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DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
1/21/17 2h 35m AfraAfra Blazes the Light Throughout Africa and Enlightens Us on Opportunities for 2017
1/20/17 2h 45m El MoryaEl Morya Blazes Forth the Light over Washington, DC
1/19/17 2h 5m Divine DirectorDivine Director Darshan with Chile Disciples
1/19/17 2h 33m HeartfriendSunday Morning Family Services 2017
1/18/17 2h David LewisMaximus’s Miracle Matrix
1/16/17 2h 30m Divine DirectorThe Divine Director Speaks on Accelerated Soul Raising Opportunities
1/15/17 2h 4m David LewisThe Importance of Upcoming MU Courses
1/12/17 2h 34m HeartfriendSunday Morning Family Services 2017
1/8/17 2h HeartfriendsSunday Morning Family Services 2017
1/5/17 2h 31m Joyce GenisMorning Meditation and Prayers 2016
1/1/17 2h 40m El MoryaEl Morya's New Year's Day Message
12/31/16 2h 20m Gautama BuddhaGautama Buddha Releases the Thoughtform for the Year 2017
12/30/16 2h 35m AlphaAlpha's Maxims
12/29/16 2h 33m HeartfriendMorning Meditation and Prayers 2016
12/28/16 2h 45m Queen of LightQueen of Light's Maxims
12/27/16 2h 34m Goddess of PurityGoddess of Purity's Maxims
12/26/16 2h 35m Rose of LightRose of Light's Maxims
12/25/16 1h 40m ThorThor's Maxims
12/24/16 2h 36m Clare de LisClare de Lis' Maxims
12/23/16 2h 38m Lady KristineLady Kristine's Maxims
12/22/16 2h 33m John the BelovedJohn the Beloved's Maxims
12/21/16 2h 33m Laugh-a-LotLaugh-a-Lot's Maxims
12/20/16 2h 53m K-17K-17's Maxims
12/19/16 3h 5m Ray-O-LightRay-O-Light's Maxims
12/18/16 1h 39m HilarionHilarion's Maxims
12/18/16 3h 10m Mother Mary2016 Winter Solstice Prayer Vigil
12/16/16 31m GraceGrace's Maxims
12/15/16 2h JesusJesus Speaks on the Original Virtue of Love
12/15/16 2h 33m VirgoVirgo's Maxims
12/14/16 2h 36m Kuan YinKuan Yin's Maxims
12/13/16 2h 35m FortunaFortuna's Maxims
12/12/16 2h YoganandaInspirations from Yogananda for Today
12/12/16 2h 35m Djwal KulDwjal Kul's Maxims
12/11/16 1h 44m HeartfriendsAfra Group Vigils 2016
12/11/16 2h 10m LanelloLanello's Maxims
12/10/16 2h Queen of LightWhisper a Prayer and I am there!
12/10/16 2h 39m KuthumiKuthumi's Maxims
12/9/16 1h 31m ZadkielArchangel Zadkiel Invites Us to His Temple of Purification for Spiritual Rejuvenation
12/9/16 2h 55m MaitreyaLord Maitreya's Maxims
12/8/16 2h Mother MaryYour Soul is Immaculate and is an Extension of God's Being Mother Mary assigns a Christmas Angel to Chileans to Bless Life
12/8/16 2h 48m El MoryaEl Morya's Maxims
12/7/16 2h LantoLanto's Maxims
12/6/16 2h 35m JesusJesus' Maxims
12/5/16 2h 34m CyclopeaCyclopea's Maxims
12/4/16 2h 2m Deborah TimberlakeThe Directors Share The Hearts Center's 2017 Business Plan
12/4/16 2h GodfreGodfre's Maxims
12/3/16 2h Goddess of LibertyGoddess of Liberty's Maxims
12/2/16 2h 30m VictoryMighty Victory's Maxims
12/1/16 1h 10m MaitreyaLord Maitreya on Loving-Kindness during Teleclass
12/1/16 3h 5m Peter DeunovSpanish Services 2016
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