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HeartShare is a free teleclass series about the teachings of the ascended masters, your spiritual path and anything that is on your heart.  

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Previous HeartShare Teleclasses with Audio Links
Beloved Master Afra Shares Amazing Opportunities for Change June 29, 2017
Afra, having ascended over 30,000 years ago, is the ascended master patron of Africa and represents unity and the true understanding of universal brotherhood. More

Lady Master Lotus Challenges Us to “Drain the Swamp!” May 25, 2017
Lady Master Lotus, twin flame of the ascended master Godfre Ray King (previously embodied as George Washington), invites us to help her and the masters ”drain the swamp” and fulfill the true destiny of America. More

Are You Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose? April 27, 2017
Know God’s Will through El Morya’s Dispensation of Grace. In this class El Morya comes to tell us what the masters have for us in return for our dedication! More

Why We Are Winning with Godfre and Surya March 30, 2017
Godfre, once embodied as George Washington, and Surya, hierarch of the God Star Sirius, come to tell us how we are winning a spiritual revolution occurring on planet Earth! More

Worldly Realignment With El Morya!? February 23, 2017
El Morya comes to tell us about a new mandate from heaven and a new mandate on Earth for this present time in history. More

What Do the Masters Prophesy for 2017? January 26, 2017
You will be encouraged and hopeful as you hear these loving masters share their hearts and insights about what you can expect and how you can thrive during this 2017. More

Practice Loving-Kindness and Win the Day for God? December 1, 2016
Discover new teachings on loving-kindness, so essential for successfully transiting into the golden-crystal age. Lord Maitreya will be instructing us through his amanuensis, David C. Lewis, More

How Does El Morya Rescue Us? October 27, 2016
“When your world comes tumbling down and when trials beset you, what is your response to the Almighty?” During this class El Morya Shows Us How to Ask Heaven for Help More

What Is Archangel Michael Doing For You? September 29, 2016
Archangel Michael shares how to be free from fear and darkness, allowing us to live our mission and complete our reason for being. More

An Hour with Mother Mary on Harmonious Living. August 25, 2016
Learn some new teachings on harmony within spiritual communities, among disciples, and within yourself. More

Is Stress Hurting You? God Harmony Heals. July 28, 2016
There is an amazing master we call God Harmony who would like us to be harmonious, happy and healthy. In this teleclass he shows us keys to a balanced equilibrium in the midst of personal challenges and the planetary shift we are experiencing. More

Is America Hanging in the Balance? Portia Answers. June 30, 2016
Have you ever heard of Lady Master Portia? She is Saint Germain’s twin flame and also known as the Goddess of Justice. During our class Portia shared some amazing revelations regarding our future as she answers, through her HeartStream, the following questions: More

What Will You Do With El Morya? May 26, 2016
As a community of hearts who commune by and through the heart, how does the New Blue wave fulfill your purpose? El Morya wants you to know how to use this new energy current! More

Chemtrails and Other Health Issues-Hercules to the Rescue!April 28, 2016
This month our teleclass will be focusing on some health issues related to chemtrails and other challenges people are commonly experiencing. More

Teachings on the Feminine Aspect of Christ Consciousness March 31, 2016
In this class beloved Magda, twin flame of our Lord Jesus shares Teachings on the Feminine Aspect of Christ Consciousness. More

Lady Venus on How to Water the Seed of Love in Your Heart Feb 25, 2016
In this class Lady Venus comes to help us enter into a new level of Divine Love. She is followed by her twin flame, Sanat Kumara, who helps us to diminish the forces of anti-love. More

The State of Affairs on Planet Earth: End-of-Year Report, January 28, 2016
An amazing class with the ascended master K-17, leader of the Cosmic Secret Service. He serves as an “undercover operative” to help Earth during these intense times of change. More

Jesus' Work on the Twelve Lines of the Cosmic Clock-And His Plans for You! Dec 3, 2015
In this class Jesus shared the work he is engaged in for us. More

Guess What's Happening to You? Oct 29, 2015
Would you like to find out if you are a candidate for a changed body? Servatus tells us how it all occurs. More

Master Lanello’s Important Revelation Regarding 9/11. Oct 1, 2015
Did you know that the masters, angels and cosmic beings want us to know what really happened on September 11, 2001? More

David Lewis Presents a Message from a Mystery Master, Aug 27, 2015
Did you know that the masters, angels and cosmic beings love to communicate with you in whatever way they can get your attention? More

Earth Is Moving Up. Are You Going with Her? July 30, 2015
Metatron and Lanto Will Help You Ascend! Have you ever heard of Metatron? He is a very important cosmic being who can take our consciousness far above the earth, which he delights to do in this class. More

Everything You Wanted to Know about Chakras and Were Afraid to Ask! June 25, 2015
Join us in this class and get to know the Maha Chohan and El Morya. We have an amazing class for you this month find out the answers to the following questions: More

Maximizing Yourself with Maximus as a God or Goddess!! May 28, 2015
Did you know that you are a god or goddess? What does this mean? How can you know and experience the full power of being a god or goddess? More

How to Deal with Intense Personal and Planetary Changes, April 30, 2015
Some of you are aware that as we approach the new Golden Crystal Age we are experiencing something often referred to as “The Shift”. What does this mean? It means that as the earth changes, we are changing with her. For many people this results in some major physical, mental and spiritual adjustments and opportunities. More

Will You Make Your Ascension in this Cycle? Mar 26, 2015
A master of cosmic attainment, known as Vaivasvatu Manu, comes to prepare you for your ascension. He says that thousands of us will ascend at the end of this age, and he indicates that we are of the fifth root race. More

Is Big Brother Watching You? Feb 25, 2015
Are you are a “blip of light” on Cuzco’s screen? What qualifies you to be a “blip of light”? Why are some “blips of light” hardly visible? More

Saint Germain’s Prophecies for 2015, Jan 29, 2015
The challenges of today are overwhelming! We see violence, we see the economy spinning out of control, we see epidemic proportions of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer disease and we see terrorism and worldly mistrust continue. What does Saint Germain have to say about all this in 2015? Will things get better? Listen to find out

How Do Surya and Cuzco Amplify Our Efforts to Save Our Planet? Nov 20, 2014
How have our devotions and singing already protected us from negative forces and planetary eruptions? More

Positive Imagery, October 30, 2014
Why is Positive Imagery so important at this time in earth’s history? More

Upcoming HeartShare Teleclass

Date: Thursday, June 29, 2017

Times: 6:00 p.m. PT, 7:00 p.m. MT, 8:00 p.m. CT, 9:00 p.m. ET. 

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Recent Replays

June 29, Beloved Master Afra Shares Amazing Opportunities for Change”

May 25, Lady Master Lotus Challenges Us to “Drain the Swamp!”

April 27, Are You Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a teleclass?

A teleclass is an educational experience that brings students together with their instructors by telephone.

How do I find out about upcoming classes?

Check our website for class announcements on the "What's New" page. And under "Events" on the menubar, scroll to the "HeartShare Events" page. Our emails will keep you posted if you have subscribed to them under "Join Our Mailing List" on the homepage.     

What are the advantages of a teleclass?

Well, for one thing, you can "come as you are"! You don't require a babysitter or have to drive anywhere. You can move about, grab a snack or let out the dog. You may remain incognito or take part.

How do I participate?

All that is required is your telephone.  It is helpful to have a speaker component on your phone and to have an unlimited long distance service to keep phone rates down. 

To join the class, simply enter the announced telephone number. A recorded message will give you access code instructions. You can practice ahead of time. Call this number: 903.885.2495 before class if you have questions about the process.

What topics are offered in these teleclasses?

The topics always revolve around the teachings of masters such as Jesus, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, El Morya and others. There may be topics on the violet ray and other rays, what these rays are and why they are a great boon to us. We may discuss what the masters have to say about improving relationships within our families and within the world community. Every topic will be presented with practical application examples for you to use immediately.