The Hearts Center Presents

yosemite prayer vigil

Cosmic Collaboration between Elohim and Elementals within the Nature Kingdom: Anchoring Great Light to Stabilize the Entire West Coast

May 6–8, 2016, Yosemite National Park and Fresno, CA 

Balance and Stabilize the West Coast!  

Join David Christopher Lewis in person as we commune with nature in Yosemite National Park, with its breathtaking monuments, right in California’s heart chakra! Sing, pray, and play with us and collaborate with Elohim and the entire elemental kingdom on an extraordinary assignment to help stabilize the entire West Coast. 

Take time May 6–8 to participate in the park tour and a weekend vigil with a thousand gnomes and millions of fairies, who will be with us in Yosemite and beyond. Leave footprints of light on the land. Play with these cosmic co-creators and nature’s Builders of Form, fellow nature lovers, and heartfriends during our hikes, picnics and fun together in nature. Help us build a vast reservoir of violet, purple, and indigo light, deep within the earth to safeguard our coasts and mitigate natural disasters.

A Gathering of Gnomes and Fairies

Our path through the park on Friday, May 6, will be trailed by gnomes, fairies, sylphs, and undines who love to gather ‘round, especially as we offer our violet and purple ray songs and mantras for them. Feel the mystical play of the elements, and sensitize yourself to the devas and nature spirits as we see Yosemite’s spectacular beauty together at Half Dome at Glacier Point, the Sentinel Dome Trail, the Bridalveil and Yosemite Falls, El Capitan, and the Village.  

Discover the Real Work of the Gnomes 

On Saturday and Sunday, we will gather at a private organic farm on the Kings River in Parlier, near Fresno, for a picnic, walks, and for amazing teachings about the gnomes and their work with Elohim, the animal kingdom, the earth’s crystals, and with our own body elementals. Tune in to your gnome for your personal assignment to collaborate with elemental life. 

Messages from Elohim and Elementals

The highlight of our Yosemite weekend will be the presence of David Christopher Lewis, co-founder of the Hearts Center and gifted clairaudient. He will deliver live messages from masterful beings, including the four Hierarchs of the Elementals; Patheos, the God of the Mountain; and the Elohim Hercules and Master Morya El, who both have etheric retreats over the park.

Harmonize with Mother Nature

Harmony is key to restoring the balance of nature on Earth. Let your joy bubble expand during our Yosemite weekend vigil! Come to help us preserve our coastlines, fill major faults and fissures with violet fire, transform tides of Hollywood’s negative images, and save our elementals with songs, prayers and playful alchemy with nature! 

Register for onsite or online attendance. Either way, prepare for a profoundly alchemical, earth-stabilizing and joy-filled, light-emanating event.



Simultaneous Spanish translation will be available on broadcast channel 2.

David recommends that we
wear green on Friday, the day we go to Yosemite National Park. This is optional, and it can be as inconspicuous as socks, or you can look like Saint Patrick’s Day!  

By wearing green, we will honor the nature spirits and the greenery they represent.

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Yosemite National Park (Fri, May 6)

Yosemite, CA

Grand Island Farm (Sat, May 7, and Sun, May 8)

Lenore Harris’ home and organic fruit orchard
7424 S. Lac Jac Ave.
Parlier, CA 93648
Use this Map and Directions