h Elohim of the Seven Rays The Elohim Proclaim a New Era of Freedom, Liberty and Love
2/23/22 2h 30m Virgil, Angel of Deliverance Pray for Those Who Are Standing for Freedom
2/21/22 3m Lanello Heaven Pronounces the Judgment of the Pharmaceutical Industry - Stand with Those Who Stand for Freedom
2/18/22 1h 33m Kuthumi Darshan with Kuthumi
2/16/22 2h 30m David Lewis The Love of God Is the Answer to Every Problem Upon Earth
2/13/22 2h Paracletus Twin Hearts Leading Conscious Lives to Glorify God
2/9/22 2h 30m Fu Lao Fu Lao: Maintaining Poise Within Your Presence
2/6/22 2h 3m Buddha of the Golden Light The Buddha of the Golden Light Encourages Us to Connect with Our Divine Reality
2/2/22 2h 34m Ray-O-Light Ray-O-Light Encourages Us to Be Fearless!
1/26/22 2h 30m Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara Brings Us Hope so We Can Keep On Keeping On
1/21/22 1h 30m Serapis Bey Serapis Bey Announces the Ascension of Alfred Hunter
1/19/22 2h 30m Lanello Lanello: It's Time to Manifest Your Rainbow Body
1/13/22 2h 30m Cathleen Alexander Morning Meditation and Prayers 2022
1/12/22 2h 45m Padre Pio Padre Pio: Mexico, I Would Adopt You Now!
1/5/22 2h 30m David Lewis The Alchemy of Oneness and the Uniqueness of The Hearts Center Community
1/2/22 2h Kuthumi Cultivate Divine Friendships
12/31/21 9h 23m Gautama Buddha Gautama Buddha's 2022 Heartform of the Year
12/29/21 2h 30m David Lewis In Defense of Messengers of the Universal White Brotherhood
12/24/21 2h 30m Jesus Jesus' 2021 Christmas Message - Inner Experiences While in Ladakh, India During the 'Lost Years'
12/22/21 2h 35m Kuthumi What It Takes To Be Self Realized

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