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DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
8/20/17 1h 36m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
8/6/17 2h HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
8/6/17 2h 10m ZadkielZadkiel and the Seven Archangels Speak: You Are Greater than You Think!
8/5/17 2h God of the Swiss AlpsGod and Goddess of the Swiss Alps Share Darshan Question Answers
8/3/17 2h 37m Morning Meditation & PrayersMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
8/2/17 2h 30m PearlPearl Directs Us to Connect with Our I AM Presence Daily
8/1/17 2h El MoryaEl Morya on the Divine Economy of America and the World
7/30/17 1h 38m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
7/29/17 2h Kuan YinKuan Yin on the Bodhisattva Path
7/29/17 60m Goddess of LibertyGoddess of Liberty on God-Gratitude
7/27/17 2h 39m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
7/26/17 3h Mother MaryMother Mary on How to Resolve Conflicts Through Love
7/26/17 2h 30m David LewisThe Importance of Family and Finding Resolution in Our Relationships
7/23/17 1h 34m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
7/22/17 2h 35m El MoryaEl Morya on the Concerns of the Great White Brotherhood Today
7/21/17 2h 40m Serapis BeySerapis Bey Impels Us Upward and Gives Us a Seraphim to Help Us on our Ascension Path
7/20/17 2h 40m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
7/17/17 2h 56m David LewisAllow Your Love to Be Expressed Today
7/13/17 3h LanelloLanello on Maintaining Emotional Harmony and CoCreating a National Mission and Vision Board
7/13/17 2h 47m El MoryaScript Your Day for God
7/11/17 3h KaliKali Teaches Us How to Remain Clear of Maya
7/9/17 1h 35m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
7/9/17 2h 30m David LewisThe Angel Choirs Known as Thrones and What They Do
7/8/17 23m Steven Miller2017 Face to Face Council Meeting Update
7/7/17 1h 30m David LewisSpecial Services and Dictations 2017
7/7/17 2h 39m DelfinaDelfina Speaks on the Five Crystal Rays, the Pentagram and the Paneurhythmy
7/5/17 2h Saint GermainPortia and Saint Germain on Justice and Freedom for Mexico
7/5/17 2h ManjushriThe Power of Manjushri's White-Fire Blue-Fire Sword
7/2/17 2h HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
7/2/17 2h ApolloApollo Shares Teachings during the Sun Cycle of Cancer on the Magnificence of Our Solar Presence and the Miracle of Water
7/1/17 2h Spirit of NorwaySpirit of Norway Speaks
7/1/17 2h 30m BabajiBabaji on Work as Love Made Visible
6/28/17 2h 35m Mother MaryMother Mary Comforts Us with Her Healing Love and Light
6/25/17 1h 31m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
6/24/17 2h Sanat KumaraSanat Kumara Speaks on Keeping the Flame, Divine Love and the Living Flame of Love
6/24/17 2h 4m MichaelArchangel Michael Speaks
6/14/17 2h 35m Mother TeresaMother Teresa Speaks on the Careful and Mindful Path of the Initiate
6/13/17 3h LanelloLanello on the Dynamism of our Divine Presence and on Navigating Relationships for Disciples
6/11/17 1h 36m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
6/9/17 1h 20m David LewisSpecial Services and Dictations 2017
6/8/17 2h El MoryaEl Morya on Faith and Mastering God-Wisdom During Gemini
6/8/17 2h 33m Cathleen AlexanderMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
6/7/17 2h 30m Jar-El-UmJar-El-Um Shares Teachings on the Roles of Parents in the Family and on Developing Conscious Transmutation.
6/7/17 2h 9m Buddha of Diamond Crystal LightThe Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light Expands His Radiance to the Healing Light Retreat
6/4/17 2h Maha ChohanThe Holy Spirit Anoints Us with Holy Fire
6/3/17 2h 30m Mother MaryMother Mary Shares Teachings on the Christ Presence, Light and Personhood
6/2/17 2h 50m DivinaDivina Radiates Light and Impels Us to Embrace Our Childlike Godly Nature
6/1/17 2h 35m HerculesHercules Stands on Mount Shasta and in the Center of the Earth for Elohimic Intercession for Our Planet and Her People!
5/30/17 2h 35m David LewisHighlights of the Sweden Seminar
5/28/17 1h 34m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
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