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Last Post 10/01/2011 9:40 PM by  Mountainma
Information on Bolivia
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10/01/2011 8:15 PM
    Lake TiTicaca is a beautiful and much venerated sacred lake on the border between Peru and Bolivia, near Copacabana.

    Recently a large temple was discovered submerged in the lake, (adding to its mystery and fascination).

    In 2000 an international archaeological expedition discovered an ancient temple submerged in the depths of
    Lake Titicaca. The huge structure is nearly twice the
    size of a soccer field (660 feet long).

    The temple is estimated to be between 1,000 and 1,500 years
    old. The eventual plan is to bring the temple to the

    Titicaca is one of the largest, highest and deepest lakes
    in the world. It is renowed for its deep blue beauty.


    10/01/2011 9:40 PM
    5 Things of Interest in Bolivia include:
    1. La Paz - The largest and one of the highest cities in the world.
    2.Valley of the Moon
    3. Local Culture - very friendly and hospitable.
    4. Tiwanku - ancient ruins of a civilization that existed over 1000 years ago.
    5. Salar de Uryuni - worlds largest salt flats - over 10,000 km. wide creating a very unique landscape.
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