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DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
12/13/17 3h Pallas AthenaPallas Athena Says, "Stand and Face The Truth!"
12/12/17 3h El MoryaEl Morya Tells a Story about the Three Magi
12/10/17 1h 37m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
12/9/17 2h Queen of LightQueen of Light Comes with the Princess of Light to Bless and Heal Us
12/8/17 1h 30m Padre PioPadre Pio Sheds Ruby Light on Our Path of Sainthood
12/8/17 3h 22m KaliKali Cleanses Us
12/7/17 3h Divine DirectorDivine Director on Dancing with God in the Light
12/7/17 3h 3m Dean AndersonMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
12/6/17 2h MaitreyaLord Maitreya on the Path of the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha
12/6/17 3h K-17K-17 and Cyclopea Radiate the Light of Cosmic Truth
12/3/17 2h HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
12/2/17 2h MagdaMagda Speaks on the Importance of Purifying Ourselves
11/30/17 2h 6m Morning Meditation & PrayersMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
11/27/17 1h 38m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
11/22/17 3h JesusThank God and Thank You! The Science of Givingness and Thankfulness
11/19/17 1h 35m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
11/19/17 3h 3m Spirit of GhanaSpirit of Ghana Charges Us to Live Loving, Godly Lives
11/16/17 2h KuthumiKuthumi on Developing the Balance of Alpha and Omega Within and Darshan with Mexican Heartfriends
11/16/17 2h 3m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
11/15/17 2h Clare de LisClare de Lis on Coming to Lake Titicaca plus a Darshan with Chilean Heartfriends
11/15/17 3h El MoryaOvercoming Fantasies through a God-Directed Life
11/9/17 2h JesusJesus on Four Purposes of the Violet Light, plus You are a Miracle of God!
11/9/17 3h 20m HeartfriendsMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
11/6/17 3h BabajiBabaji on Loving and Forgiving Our Enemies with Passion and Fervor
11/5/17 2h VictoryThe Psychology of Victory
11/4/17 2h Padre PioPadre Pio on the Importance of Strengthening our Hearts for our Spiritual Work
11/3/17 3h 17m LakshmiLakshmi Speaks on the Mystery of the Acceptance of our Abundance
11/2/17 2h 15m Morning Meditation & PrayersMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
11/1/17 3h 5m AfraGuided Meditation by the Master Afra
10/29/17 3h 10m David LewisSpecial Events 2017
10/28/17 2h SuryaSurya on Accepting God's Light Within for our Victorious Life
10/25/17 3h 15m LanelloLanello: You Are an Eternal Love Being—A Cell of God (VIDEO)
10/22/17 1h 42m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
10/20/17 1h 22m David LewisSpecial Services and Dictations 2017
10/20/17 3h 24m SarasvatiSarasvati Uses Her Mantra to Purify Nations, Continents and our Earth
10/19/17 3h 3m Morning Meditation & PrayersLHC Meetings and Dictations 2017
10/18/17 2h VictoryMighty Victory Speaks to Chilean Heartfriends on Love and Joy as Keys to Our Victory
10/18/17 3h LanelloLanello: Co-Create with Us Today Using Your Spiritual Talents and Gifts
10/15/17 1h 39m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
10/13/17 3h Mother MaryMother Mary Comes on the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima Miracle of the Sun
10/11/17 2h 33m Saint GermainSaint Germain: America, I AM Still with You!
10/10/17 3h 30m Mother MaryMother Mary Comforts Us and Darshans on Interpersonal Dynamics
10/10/17 3h 9m El MoryaEl Morya Requests Intense Daily Prayers for 4 to 6 Hours for the Protection of Freedom, America and the Planet
10/8/17 2h HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
10/8/17 2h God MeruGod & Goddess Meru: The Path of Initiation and Solar Beingness
10/4/17 2h 30m David LewisWe Are Composed of Light - Go within to Access It
10/3/17 2h Saint GermainSaint Germain Blazes the Light of Freedom Over Spain and Speaks on the Issues of Today
10/1/17 1h 38m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2017
9/30/17 2h OmraamOmraam Darshan on Maintaining Spiritual Balance in Our Lives
9/30/17 2h Spirit of SwedenLove and Conscious Awareness are the Best Way to Deal with Challenges
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