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David Lewis      February 04, 2018

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
February 4, 2018   10:13 ̶ 10:30 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Maximus' Miracle Matrix Explained

I have a beautiful teaching from beloved Maximus that I'd like to share now on Maximus' Miracle Matrix, which is mentioned in this prayer.

The name Maximus is a very powerful name, and if we look at it, we see that within it is maxim, which is close to Maxin—the Maxin light. The us stands for “unlimited supply,” so Maximus is one who anchors and utilizes an unlimited supply of Maxin light. Why? To perform miracles.

The Maxin light is where the unlimited supply of miracle energy exists. Why is it unfed? Because it has always existed as the reality of God's being as fire, and it always shall. It is unfed because it doesn't require to be fed by substance outside of itself; it is the very living reality of life, of beingness itself.

When we invoke Maximus' Miracle Matrix, we are, in effect, invoking this Maxin light, magnified as this unlimited supply of miracle energy, to utilize for God-good, for alchemy, for beneficent works of the Spirit. And when we distribute this Maxin light, we can do so in the ten directions, to the margins of the sky, as is mentioned in “The Bodhisattva Vision,” prayer 9.008.

Now, what are these ten directions that go to the margins of the sky? In the West we think of north, south, east and west; however, we also have northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest, and then directly up and down. It's interesting that we have had two airlines named after two of these directions. One still exists, Southwest, and one morphed into Delta.

The ten directions to the margins of the sky in Buddhist teaching are important for us to understand, because when we move into our own Buddha nature and the power that flows through us when we are Self-realized, enlightened and free as a Buddha being, as a bodhisattva now fully manifest as a Buddha, we can emanate the Maxin light of Maximus in these ten directions to bless sentient beings in all directions, in all multidimensions of being.

When I give that prayer, 9.008, and feel the light flowing through me in the ten directions to the margins of the sky, I feel the expansion of my aura and the maximization of the light flowing as Buddhic mindfulness, Buddhic presence and Buddhic golden, liquid light to all sentient beings in all worlds, even beyond the Earth.

When you become a Buddha being, you have the ability to maximize that light and to let it flow in these ten directions, and it is a beautiful thing. So when you pray for Maximus' Miracle Matrix, you can imagine, see, feel and know this Maxin light as unlimited supply of miracle energy that co-exists everywhere in the universe as the Mother love-light frequency, which you can access as universal energy to use, so long as you use it for God-good.

With this key and this understanding that part of this equation taps into the Maxin light, the unfed flame, you can feel your own threefold flame expanding and glowing and manifesting as the brilliance of the God-light inside of you and then moving out in all ten directions to the margins of the sky and co-creating beauty, harmony, peace—any virtue that you desire to so focus upon and emanate, or emit.

The Maxin light is powerful; it is dynamic; it is the everlasting essence of God, which we have a tiny little portion of inside of us. It is what gives us life; it is what sustains our being; it is what initiates everything about and of life within us that is purposeful, benign and glorious. If we do anything focused upon God, we access a portion of this Maxin light. And then that offering is blessed by the living reality, the love, of the Eternal One, which was vouchsafed to us when we were co-created in the beginning by Alpha and Omega, by the Elohim, as sentient beings, as sons and daughters of God made in God's image and likeness.

When we focus upon the Maxin light and the miracle of this Maxin light that exists within us, we can do anything that we choose to do, by God's grace, because God is the doer through us; God is the emanator through us; God is the believer through us. What we conceive and believe, we can achieve; yet only with the reality of God's being as the driving power, wisdom and love of that vision, of that conception, of that perception.

When you have this level of understanding, through gnosis, because you have actually done it, by God's grace, by sublimating the human and embracing the divine, then your life becomes supercharged with the superconscious frequencies of your God Presence. And there is the new you born, the divine you manifest, the eternal you coming into Self-realization right within your temple of light.

You can do it if you choose to so associate with God and allow Maxin light to manifest through you, because you are also Maximus' Miracle Matrix. And the mystery is that you are that matrix of light; you are that energy field of divine beingness; you are that aura of divine glory, perfection, beauty, harmony, peace, grace.

The dynamic of you self-realizing God within you is the crux of the initiatic path, because when you self-realize that you are God in manifestation, in virtue and in quality—though not in quantity, as God everlasting is—then all of the essences of godliness are accessible to you because you've humbled yourself in that divine knowing, in that wisdom teaching to embrace your original created essence as true light, as love.

Leaping into that understanding is the great dynamic of Self-realization of enlightened beingness. And then sustaining it is what we do daily. We Self-realize in moments of immortal perception, yet we must sustain that to remain immortal. And you can only be immortal when you can breathe fire and ingest light constantly. That is how the immortals sustain their beings. They breathe in fire, divine fire, and they internalize divine light in a continuous divine breathing process, the assimilation of God's essence as fire and light. The more fire and light we can imbibe, the more we can inscribe upon the universe the virtues of heaven, the blessings of Spirit, our divine gifts, which we use to praise God and glorify and magnify God's name, I AM THAT I AM, God's being in the Great Central Sun and everywhere.

So when you say these words—Maximus' Miracle Matrix—you now have a greater understanding of what this means, because it exists within you and not just outside of you in the flowfield of Maximus. You have that Maxin light essence in your threefold flame. Use it daily to do great works of Spirit, to glorify God, to expand the kingdom of God on Earth, to anchor heaven here below in this footstool kingdom. You have the ability because you have free will. And everyone who has free will has a type of ability to make it so if they choose to use that free will to do the greater works of Spirit.

You can make all kinds of excuses as to why you haven't done it yet, why you don't think you have the ability to do it. Yet you do have the ability. You just have to make those two million right decisions throughout your life, as Saint Germain did, to make it so and to be activated and energized by Maximus' energy field of this Maxin light—which exists within you already—and to activate it, to actualize it, to energize it, as I have already said.

We come to these services to be re-fed by the unfed flame. Yet it already exists and nurtures us if we know how to utilize it and access it in meditation, in prayer, in contemplation, in silence and stillness. And every day, that Maxin light-energy field should be growing, maybe even by just a tiny minuscule point. The radiation should be gradually increasing and then sustained so that one day you will merge fully with your Presence in the glorious ascension, and it will seem natural because you have already been doing this and ascending daily. And one day you are just absorbed fully into the nothingness of pure Spirit, which is really the allness of pure being—you are like a caterpillar that becomes the beautiful butterfly.

You didn't even realize that the process was happening, potentially over eons of time, and yet accelerated during that time when you were in the chrysalis, in your Christ consciousness, and then, voilà, you are a new creature in Christ, as a Christed being. It is the most natural thing, Maximus says, for you to ascend, because this is the natural process of life itself, demonstrated by the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. God has shown us how beautiful this can be right within nature. And if we observe it and then internalize that understanding and realize we are also like a caterpillar, a son of God, with a small s, becoming a Son of God, with a great S, then we can maintain that equipoise and harmony and humility to allow the process to go on and on and on, even after we ascend. It's just a new beginning, and it goes on and on to infinity.

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