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Prayers and Songs

Prayers, rosaries and songs to emanate light and love to the world!  

Most of our songs and prayers are organized by the colors of the spiritual rays of light, or virtues, they emanate. For example, blue protection prayers and songs are numbered in the 10s and violet forgiveness prayers and songs are numbered in the 70s. Find out more about the colors of the rays.

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Create CDs with Audios

How to copy our audio files to a CD

1.  Right click on an audio icon and save MP3 files on your computer:

Mac users- "Download linked files as…"

PC users- "Save target as…"

2.  Save the files somewhere you can find them.  Maybe create a new folder for them.

3.  Burn the CD without special software:

Mac users follow these directions.
PC users follow these directions.

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Meal Blessings

I am pure love and light within this food, blessing me and providing all the nutrients I require for my perfect health, wealth and happiness right now today. I am grateful, O God, to the precious elementals and the generous hearts and hands who have lovingly prepared this sacred meal. Amen. Om.   --David C. Lewis, June 29, 2012

Bless this food; charge it with light.
Make my aura pure and bright!
Thank you, God, for this food;
I AM ever grateful, Lord.

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