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Last Post 10/16/2019 9:02 PM by  edward
"I AM"
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10/16/2019 9:02 PM
    "I AM" the newest children's book by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, is taken from his latest book for adults, Wishes Fulfilled. "I AM" teaches kids a simple but profound message: God is not far off in the distance or even merely beside us. In other words, we are not separate from God -- WE ARE GOD! Knowing that. GOD'S LOVE and STRENGTH is a part of everyone can help kids grow to meet, their greatest potential in life. The book uses a rhyme and illustrations to teach this lesson and help children realize that they are greater than they ever imagined! There is also a special section at the end that teaches the important meaning of the words "I AM" and the way to use them to CREATE LOVE, HAPPINESS AND GREATNESS in their own lives and the world.

    The Book: "I AM" Why Two Little Words Mean So Much by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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