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Last Post 04/15/2014 4:14 PM by  alhulburt
MU 1404 Homework Assignment - What the Holy Grail means to me
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Cheryl Bench

04/13/2014 7:55 PM
    To be Holy, an object or person must be set apart or dedicated to the Sacred. Can something Sacred be practical? Practical can be thought of as ordinary, pertaining to everyday or common affairs or practices. My heart longs to experience the Holiness and Sacredness of God, and in the quiet, early morning hours, I often experience it and am grateful. Yet, I have also experienced episodes of holiness or sacredness in my work amidst the ordinary or mundane practices.

    I perceive the Holy Grail to be a Sacred Mystery, not definable by words alone but through experiencing the merging of the opposites, as in ancient alchemical texts
    depicting the creation of a fully realized, integrated Son/Daughter of God. This androgynous one becomes the True Self not identified with gender or other transient attributes. The Gospel of Thomas describes it as:

    the inside like the outside,
    and the outside like the inside,
    the higher like the lower,
    so that a man is no longer male,
    and a woman female,
    but male and female
    become a single whole
    (logion 22)

    How to make the Holy Grail a practical reality and blessing to life? One must live it
    everyday, surrender to it, desire it above all else. A favorite hymn of mine, from the
    previous organization sums it up:

    May our hearts become a chalice pure
    Ever thy great love dispensing
    To all life that we may peace ensure
    Every need and sorrow sensing.
    May our footsteps walk in paths
    so narrow and straight
    Gently guided by thy hand
    Mastery of Life attaining.

    I desire and pray for assistance from above to make this experience of dispensing the
    Great Love of our Father/Mother God a daily occurrence.


    04/15/2014 4:14 PM
    The Holy Grail represents the conscious culmination of one’s striving toward the integration with God, always ongoing. It is the product of one’s experiences and lessons, education and work. I think it manifests as the sum total of who you are as you attempt to become a Christ and a Buddha.

    It also manifests in small ways. If you attempt to perfect a talent or a skill, it becomes the vessel into which more mastery and joy pours. I have an excellent example of transcribing as being a form of striving to perfect the Grail of the text, the written word into which the waters of the Spirit once again flow. The effort of transcribing results in the manifest chalice of the written heartstream. There is the alchemy of creating the Holy Grail as I type. There is the alchemy of using the Grail as people read to once again unlock the Spirit from within the matrices of the words.

    It is a very practical service to bring the Word into physical manifestation for other people to consume the nectar and wisdom of the masters. It is of service to bring God into a new form and be able to share the messages of God in a different chalice or form.

    It is a blessing to the doer and to the reader. The Holy Grail could also be an interpretation of the message in a visual manner. The unlimited spirals of recreation are the flavors of the Spirit as it finds new incarnations within the Holy Grail manifestations.
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