DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
10/20/21 2h 40m Saint Germain Saint Germain Alchemizes All That We Desire for This Planet - Portia Tones a Blessing for Each of Us
10/13/21 2h 35m Manjushri Manjushri on Discipleship and the Absorption Process - Become Divine Understanding and then Convey Your Wisdom
10/8/21 1h 30m Hanuman Hanuman Delivers the Strength of Our I AM Presence to Meet the Challenges of Today
10/6/21 2h Jesus Jesus: Master the Art of Forgiveness - Teamwork Is the Byword of Aquarian Initiates
10/3/21 2h Lanto Lanto - Know Thy Self Is a Command That Compels Us to Go Within
9/29/21 2h 30m Michael Archangel Michael's 2021 Michaelmas Message
9/20/21 30m Lanello Lanello: Nature's Power to Transform Your Life
9/19/21 3h 42m Boyd Badten 2021 Autumn Equinox Prayer Vigil
9/19/21 15m Holy Spirit Group Soul Raising Session led by the Holy Spirit with Arcturian
9/19/21 3h Arcturus Arcturus and Victoria: God-Freedom Is the Means to Planetary Ascension
9/18/21 3h 33m Boyd Badten 2021 Autumn Equinox Prayer Vigil
9/18/21 3h 8m Zadkiel Zadkiel and Amethyst: You Are the Seventh Ray in Action Today
9/17/21 3h 35m Boyd Badten 2021 Autumn Equinox Prayer Vigil
9/17/21 3h 3m Saint Germain Saint Germain and Portia: Be Our Aquarian Advocates Now!
9/15/21 2h 30m El Morya El Morya: The Wealth, Health and Vitality of Nations Hangs in the Balance
9/12/21 2h Seven Archangels The Archangels Wield the Divine Solutions to Every Devilish Entrapment, Dire Situation and Debilitating Disease
9/11/21 1h 15m Heartfriend Special Events 2021
9/10/21 1h 40m David Lewis Special Services and Dictations 2021
9/8/21 2h 30m John the Beloved John the Beloved and Lady Fair Grace Impart Divine Love through the Crystal Rays
9/1/21 2h 30m Kuthumi Kuthumi Serves Us a Cup of Compassion, Understanding and Peace
8/25/21 2h 30m El Morya El Morya: Don't Mince Words and Speak Up for the Light of Truth
8/20/21 1h 30m Mother Mary Mother Mary Takes Us on a Tour of the Retreat of the Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light
8/18/21 2h 30m Divine Director The Divine Director Invites Us to Be Renaissance Men and Women of This Era
8/11/21 2h Lanello Lanello: Access the Inner Verities of Your Soul
8/8/21 2h Buddha of the Violet Ray Holy Purpose and the Joy of Violet Light
8/4/21 2h 30m Buddha of the Ruby Ray The Buddha of the Ruby Ray Honors the Creativity and Devotion of Servitors within the Hearts Center Community
7/28/21 2h 30m Elohim of the Twelve Rays The Elohim of the Twelve Rays Inspire Us to Maintain Our High Ideal
7/23/21 1h 30m Prajnaparamita Prajnaparamita Coaxes Us to Realize Our Higher Selfhood
7/21/21 2h 37m Meta Meta Empowers Us to Have Faith in God's Miracles to Change the World
7/14/21 2h Jesus Jesus' Vision of the Holy City
7/11/21 2h El Morya Beloved El Morya's New Quips as Nuggets of Light
7/7/21 2h 30m Saint Germain The Price of Freedom Is Vigilance over Tyranny - Only the Vigilant Will Become Victors
6/30/21 2h 30m Maitreya Maitreya Fortifies Us in the Peace of Stillness
6/26/21 1h 26m David Lewis Permaculture Event - Meditation on the Fire Element
6/25/21 2h 55m David Lewis Permaculture Event - Discourse on the Fire Element
6/24/21 2h 42m David Lewis Permaculture Event - Discourse on the Air Element
6/23/21 3h 15m Mother Mary Meditation by Omega and Mother Mary on the Water Element
6/22/21 2h 55m David Lewis Permaculture Event - Discourse on the Earth Element
6/20/21 30m Holy Spirit Group Soul Raising Sessions
6/9/21 2h Mother Mary Mother Mary and Raphael Bring a Little Bit of Fatima to Montana
6/6/21 2h 3m Brahma Community Building Discourse and Darshan with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as well as the World Teachers: Jesus, Kuthumi and Omraam
6/2/21 2h 30m David Lewis To Know, To Dare, To Do and To Be Silent - Clearing Subconscious Patterns with Ho'oponopono
5/25/21 2h David Lewis Allow Virtue to Flow Forth from You to Perform Miracles
5/23/21 30m Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit's 2021 Pentecost Message
5/21/21 1h 40m David Lewis Our Lady of Vladimir (Russia) Icon Story
5/18/21 2h 30m Holy Spirit Holy Spirit: Glorify God through the Empowerment and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
5/13/21 2h 32m Jesus Jesus' 2021 Ascension Day Message
5/11/21 2h 30m Omega Mother Omega's Miracle Dispensation
5/4/21 2h 30m El Morya El Morya: Change Comes from Within - Attend to the Inner Spirit
5/2/21 2h Kuthumi Special Services and Dictations 2021

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