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Clare de Lis      July 06, 2012

Beloved Clare de Lis
July 6, 2012   7:35–8:00 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Clare de Lis Comes to Encourage Us on Our Spiritual Path

Dearest Hearts,

I AM with you in spirit and in matter. I AM joyous in the realization that we together are co-creating a new world of immensity in God's Presence, of joy in God's effulgence, in blessedness as the ever-present, omnipotent Spirit of the One manifests through our collective consciousness. I AM Clare de Lis, and I come this day with reverence for your hearts, acknowledgement of your souls and an understanding of your minds, which allows me to work very carefully with your spirit as you choose the path of discipleship to manifest your reality in ways great and small.

Many of you called me Guru Ma, Mother in my final incarnation upon Earth. And I took the mantle and the office vouchsafed to me by the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood seriously, offering through my heart unto each one that which the Lord provided as a means whereby each one could maintain their connection with the Source of All That Is, the great I AM THAT I AM, and make spiritual progress through the various disciplines that were offered to our community of light.

Yes, dearest hearts, you may maintain a strong connection with the Universal Great White Brotherhood through your path of light when it is woven with the strands of the virtues of God that you embody within your life in a disciplined way. And through this sacred journey, you are brought to the fount of the teachings of the ascended masters, as well as to the initiations that come when you apply the science of life and the spiritual precepts and laws of being within the realm of your existence, one with God.

For those who would make the final leap into the very arms of the Divine through obedience and adherence to these holy precepts and through an ordered and reverent life lived to the glory of God, there comes buoyancy through sponsorship. And there comes blessing from the overshining radiance of the masters of love-wisdom in the heaven world through your tie to them through that which you ennoble within your own life of the ancient teachings of truth. You are brought to a new world of beingness that issues forth from within your being with a new radiance, with greater possibilities for soul advancement and, ultimately, your liberation within the heart of God.

Often the rigors of the path are not understood by new initiates. And therefore it takes some who can model well-being in all realms, balance within the four lower bodies, and harmony within their personal and social lives in order to bring into play, from within, all that God desires them to outpicture. Yes, dearest ones, some have been so intense in following what they perceived as the disciplines of the path that they left off of very obvious requirements to balance their karma within the domain of their families, their daily work and sacred labor. And therefore a fanaticism often set in that does not serve the soul in its permanent ascent into the One Light. Sometimes it was my assignment from the Master Morya El to break down the idolatrous matrix that some held of me by doing things that were an anomaly, even in regards to the rigors of the disciplines within the community. For you see, dearest hearts, when one is one with God, the outer trappings of certain matrices no longer serve to keep that one tethered; for one is permanently yoked unto the One through pure love and obedience to the higher laws of Spirit.

Some who had fully embodied various aspects of the gifts of the Holy Spirit felt constrained within the community setting and that which we set forth as the standards and the disciplines within the tenets of the faith of Church Universal and Triumphant. And so it was better for them to bring the freedom flame of their own soulfulness into play in the world at large, for this is where they could work out their salvation and make the greatest progress. Often the community was the place for those who required the greatest discipline because they had in past incarnations left off of the path of light. Many were called, yet few were chosen.1 And some, not fully understanding the dynamics of what was at play in the greater scheme of life for their soul evolution, often would leave with rancor and even hatred toward the one sent, leaving off fully the life that they had  seemingly chosen to live under the guidance and sponsorship of the Universal Brotherhood of Light.

Why am I bringing this to your understanding today? Because I perceive that many of you have meditated upon this dynamic and you have moved beyond the constraints of a community, in one sense, even while yearning for greater harmony and communion with others of like mind and heart within a spiritual path. It is because, blessed ones, you can model for others a life of joy and devotion and blessing when love and divine fellowship are present, when harmony manifests through commitment, coexisting with acceptance of where others are on their path. And therefore even as the Master Kuthumi has urged you to come up with the spiritual norms that you could abide by within communities, it is important and even imperative that each of you, through being true to yourself first, accept the standard of your own God Presence as the way of light and then, in harmony and in consultation with your brothers and sisters of light throughout this movement, build upon a foundation of understanding, of truth, following universal principles based on the golden rule and moving into a higher stream of beingness through knowing yourselves and blessing others in the process.

We have asked those of you desiring to attend the pilgrimage to Peru and Lake Titicaca to read the thirty-three HeartStreams that I was privileged to release through David in the late fall and early winter of 2009. Why, you say, is this a requirement for this journey? There are many seeds of divine understanding that I embedded within the HeartStreams. When woven through your consciousness through your reading, meditation, and assimilation, these will give birth within you to a new garden of the Spirit flowing from within your soul, merging and blending with that truth that you already have become in order for you to make that spiritual leap for the next phase of your divine existence. For many of you, this will help you to accept your commission to be teachers and sharers of the love-wisdom teachings of the Brotherhood in coming months and years; and for some, for the duration of your lives.

Yes, dearest hearts, Lanello and I have consulted with the God and Goddess Meru, and we have decided to expand the offerings of this community of light through many who are even now being prepared, both at inner and outer levels, to be instruments for the delivery of the teachings of the Brotherhood in so many conscious ways. Why, look at the university that you have co-created together and see just how many courses and classes you have offered already. And imagine, with me and Lanello today, that your university—replete with greater offerings of the Spirit—could double or triple in size and, if you can accept it, even multiply far beyond your conscious dreams of today. For, dearest ones, the World Teachers desire to extend the reach of their heartfelt offerings and the eternal truths that they convey unto their disciples throughout the Earth, and it is important that some step forward to be those voices for the Lord.

Are you ready? Are you preparing your mind, heart, soul and spirit for their greater initiations on the path that you know will be coming to you in 2013 and beyond, when the shift will have occurred and when the stars are aligned within the heavens for greater opportunity for God Self-advancement?

Yes, dearest ones, we have prepared a feast of light at Titicaca, where the fount of illumination from the retreat of the God and Goddess Meru will be accentuated and multiplied by the very living light Presence of Helios and Vesta. For some of you, this could be the trek of a lifetime, the pilgrimage of many lifetimes, in which you may just have that opening of your mind at a new divine level that will make the difference for you in your ultimate journey unto the One and your virtuous and victorious ascent to your own God Presence, forever free in the light.

I would often quote the Bible passage “Study to show thyself approved unto God.”2 Yes, dearest ones, God already approves of you as who you are, for he created you. And yet when you merge your mind with his through study—and this goes beyond simple reading of spiritual teachings, for it involves a deep assimilation of these truths through acceptance and through testing within your own being—then, dearest ones, through the proof of your life lived in balance, harmony and blessedness, the Lord of All gives the acknowledgement and approval of your own uplift through your study and commissions you within that eternal light of divine joy to live permanently in the Spirit, one with the great God-heart of all.

Those who are ignorant of the laws of love and the ways of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, because they do not choose to live a life of wisdom through study and in continuous outpouring of their heart-mind connection unto the One Light, leave off of a certain aspect of their own beingness. And therefore they have a more difficult time when the higher initiations come, whereby they could prove the law of being within their souls.

Therefore allow your threefold flame to grow this day. For I am here to encourage you and even, in a sense, to excite you—through exuberance and my own devotion to God—on your own individualized path of acceleration, through virtue, to the One. You can do it, blessed ones! You have the stuff of God within you to manifest your divinity, if you will simply rise and abide within the Presence of the One and true yourself to all that is God-virtuous and holy.

Yes, each and every one of you, living for the glory of God day by day, through a disciplined life, has what it takes to overcome the not-self and to fully be subsumed into that awesome God-light of your Solar Reality. Lanello and I have sponsored many of you, unbeknownst to your outer waking consciousness. And we continue to move through this dispensation in many realms—through your teamwork, through your sharing, within your daily lives—to bring you our highest offerings and those of Morya El, the Divine Director, Mother Mary, the Master Omraam and, this year, Jesus, as well as other masters who are always keeping a divine eye upon our cherished ones, those intrepid disciples who have put aside personal vainglory to accept the commission to be true to the greater Word of the Logos.

I seal you this morning in pure light-energy for your victory! For I AM here, and I AM there and, with Lanello, I AM everywhere in the consciousness of God, abiding one breath away, just beyond the veil and yet deep within your hearts. Thank you.

1. See Matthew 22:14.
2. 2 Timothy 2:15.

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