Melchizedek's First Message


The Hearts Center is thrilled to announce a twelve-week series titled, “Melchizedek Speaks! Twelve Intimate Talks on Essene Teachings for Today”, which begins this Sunday, October 17th. These landmark teachings were originally released in 2015. Since then, many additional students of the masters have found The Hearts Center and everyone deserves the opportunity to receive the unique and powerful radiation and teaching from this great master.

The Melchizedek Speaks series will be delivered via our online broadcasts on twelve consecutive Sunday mornings from 8:00-10:00 am MT from October 17th through January 2nd, 2022. The master Jesus has asked that the first session of this series be open to all so that everyone can get a sense of the value of this experience. Sessions 2-11 are open to those who tithe, a divine law that Melchizedek will expound upon during the series.

How to Attend All Twelve Sunday Sessions

Note: You must be logged in to view ALL of the replays.

Current Tithers to The Hearts Center

Soon after the second Sunday broadcast which is open to all, those who are already tithing regularly to The Hearts Center will receive an email with a passcode which will be required to access the ten subsequent broadcasts of Melchizedek’s releases.

If you believe that you are a regular tither but you did not receive an email with the passcode by mid-week (November 3rd), please register for the series (no charge) in our online store here:

Those Who Are Not Current Tithers to The Hearts Center

If you have not begun tithing, Jesus and Melchizedek invite you to start doing so and then register for access to the Melchizedek Speaks series at the URL above after you have posted your first tithe. This is a special dispensation. During the original release of this series, a disciple was required to have been tithing for several months before the series began in order to register and attend.

What is Tithing?

Tithing means that a person gives ten percent or more of their net income to the community from which he or she receives their spiritual nourishment. It is a well understood teaching and practice of tethering oneself to God. When we tie ourselves to God in this way, we are blessed with God’s graces. Our lives are transformed. In this instance, we will be better prepared to receive the allness of Melchizedek’s messages that will positively impact both our personal lives and the planet.

Easy Ways to Tithe

You can give a recurring gift by signing up for monthly automatic donation. Auto Gift Forms: Debit/Credit Card Enrollment Form or Bank Draft Enrollment

You can tithe monthly through our online store .

Or you can send a monthly check to:
The Hearts Center
PO Box 277
Livingston, MT 59047

It has been stated previously that “the teachings of the brotherhood cannot be bought or sold”. This is true. However, the law of the tithe is not an example of “purchasing” the teachings. Rather, it is a means of supporting one’s ascended spiritual teachers and the community which bears the physical costs of spreading and promoting the teachings of the true masters. Spiritual communities are flowfields of tremendous light from the spiritual realms. They also have bills to pay in order to sustain this work. Those who tithe and support their spiritual teachers in extraordinary ways qualify themselves to receive extraordinary sponsorship and direct enlightenment from the masters.

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