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Last Post 10/04/2020 12:47 AM by  Chris Percy
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Chris Percy

09/07/2020 1:34 AM


    in Mother Mary's Healing Sanctuary

    (This is the first of the sequence of meditations/journeys which forms the core of The Steps of Shamballa, which I wrote/received between 2001 and 2008. My profound thanks go to Carol and the Hearts Center
    for providing me with the joyful opportunity of sharing the following with you, beloved fellow travellers.
    OK? Bon voyage!
    Chris Percy.)

     To open this meditation, let us recall in Whose image and likeness we, living flames of the eternal Fire of the Creator, have been created. Let us now feel our unchanging and unchangeable oneness with the "Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world."

     Let us raise our unified hearts and Being to the One Most High and Holy Creator of All, the All-Radiant Source from Whom all rivers of life flow and to Whom all shall return, calling with the holy angels, archangels and elohim and all the company of heaven:

    Holy, Holy, is the Lord of Hosts!

    Blessed is the Lord!


     During this healing meditation, activation and journey, we request the gracious help, guidance and protection of the following holy and beloved servants of the ONE I AM: Mother Mary, Lord Sananda/Jesus, Archangels Raphael, Michael and Faith, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Mahatma, or Avatar of Synthesis, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Her Holiness Quan Yin and the blessed healing angels of the Light Divine who work under the overlighting of Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael.

     We make all the following requests subject to Divine Will, and under the Law of Divine Grace, so that any request which would not be for our highest good may be overridden. We ask to receive only those energies and activations which we are able to assimilate into our Being safely and with ease and comfort.

     We align our will with the Will of the Most High and our consciousness with that of the beloved and faithful servants of the ONE, upon whom we have called in this prayer.

     We call upon Archangels Michael and Faith to provide their divine and invincible protection in the name of Shaddai El Hai, the Almighty Living ONE, establishing their Golden Dome of Protection and their Shield of Blue-Flame Armour around us and encircling us with their Blue-Flame Sword.

     We now extend our most cordial invitation to the 143 "monadic cousins", or other soul-extensions of the monad, of each member of our group, as well as the inner-plane guides, angels and teachers of the Light Divine connected to each member, to join us, if they so wish, in this meditation and activation.

     We call forth from holy and beloved Father Melchizedek, Mahatma and Archangel Metatron a planetary and cosmic axiatonal alignment for all in our group to balance all our energy meridians and align our consciousness with that of the Most Holy Source of All Sources and all levels of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

     We call to Lords Vywamus and Lenduce, Mahachohan Saint-Germain, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, the Archangels of the Light Divine, the Lord and Lady of Arcturus and our Arcturian brothers and sisters in the relevant teams, giving our permission for their loving intervention, to clear all negative extraterrestrial implants, all negative elementals and all negative energies from our energy field, individually and collectively.

     We call to Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Archangel Metatron for the anchoring of the Platinum Net to cleanse our individual and collective energy field even more deeply.

     We now call forth, from Mother Mary, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Archangel Raphael, and the servants of the Most High upon whom we have called in this prayer, a group merkabah of Divine Light, in the optimum configuration, large enough to accommodate all the members of our group.

    As we etherically take our places in this group merkabah, we ask that it be activated in the optimum manner and that we now be transported, in our etheric, or relevant, bodies, under the protection of Archangels Michael and Faith and under the guidance of Mother Mary, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Archangel Raphael and the planetary and cosmic masters invoked, to come before Mother Mary in the Healing Sanctuary in her Ashram.

     Our journey is smooth and swift and we arrive at the speed of thought in the deep peace, serenity and holiness of an oval sanctuary with beams of the softest and most beautiful hues of blue, rose and lilac Light falling through the windows of exquisite, shimmering radiance, which are like openings of greater Light in Light itself.

    Mother Mary is waiting for us in the centre of the sanctuary. She has a joyful smile and her arms are open in greeting. She invites us to be seated on what appear to be large cushions of blue Light arranged in a horseshoe pattern around her.

    As we sit on these Light-cushions, they mould to us perfectly, holding each of us in the optimum position and total comfort. We inwardly hear Mother Mary's gentle and loving voice flowing through us like beautiful music: "My joy in receiving you here, precious ones of my heart, is overflowing! Feel it bathing you in the ever-renewed, and ever-renewing, Love of a mother. Feel it drawing you into my heart. Feel the comfort of your eternal place within my heart!

    "I would ask you who are now extending and redefining the boundaries of your consciousness and who may perhaps feel as though tests are lined up for you to take, to honour the Being you are, as well as the Being you are becoming. I honour you just as you are, right here, right now. I would ask you always to honour the Being you are - as it is the Being you are who is going to take you to the Being you are becoming! Always accept yourselves - as I accept you. There are no tests or certificates or badges needed for you to be accepted in the Sacred Heart of Divine Mother/Father. The Sacred Heart of All is where you are - and you have never left it! Feel the comfort, the peace, the total acceptance which are eternally yours when you remember and claim your rightful and divine place within the Sacred Heart!

    "And now, beloved hearts of my heart, who open your hearts and hands in healing to your brothers and sisters, and all the kingdoms of Gaia, I would ask you to open yourselves to receive healing for your own vehicles by the Grace of the Divine Mother/Father.

    "Know that you are now lovingly held and supported in the healing energies of the Angels of the Light Divine. Feel yourselves infused to the very core of your Being with divine Grace, Love and healing. Let us now call upon beloved Raphael and Sananda and the Angels of Healing, to act as vessels of Grace to bring you into the wholeness of your exalted Divine Self."

    Immediately, Lord Sananda and Archangel Raphael appear to the left and right hand respectively of Mother Mary in a glorious blaze of multi-coloured Light and the whole sanctuary is instantly filled with the radiant and beautiful forms of the Healing Angels, who surround each of us.

    "Beloved brothers and sisters in the Whole and Perfect One, I greet you in the Heart of Oneness and in the oneness of our heart!" we inwardly hear Archangel Raphael say. "The wholeness you seek is the wholeness you are, and, if you will, it is my honour to serve you in this quest!"

    "I also greet you, dwellers in my heart," Lord Sananda tells us, "and I salute you who are the open heart and hands of mercy and compassion! Please take my hand and allow me to lead you to the greater realisation of your wholeness and your holiness as the eternal sons and daughters of the Most High, that you, in turn, may ignite the flame of remembrance of your divine nature in the temples of the hearts of your brothers and sisters!"

    Mother Mary now invites us to inwardly request help with any part of our Being or life where there is a need for healing and a return to wholeness.

     Let us now take a few moments to inwardly make our requests to the ONE "in Whom we live and move and have our Being" and to beloved Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael and the hosts of Healing Angels, in whose Love we are now held.

    Let us, in humility and reverence, now pray for a baptism of the Shekinah, or Holy Spirit. We ask that divine Grace be bestowed upon us, that we may learn the lessons we need to learn through the Grace of the All-Merciful ONE, rather than through any negative repercussions we may have incurred under the Law of Karma, or Cause and Effect.

    ADONAI, Lord, send us Thy Comforter, the Holy Shekinah, so that, if it be Thy Will, we may now be loosed from all bonds which may have tied us to limitation, to imperfection, or to any lack of wholeness in our Being. Retaining in our hearts the wisdom of all lessons thus imparted, we now release ourselves from any such limitation, imperfection or lack of wholeness and allow ourselves to receive the divine healing which will restore us to wholeness in the Perfect ONE the Immaculate Heart of All.

    Lord, hear our prayer, which we ask subject to Thy Will, and let our cry come unto Thee!

    For Thine is the kingdom, the power and glory, for ever and ever. AMEN!


     "Your prayers have been heard," Mother Mary assures us. "We will enfold each of you now in the heart of our healing and you will be brought to wholeness and harmony as is for your highest good and as is the Will of the Most High."

     Let us now enter the silence for the next few minutes, as, with gratitude and humility, we open ourselves to receive this profound gift of healing and wholeness from SHADDAI EL HAI, the Almighty Living ONE, through beloved Mother Mary, Lord Sananda, Archangel Raphael and the Healing Angels.

     Let us now inwardly offer our heartfelt thanks for the divine Grace and the profundity of the Love and healing we have received, calling forth the blessings of the ONE Most High upon Mother Mary, Lord Sananda, Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Healing.

     Our most gracious and exalted hosts now, in turn, thank us for our blessings. Mother Mary tells us that, if we so choose, we may receive what she is going to call the "Healing Keys of the Heart". These may be thought of as the different facets of the jewel of compassion and healing. Each Healing Key confers its own unique qualities of Love, wisdom and compassion to inform the process of healing and return to wholeness.

     "It is my joy to offer you the Healing Key of the Immaculate Heart," Mother Mary continues, producing a small, glowing golden key, emitting blue, pink and white rays, from her heart and holding it up in front of us. "Receive it, my beloved ones of the Immaculate Heart, if you will. Receive of the ONE to bring all into the wholeness of the ONE!"

     Instantly, we find ourselves holding an exact duplicate of Mother Mary's Key in our hand. Let us now, if we wish, place this eternal link with the healing Love, wisdom and compassion of Mother Mary's Immaculate Heart into our own heart.

     Let us enter the silence, inwardly offering our thanks and Love to beloved Mother Mary.

     Lord Sananda now steps forward, taking a small indigo key with a beautiful glowing aura of gold and pink from his heart. "Please receive," he says, "the Healing Key of the Paradise Heart!"

     We immediately find an exact replica of Lord Sananda's Key in our hand.

     "Place, if you will" Lord Sananda invites us, "this gift from the Paradise of the Mother/Father, through my heart, into your Sacred Heart and open up these sublime dimensions of healing and wholeness for yourselves and all you serve in the name of the Most High and Holy Creator.

    "Call on the Healing Key of the Paradise Heart and know I AM with you always. I AM Sananda, your servant and brother from the Alpha to, and beyond, the Omega!"

     Let those of us who so wish now gratefully place this most sanctified and blessed Key into our heart.

     In the silence, let us now give our thanks and Love to beloved Lord Sananda.

     The radiant figure of Archangel Raphael now steps forward, wrapping each of us simultaneously in a beam of Light projected from his heart. We are bathed in a field of the most rarified and beautiful orange, gold, blue and pink colour- frequencies. A glowing key in these tones, surrounded by a brilliant golden radiance, is now manifested before each of us.

     "Reach out, beloved rays of Earth's golden dawn," Archangel Raphael invites us, "and take unto yourselves the Healing Key of the Archangelic Heart. Open up the treasures of the Feeling Heart and let the frequencies of divine mercy, compassion and bliss flow through your being, as from an overflowing chalice of Grace, and to your brothers and sisters in the many Mansion Worlds. I AM Raphael. Feel me henceforth ever with you in the bliss of your opened heart!"

     Let us humbly take Archangel Raphael's sublime Healing Key into our Being, raising our heart to him in gratitude and Love for the profundity of the Grace with which he has showered us.

     Now, in a resplendent blue aura, venerable and beloved Master Djwhal Khul, smiling and with his arms outstretched in blessing, steps forward into our midst. "My dearly beloved brothers and sisters on the Lighted Way," he says, "it is now my honour and great pleasure to present you with the Healing Key of the Heart of Synthesis! This I do on behalf of the beloved and holy Mahatma, the mighty Avatar of Synthesis."

     Master Djwhal Khul raises his arms and the whole sanctuary is filled with the intense rainbow-white brilliance of the Mahatma.

    We are filled with a heightened sense of our living oneness with our brothers and sisters in this sanctuary, with all the masters who are showering their blessings upon us, with the majesty of the Mahatma and with All That Is...

    At the level of our third eye, or brow chakra, we see the rainbow-white Healing Key of the Heart of Synthesis, which, if we so wish, we may now draw down into our opened hearts.

    "Take this Healing key," Master Djwhal Khul invites us, "and unlock the doors of your Self in all its dimensions! Bring all the levels of your Being into wholeness in the ONE and wholeness in the ONE into all the levels of your Being. Let the Light of perfection inform each facet of your diamond.

    "Beloved Lights of perfection, be always in the perfection of the Light you are! Be the jewel of compassion in the lotus of the heart!

    "I AM Djwhal Khul. I AM the Light Divine greeting the Light Divine."

     Lord Kuthumi now appears before us, radiating an exquisite blue and golden-white aura. "Greetings, loving, wise hearts of my heart in the infinite Love and Wisdom of the ONE!" he declares. "It is my privilege and joy to come before you, bearing the Healing Key of the Heart of Love-Wisdom."

    A blue key, pulsing with pink and golden Light, now floats above the head of each member of our group.

    "Receive this Key, if you wish," says Lord Kuthumi, "and let it touch upon your crown and your heart and then enter into your Being. This is the Key that unites divine Love and Wisdom; to do so is to ignite the flame of the Christed nature. This is the resurrection and the life; this is the route of return to true wholeness.

    "I AM Kuthumi and I AM with you at every step upon your path of return. Hear my name before your footfall."

    We feel the tremendous inflow of spiritual current as this exalted Key touches first our crown chakra, then our heart.

    In the deepest gratitude to Lord Kuthumi, let us, if we so wish, now open our heart to allow this Key to permanently reside within it.

     In a brilliant blaze of golden-white Light, with an emanation of ethereal rose from his heart, Lord Maitreya now appears in our midst and addresses us: "Beloved and esteemed bearers of Light and Love, peacemakers and turners of Earth's new golden page, I salute you, I embrace you as a brother and I speak to you from my heart, as also from your heart, for it is there that my voice may always be heard by you in the holy silence of your Being!

    "I bring you the Healing Key of the Anointed, or Christed, Heart. This Key is offered to you through my heart, but it comes from the most holy place of the Heart of All. It already belongs to you, as you yourselves belong to the Heart of All.

    "Receive, if you will, the Golden Ray of the Christ into you sacred hearts!"

     A golden beam is now projected from Lord Maitreya's heart into the heart of each person in our group.

     "Let the Golden Ray of the Christ now meet the echo of its perfection in the deep place of the heart and call forth the Healing Key of the Anointed Heart and the resurrection of the Christ within!"

     Coming forth from our heart, along the golden beam, there now appears the resplendent Key of golden fire of the Anointed Heart.

     "Look upon the Key of your resurrection," Lord Maitreya invites us. "Know it proceeds from the ONE Most High and yet resides in the sanctuary of your heart. Even as you now take it back into your heart, make a vow of preparation of your Self to receive the full mantle of the Anointed, or the Christ, in the service of your brothers and sisters in oneness.

     I AM Maitreya and I and my Father/Mother - even as you and our Father/Mother - are eternally one. Be blessed and be raised to the fullness of your Supreme Being in the service of the ONE in Whose most holy image and likeness we are created!"

     As we take the Healing key of the Anointed Heart back into our Being, let those of us who so desire now make the vow to prepare and perfect our Self, that the full mantle of the Anointed may be bestowed upon us in the service of all in the ONE.

     A celestially beautiful, yet powerful, pink radiance now pervades Mother Mary's sanctuary, as the Blessed Quan Yin manifests before us, extending her greetings: "My precious and fragrant hearts of perfection, receive the greetings, and feel the embrace, of the ever-open heart of Quan Yin within the ever-open heart of Divine Mother!

    "You may perhaps not think of Quan Yin as someone who breaks the rules? So now, I may surpise you, for I offer you the Healing Key of the Merciful Heart - yet this Key is not shaped like a key - look at its shape!"

    Quan Yin takes a handful of energy from her heart and allows it to flow over the tips of her fingers in a beautiful, continuous cascade of pink, lilac and magenta Light.

    "We could call it the Healing Waterfall of the Merciful Heart! See how it flows out unceasingly from the open heart of mercy, but never runs dry. How could it? It is sourced from the endless ocean of Divine Mother's Love!

    "Merely open now your infinite hearts, beloved vessels of sweet compassion, if you wish to receive the Healing Waterfall of the Merciful Heart!"

    Tiny rivulets of pink, lilac and magenta energy now flow outwards from the miniature cascade in Quan Yin's hand and enter the heart of each person who wishes to receive them.

    "Pour out the sweet balm of mercy and compassion to your sisters and brothers. Let the healing waters flow from the Eternal Self to the Eternal Self. Pour out your Love to be eternally filled with Love!

    "Let the gates of your mercy be ever open, as is my heart ever open to each of you, even as the arms of Divine Mother ever hold you in the embrace of the divine Love you are!"

     Let us enter the silence for a few moments to allow our gratitude and Love to flow through our eternal heart connection to blessed Quan Yin and the Most Holy and Beloved Divine Mother.

     We now inwardly hear Mother Mary address us: "Take these Keys, dear hearts of the One Heart, and open all doors that need to be opened on the path to wholeness. Where is the path to wholeness leading? It is leading to the ONE you are and the ONE I AM, for we are, ever have been and ever will be, ONE.

    "Walk with me, as I walk with you, along our path to the Immaculate Heart of Perfection. I AM Mary. Feel my feet with yours at every step and your heart enfolded in the infinity of Love!"

     Again in the silence, let us savour this holy instant of Grace and offer our heartfelt thanks to Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing who work under their overlighting, Lord Sananda, Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya and Archangels Michael and Faith, calling forth upon them the infinite blessings of El Eliyon, the Most High, the ONE Who Is our Most Holy Source and Destination and to Whom be all glory, now and in the eternal now. AMEN!
     We now call forth again our group merkabah, from Mother Mary, Lord Sananda, Archangel Raphael and Archangels Michael and Faith.

     Taking our places, we ask that our merkabah be activated in the optimum manner once again and that we now be transported, under the protection of Archangels Michael and Faith, and under the guidance of Mother Mary, Lord Sananda, Archangel Raphael and the masters upon whom we have called in this meditation, back to our physical bodies on Earth, or to the appropriate bodies and locations for those of our brothers and sisters on the inner planes who have joined us for this meditation and upon whom also we now call forth the blessings of the Most High.

     We now feel ourselves smoothly and effortlessly returning to this location, to this room, in which we started this meditation, and to our physical bodies. We ask Archangel Sandalphon and Mother Gaia to help us ground ourselves fully into our physical bodies and to safely and comfortably integrate the profound energies we have received in this meditation. Let us be aware of the chair on which we are sitting, our feet upon the floor and our deep connection to Mother Gaia.

     We call forth our personal Healing Angels to perfectly balance our chakras and all levels of our multi-body system. We now give our thanks, and send our Love, to Archangel Sandalphon, Mother Gaia and our Healing Angels.

     We call once again upon Mother Mary, Lord Sananda, Archangel Raphael and the masters invoked in this meditation, asking them to gather any spiritual energies we have received herein which are surplus to our requirements and to use them as they deem appropriate in the service of all in the ONE as is the Will of the ONE. We thank you, once again, beloved and faithful servants of El Eliyon, the ONE Most High, Whose eternal blessings be upon you!

     As we continue upon our journey, let us remember, step by step, who walks with us. Let us feel the healing Love, wisdom and compassion in our heart. Let us feel the eternal oneness of our heart with the heart of beloved Mother Mary, Lord Sananda, Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing, Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Her Holiness Quan Yin, with the hearts of all and with the Heart of All.

     Let us take a few moments to acclimatise ourselves to our everyday surroundings. When we are ready, let us open our eyes, and our hearts, to our eternal oneness with our brothers and sisters in this room, and on this planet, and let us serve them in the Light, the Love and the Will-to Good of the ONE Most Holy Creator and Sustainer of All.

     And let our Being proclaim, with every breath of life, with every thought of Love, with every word of blessing and with every deed of selfless service: KODOISH, KODOISH, KODOISH, ADONAI ZEVAOT!
    Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord of Hosts
    Heaven and Earth are full of Thy glory!
    Glory be to Thee, O Lord Most High!
    Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord!
    Hosanna in the highest!

    So let it be written! So let it be done!

    I Am Melchizedek
    in Alpha,
    in Omega,
    through Omega
    in the ONE I AM.
    Louise Keoghan

    09/30/2020 4:31 PM
    Thank you very much for sharing this meditation here Chris. I want to open a Healing Center myself and feel it is a beautiful synchronicity that I should be led to your post.
    With my deepest gratitude,
    Chris Percy

    10/04/2020 12:47 AM
    Dear Louise,

    Thank you so much for your very kind words concerning the “Healing Keys of the Heart” meditation! They mean a great deal to me!

    I’m overjoyed that the meditation resonated with you, Louise – as did, in fact, your message with me. It confirmed that the time to release this series of meditations for wider consumption (after a 12-year waiting period) has indeed finally a arrived.

    Your vision of opening a healing centre (“center” - to spare you my British English spelling!) is truly inspiring. If ever there was a crying need for such an instrument of grace, it has to be now, doesn’t it?

    I salute your compassionate and courageous heart and, if I may, I call forth the blessings of Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda and the healing hosts of the Light, Love and Will of El Eliyon upon you and those you selflessly serve!

    Thank you once again, Louise, for your precious gift of joy…

    Be blessed! Be blissful!

    Chris Percy

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