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The Violet Laser Light

What is the Violet Laser Light?

The violet laser light is an accelerated and focused frequency of the violet transmuting fire. As violet is the seventh and highest frequency within the spectrum of visible light, when projected into any situation or problem it manifests as an energy field of transmutation whereby divine alchemy or cosmic change may manifest. The violet laser light allows the dissolving of age-old records of karma because of the inherent qualities of divine power (blue) and of divine love (pink) which, when merged, create a pulsating violet energy that consumes on contact the darkness within all that it touches.


Experience Violet Laser Light Decrees and Songs!

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Name of Decree/Song




70.001Raise the Earth in Sacred Fire-3x
70.002Wash the Earth in Violet Fire
70.003Arcturus Blessed Elohim
70.003Arcturus Blessed Elohim-33x
70.004Violet Fire for the Elementals
70.005Elemental Joy
70.006Save the Elementals
70.007Alchemy of Joy We Sing
70.008Divine Director Lead the Way
70.009O Freedom Roll
70.010Kuan Yin Come
70.011O Freedom Flame
70.012Multiplication of Violet Fire
70.013Saint Germains Memorial Day Prayer
70.014Affirmations for Cosmic Freedom
70.015I Live and Move in Afras Heart
70.016Goddess of Freedoms Prayer
70.017Saint Germains Violet-Fire Mantra
70.018Saint Germains Permanent Six-Pointed-Star God-Magnet within My Soul
70.019O Afra Blaze Through Us
70.020Saint Germains Prayer Before the Liberty Tree
70.021Saint Germains Heartshare Affirmations for the Golden-Crystal Age
70.022I Am God-Free
70.023I Am a Liberator of Light for all Life upon Earth
70.024Safeguarding the Sacred Freedoms
70.025Saint Germains Freedom and Abundance I AM Affirmations
70.026Baptism of the Elementals Ritual
70.070I AM Forgiveness Seventy Times Seven

The Seventh Ray of Freedom

Violet is the seventh ray of freedom.¹ When fully understood and mastered, the initiations of the first six rays of blue, yellow, pink, white, green and purple/gold result in the freedom of the soul to pursue the path of the ascension.² In this way, the soul balances karma and is able to merge with the Higher Self or Divine Presence—the great individualized “I AM” Source of pure light energy. The term “Solar Presence” is a recent name for the Higher Self, given to us by the ascended masters through the dictations of this dispensation3 of The Hearts Center.

Using the Violet Laser Light

Ascended mastersof the violet laser light practice the white magic of the divine Magi, which involves holy ritual and the invocation of the sacred fire through the science of sound and rhythm. This involves the use of mantra and chant as well as the use of secret formulae for the unlocking of inner keys to divine gnosis and the spiritual siddhis. Masters such as Saint Germain and Portia,5 Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst,6 Kuan Yin,7 and Arcturus and Victoriaserve on the violet ray.

violet lasar lightening and St Germain

The Qualities of the Violet Laser Light

The qualities of compassion and mercy are exemplified in the rosy hue of the violet light. The qualities of justice and soul liberation are exemplified in the deep violet-purple, accentuating the blue component of violet light. Blue is the vibration of the power and the will to live judiciously and to pursue our right to be soul-free.

Transmutation through the Violet Laser Light

The transmuting of the base elements of the human consciousness into the gold of the divine Spirit is the work of all alchemists of the seventh ray. The violet laser light can be a great boon in transmuting subconscious blocks and patterns of darkness that hold us back in our soul development. It first dissolves certain underlying momentums which we have held in the basement of consciousness for lifetimes. These limiting momentums are then replaced with positive new light patterns. In this way, we can quickly move into higher levels of divine gnosis on our spiritual path. The violet laser light is truly miraculous in its ability to help us realize our true Buddha nature as God-free beings of light!

The Rhyme and Reason behind the Violet Laser Light

The reason why Saint Germain revealed the knowledge of the violet transmuting fire in the twentieth century, and in this current dispensation of The Hearts Center its accelerated action as the violet laser light, was so that mankind could balance their karma more rapidly through the invoking of this mercy quality of the Holy Spirit.

Violet Laser LightIf all religions would incorporate this one practice—the forgiving of ourselves and others through invoking the mercy flame—we would see a new and beautiful world beginning to emerge before us. Consciously casting  into the violet flame all that comes up for transmutation daily through the science of sacred sound in the giving of mantra and prayer,9 we gain mastery over harmful patterns of behavior such as resentment, anger, non-resolution, selfishness and all that separates us from joy and experiencing positive relationships with family and friends and even self-styled enemies!
This is a lifelong process. And once we have established a firm foundation of maintaining presence through the use of the violet light daily, then the angels of mercy and freedom will surround us and bless us with all that we need to complete our work and service to family, community and all of humanity.

1. The seventh ray of freedom is one of the seven rays of God-qualities that appear as color vibrations. Each individual is meant to master these qualities as unascended souls:

  • Blue—the first ray: the will, faith and power
  • Yellow—the second ray: wisdom and understanding
  • Pink—the third ray: divine love and compassion
  • White—the fourth ray: purity and holiness
  • Green—the fifth ray: wholeness and abundance
  •  Purple/gold—the sixth ray: service to life
  • Violet—the seventh ray: forgiveness, mercy and soul-freedom
2. The ascension is complete liberation from the rounds of karma and rebirth. In the ascension process the soul becomes merged with her Solar Presence, experiencing freedom from the gravitational, or karmic, pull of the earth and experiencing the bliss of beingness within God’s eternal presence of divine love.
3. A dispensation in a spiritual context is a grant of light, an allotment of energy that the ascended masters secure for a person or community for the good of humanity. It must be approved by one or more councils in the heaven world, based on the nature of the request and what the proposal entails. It requires a promise of repayment in the form of greater spiritual growth, enlightenment, practical work and prayers from those to whom the dispensation is directed.
4. “Ascended masters” is a name given to the saints and sages of all religions who once walked upon this planet and other worlds and have earned the right to ascend back to God. They are called “ascended masters”, for they have gained mastery over the world in which we live. And in the heaven world, they work together on projects that assist us here so that we may attain that self-same mastery.
  5. Saint Germain and Portia are ascended twin flames serving on the seventh ray. Saint Germain embodies the qualities of soul-freedom that come from forgiving all. His twin flame, Ascended Lady Master Portia, embodies the quality of justice. Together they work to balance mercy with pure discernment.
6. Lord Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst are twin-flame archangels serving on the seventh ray for this planet.
7. Kuan Yin is known as the Mother of Mercy in the East. Worshipped by Buddhists for thousands of years, she embodies the totality of compassion for humanity.
8. Arcturus and Victoria are the twin-flame Elohim of the seventh ray to the Earth. Elohim are the creators of worlds and solar systems and universes.
9. Mantras and prayers to the violet flame and violet laser light can be found in Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayers 70.001 through 70.070.


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