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Last Post 09/05/2018 12:45 AM by  edward
Afra Speaks: The Divine Origin of Man
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09/05/2018 12:45 AM
    Beloved Afra, what, if any is the causal relationship between man and ape? Many people are still under the impression that man evolved from apes.

    There is a similarity in the generic pool of chimpanzee, ape, orangutan, monkey, and mankind. Yet, understand that man is endowed with the ability to cognize, to think the thoughts of God at a higher level. For there is a spark within the heart that is vouchsafed to Man, with a capital M, that gives him and her the ability, through the connection with Source to know himself, herself.

    The ancient adage "Man know thyself" is the key. Though there is harmony within the nature kingdom and there is a higher level of understanding within the brain function of ape than in many of Earth's animal creations there is a vast difference between the higher functioning centers within man and within ape.

    YOU ARE CREATED IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD, AND THIS ESSENCE OF GOD THAT IS WITHIN YOU IS THE DYNAMIC THAT SETS YOU APART FROM ALL WITHIN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. This does not mean that you must consider yourself the arbiter of the destiny of the animal kingdom through dominance to the point of destruction, which is why we do not approve of animal experimentation. All may live in perfect harmony, balance, and understanding at the heart-mind level. Page 51

    The deeper answer to your question goes far beyond what I have spoken of in this hour. It involves the very code of life within the DNA and how that DNA was tampered with by alien evolutions ages ago in the formulation of what you call Homo-sapiens, within the sub-Saharan potion of Africa.

    If you could see the akashic records of the evolution of life on Earth over vast eons of time, you would understand the dynamics of co-creation with the Divine.
    There is an ongoing manipulation of the genetic pool by scientists today. They are attempting to clone various species and even the human embryo. This is tampering with life that was not meant to be. I caution scientists to live according to divine principles and avoid manipulating life in the laboratory. The introduction of genetic substance where it is not meant to manifest could dramatically alter the face of the Earth. You have seen cases where viruses have introduced their genetic material into plants, animals and humans. In ages long forgotten, this caused the decimation of entire evolutionary species on this planet.

    Woe to those who attempt to destroy life through this level of dark scientific experimentation! Woe to those whose only mind-set is to experiment for the purpose of manipulation rather than to support, nurture, and uphold life. Woe to those whose intent is nefarious and was causative of the DESTRUCTION OF ATLANTIS ten thousand and more years ago. Learn your lesson, O mankind! Become who you truly are as co-creators with God! Look up and live in the light and employ the resources vouchsafed to you only for good and for God. Page 53

    From the book: Living a Soulful Life Afra's New Teaching on Love, Brotherhood, and Freedom by David Christopher Lewis

    In the Joy of my Beloved Afra's Heart!

    My Beloved Afra I Love You, I Thank You for all that you have done for me.
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