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David Lewis      October 04, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
October 4, 2017   7:55 ̶ 8:02 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

David Reads Chapter 31 of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura

I'd like to read Chapter 31 of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance:

The Aura of the Initiates, Arhats and Adepts
A Leap beyond Human Conditioning

What holds us back is our belief in duality, our reliance on
a belief in opposites . . . As we eliminate the need for darkness
within ourselves, we neutralize its power in the world.

                                                            —Dannion Brinkley, Secrets of the Light

Gracious and God-loving Ones,

Today I bring a fire of encouragement to assist you on your divine sojourn. For as you climb the spiral staircase of light through your initiatic path, you will at times encounter attempts by the dark ones to dissuade you from moving forward in joy and with full faith in your chosen way. You may find yourself experiencing more difficult modes of self-denial, even as you simultaneously embrace Self-fulfillment in the more refined regions of spiritual space. Developing acuity and insight and accessing a higher level of acumen, while discovering the more subtle gradations of beingness within the higher spheres, is imperative for your victory.

The aura of the initiate is infused with the energies of expectancy and virya, of drive and devotion, of determination and dignity. What has been held in high esteem of selfhood outside of God no longer has value and meaning. What was precious of the past that no longer suits the steeper ascent toward the mountain peaks must be released and forgotten. Embracing a more disciplined lifestyle whereby your every thought, word and deed is weighed in the new balance is required.

The initiate knows that to pause too long to consider the seeming advantages of resting in the lower valleys of life is to lose precious time and opportunity. The great solar breath is inhaled and released through one's lungs and a new infusion of light through the heart is required to sustain the higher auric emanations that are required to pass the final initiations of the true master-to-be.

Assistance flows from on high when the surrender of the human ego is complete. The initiate is graced and blessed with divine energies to increase the speed of his ascent, which is always commensurate with his ability to keep the peace of the Presence. The journey, though arduous, becomes easier because the previous weights of karmic entanglements and the travails of astral nightmares have been overcome. The aura of the transfigured initiate is liquid-crystal, crystallizing into a pure spherical envelope of light.

Arhats and adepts of the Universal Brotherhood have mastered the flow of all life energies vouchsafed to them by God and have learned not to misqualify even the slightest erg of stored light. Every opportunity to be of loving and humble service is regarded and answered with a resounding, inner “Yes!” The frailties of the lesser self with its semi-sweet and often subtle tempting diversions no longer assail the devout and steady one.

Securely locked within the aura of higher initiates, arhats and adepts are sacred geometric engrams and holy jewels of crystalline light that are both energizers and protectors—emblems of their attainment and of their holy office. Initiates have taken responsibility for their own Self-elevation (salvation) unto the Godhead through an insightful inner wisdom that directs their course and impels them forward.

Pause now to consider the great, shining auras of various of your beloved ascended masters, archangels and higher beings and attune as best as you can as to how you may emulate them, gleaning ways and means in which they have progressed on their path through direct and pure communication with Spirit. Discern what your life purpose is through silent reflection, contemplation, prayer and meditation. When you have exercised the muscles of selfhood in this way, call for the electronic presence of these holy beings, and they will assent to your uplift, especially when you are temporarily stultified or challenged to move forward on your path.

Blessed ones, hidden within you is a sanctuary of beingness that contains all that you require for your own initiatic victory. Listen and obey your own inner voice.

                                    Transcendent in joy in knowing
                                                your liberation is nigh, I am


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