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Nada      November 02, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by beloved Nada)
November 2, 2017   11:01–11:28 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Nada on the Artistry of Love and Givingness

Lady Master Nada is a divine artist, and she would like us to know this. And her artistry surrounds her gift of givingness through service, sacrifice, surrender and selflessness, which is a ministering activity of light from the heart. Art can be an opportunity for us to give from the heart. In fact, the word art is included in the word heart. When we are true artisans of the Spirit, there is a sacred dynamic that manifests in which our givingness is a vehicle for our love, and our artistry is a vehicle for the nexus of eternal love, God love, to manifest within our lives and the lives of those to whom we give.

When we are heart-centered, we are true artists. When we live from and through the heart, we engage in God's art of creative living. Now, creative living is an art and a science. And Nada teaches classes on creative living in her retreat over Arabia so that everyone can understand the dynamic of how important love is to the universe, to our planet Earth through every culture and every person; and how we can use the science and the art of loving daily to bring about a beautiful Golden-Crystal Age of enlightenment, freedom and peace upon Earth.

The artistry of our minds is mindfulness. The artistry of our will is God-beingness. The artistry of our heart is loveliness and how we present who we are to others, to our community, to our world. A true culture of love is a culture fulfilled in the heart of God. A civilization of love is an amalgamation of many cultures and peoples who are invested in God's love, God's will and God's wisdom in balance so that that civilization may fulfill its destiny and so that every person is valued, appreciated, loved, cherished and a part of this great tapestry of godliness and loveliness that proceeds from the heart of God.

When we are loving, kind, affectionate, giving, appreciative and always thankful for every day and every opportunity that comes to us to live in our Presence, we are artisans of the Spirit and participants with the angels in the alchemy of love upon Earth. Nada says: What is it like to be an ascended master in the heaven world who helps people and sponsors people? It is simply a natural state of being whereby when there is a need, a call or a request from anyone upon Earth for assistance, access to light or divine treasures and dispensations, every ascended master is willing to offer himself or herself on the altar of love to do what he or she is capable of, by cosmic law, to fulfill that request, that need.

When people ask for sponsorship, there is an assessment of that request and then, based on that person's authentic sincerity and desiring to use the nexus of that sponsorship to help others and to proceed forward on the path to bring God's will, wisdom and love into action upon Earth, the great hosts of light naturally respond. And the dispensation, the grace, the boon is delivered unto the heart, unto the mind, unto the will of the initiate, the prayerful one upon Earth. And then that one, through that light, through that grace, is hopefully able to use the energy within it to benefit others, to heal, to bring magnanimous blessings to life.

Now, just as we seek loans from banks for mortgages and other personal or business matters, there is a great treasury of light in heaven that is composed of God's great love and givingness to the universe. And prayerful people can access that treasure house of divine light in order to expand the kingdom of God upon Earth. Because the purpose of a great bank of light in heaven is to initiate new cycles and divine holy businesses, whereby the prayerful and attentive ones are able to use that energy and pay back what they receive with greater glory, beingness, joy, harmony and all of God's virtues in the way that they alchemically access that light and then use it through work, service, ministration.

If we are attentive to every erg of energy that flows through our crystal cord into our heart and we use that energy with love in a graceful and harmonic way, we can be entrusted with greater dispensations and graces. Then as we multiply the gifts presented unto us and the talents that we have, there is a virtuosity that occurs that manifests within the great architecture of light of our civilization and the tapestry of divine joy that we are a part of, and an amazing presence manifests. And through that multiplication of light, again and again, the crystalline nature of the cosmos expands, our consciousness expands, our awareness of God being present everywhere expands, and we are able to continue to give and give and serve. “I live to serve, I love to serve, for service is my flame. I live to serve, I love to serve in God's own I AM name.”

When we imbibe these words as a mantra deep within our hearts and we authentically use them in our service to others, there is a presence of beauty and an aroma of light and grace that manifests. And the angels are there working side by side with us and actually accenting what we give with heavenly grace and with their spiritual blessings. And there is a restoration of the original blueprint of the Earth in God-glory that occurs in what we do together in harmony—as a family, as a community, as a culture, as a civilization.

Now, it is true that we move through different rays that we serve upon, both within different lifetimes and within single lifetimes. And many of us have felt the shift that occurs as we focus on one particular color or ray in the way that we offer who we are to the universe, to God to use as a vessel for kindness and love. Yet all of us can focus on all of the rays within the white ray of purity that leads us to our ascension.

So though we may be focused at one particular time on the pink ray of love or on the sixth ray of service and ministration (the purple and gold ray flecked with ruby), yet even within those rays we move through all the rays; because each ray has within it a white-fire core, which contains all the rays. And we can contemplate as we move through divine love, what is the blue aspect of love? What is the yellow aspect of love? What is the green aspect of love, the violet aspect of love?

By mastering one ray fully, we actually begin to master all of the rays. And we understand that God is within every ray, at its core, as the perfectionment of pure white light, which is behind all colors and which all colors are a part of. So lest we get too focused on saying, “I serve on this ray; this is who I am,” allow the light to flow through you unabated and let the prism of your heart, the crystal nature of your True Selfhood as the Christ consciousness, decide how, where, when and with whom that light will manifest in its glory through any particular color, any particular radiance. And when we are in our crystalline nature, then the intelligence of the light itself will determine how the virtues of God will be expressed through us, how the radiance of the light will manifest through our being.

The clearer and purer we are in our mindfulness, in our motives, in our heart's love for God and all life, the more opportune will be the way that that light is distributed through our hearts, our souls, our minds, our wills to serve to set life free, to give birth within the Earth to a new mirth of beingness and the joy that all of the rays have within them as they are expressed nobly, with ascended master love and presence.

So, yes, we live, move and have our being on many rays simultaneously if we choose to be a Christed one, because the definition of a Christed one is one who has mastered all of the rays. And if we move into our Buddha nature, we master the five crystal rays. And then we move even beyond these twelve to other higher octaves of light, where we behold the glories of God within those octaves. And we simply, through our oneness with the Eternal, are invested in whatever the light itself would teach us, would move us through and use us for to glorify God and magnify the Lord.

The sixth ray and the third ray are wonderful compatriots. When you serve, of course, you must have love in your heart. And when you are expressive of love through art, there can be—there really should be—a desire to serve others through what your artistry is presenting. If we do art only for art's sake, what is its purpose? Is its purpose to edify, to teach something, to motivate, to bless, to glorify God? If so, then it serves the sixth ray too because it ministers to the souls of those who are inspired by it. It is a venture of light, a great sacred adventure that we, as artisans of the Spirit, use to be communicants of divine light and fire, to be conveyers and purveyors of these higher blessings of Spirit.

If artists are taught as children that the purpose of art is to expand the heart, to expand love, to share something unique and beautiful and divine to glorify God, then naturally children will express the harmony, the beauty and the glory of nature and of God's entire kingdom in what they create. Because it is through divine motive and proper identification with why we do things—which is as important as how we do them—whereby we identify with God, that there is a nexus of co-creative power that descends into our hearts, into our minds; and then the art becomes sanctified, even beatified, glorified in the radiance of the angels.

Nada says that angels are amazing alchemical artists. The art that they use is the art of service to mankind through expressing the feelings and the emotional nature of God, which is love in motion, love in action. They are very charitable on behalf of God in how they present their boons, blessings and graces, and we can learn much from the angels in how to serve with greater devotion, affection and presence. When we are prayerful, we enter into the angelic state of being. When we are mindful, we enter into a state of holiness. Buddhic holiness is tantamount to divine mindfulness. And through that presence that manifests through that graceful Buddhic state of true divine mindfulness, we access the most sublime realms of heaven, where the glories of God are manifest. And seeing them, feeling them, touching them, tasting them and smelling them, we can bring some aspect of heaven into Earth through our creative endeavors.

Co-creativity is creativity with God—God's angels, God's masters, God's advocates, God's emissaries. So when we co-create, let us consciously engage with the angelic realms, with the ascended-master realms, with all the divine realms to allow something of heaven to be given birth to upon Earth. When we do this, we can be assured that our offerings are acceptable unto the Lord. As artists, we should always ask before the last brush stroke or before we put our name on our creation: “O Lord, is this acceptable unto you? Is there anything else that you would like me to embellish within this of who you are so that I can magnify your name, your ideals, your love within it?” We should pause and then await the answer.

And upon presenting our creation, we can breathe the breath of the Holy Spirit upon it to invigorate it with the spiritual quintessences of heaven and say: “O my Lord, I consecrate this offering to you so that those who view, feel, see and experience this co-creation will also touch the hem of heaven, will feel your love, will feel your light and beingness.” When we consecrate and dedicate everything to this holy purpose, the Holy Spirit does come. And through your breath, the Spirit breathes the breath of life into it. And your creation has a living radiance embedded and etched within it that then, blessed ones, becomes amazingly expressive of your true nature, one with God's eternal nature; of your love compressed within God's great love, your love expanded within God's love.

Let everything that we co-create be surrounded by harmony. Let it be something that is worthy of who we are as God-men and women and children and of why we were created by God in the beginning and why we are in the process of reuniting with God through love. Let everything that we express be expressed with harmony, peace, joy, brother/sisterhood so that what we consciously embed and etch within it may be felt by others, may be experienced by the souls of God's children everywhere.

When we are in this sanctified mode of expressive beingness as artisans of the Spirit, we fulfill our purpose for being on Earth—we are co-creators. God created us and embedded within us the same co-creative spark that he/she has within him/herself in the Great Central Sun, in the center of the cosmos. And because we have this selfsame divine spark within us that beats within the heart of God, we as co-creators can participate in this great, great alchemy, together as one, of expanding the universe to glorify God, of loving every sentient being as God loves every sentient being, all life.

To love is to live with love in one's heart. And unless we live with love, we are not truly living. We may be abiding, our hearts may be beating and our lungs may be expanding and contracting, yet only when love sings her song within our hearts are we truly living. Let us live with this love. Let us abide in this love. Let us cherish this love within every moment and give birth within this love to who we are as one people, one body of beingness upon Earth.

This day is an opportunity to love. And through cherishing our co-creativity with God within every breath and heartbeat, as artisans of the Spirit; through that oneness that we feel with one another; and through that love that we share with one another, we are and always shall remain one—one in God, one in holiness, one in service and ministration, one in love. Thank you, precious hearts. Thank you for your love this day.

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