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Jesus      April 16, 2017

Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis

April 16, 2017   11:19–11:31 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana 

Jesus' 2017 Easter Message
Experience the Resurrection Light Now!

I AM the Presence of perfect peace, blazing now throughout the world unto all of Christendom and to every heart that would receive this light of peace. As your Jesus, I AM the witness to God's Presence everywhere—in nature, within every soul, and within the secret and silent places and spaces where God does emanate through that which is mystical and miraculous; through that which is hallowed and free to be because God is, God exists and God has his/her own free will to be expressive through every creature within every moment of timelessness.

Dearest ones, as you embrace the resurrection light, it may be more front and center within your life for you to utilize as a resource for your victory, for your work, for your service to others. When you are resurrected in the light each day, a part of you unites with God in the sacred moment wherein that resurrection fire is active within you, through you. And in that moment of perfectionment in the light, the majesty of the Presence manifests through your awareness, your aura, the field of your beingness. And as you consciously choose to live, move and have your being in that field of light, so it is; so I AM abides where you are; and so every angel of the sacred fire may proffer unto you aspects of their light from heaven to bless you, to revivify you, to encourage you and to help you move upward and onward on your path of divine glory to your own full Self-realization, your liberation in the light.

You are destined for divine Sunship. Consider this destiny each day and make it so through some tiny little step upward into the light. Your destiny is divine Sunship—S-u-n-s-h-i-p—dearest ones. And if you embrace this opportunity, this mystery, this goal, I will help you and Magda will assist you in your sacred journey through the resurrection fires that we bear continuously on behalf of mankind.

If you require help in your physical body temple, the resurrection fire will be there to burn out of you the dross of imperfection that weighs you down. If you desire greater mindfulness, we will release the resurrection fire through your physical brain and your higher mind so that you do not have those lapses in awareness that do you harm or allow you to be ignorant of what you require to know, to conceive of and to express that will move you through that higher mindfulness into the mode of Christic living.

If you require something manifesting within your emotional body that will allow you to feel more of God inside of yourself, we will place the resurrection fire into your solar plexus so that your feeling body will know that you are loved, appreciated, valued; that you truly are a son or a daughter of God; that you are perfect in your Higher Self already and that through the unity field of beingness, as you embrace the feeling nature of God inside of you, you may be healed, healed, healed of any sense of less-ness, of imperfection. Your self-esteem will grow, and in your own eyes you can begin to reconceive of yourself as immaculate, as divine, as authentically good, as God is.

Dearest ones, the resurrection fire has so many divine capabilities to assist you on your path that if you simply allow it to be so and to move through you, you will be amazed to self-discover many new worlds, vibrations, emanations and frequencies of joy, of divine happiness and of oneness with your Presence.

This is our offering unto you, each one, on this Easter Sunday—to simply feel and know the Presence of God in a new and dynamic and powerful way within your life, your world, your aura. And because the dawning of the new you is now manifesting, the brightness of your true Self is imaginatively now co-creating within your world the blessedness of your Buddha nature as God has always experienced it in viewing you as his/her beautiful child. Your life can be better, holier, purer, and all will benefit from your new state of awareness, dearest ones, because you love yourself now as God loves you.

Thank you for being a participant in this alchemy of love on Easter and every day. As love sings through you, as love spins within your chakras and enlivens new co-creative fiery essences, enjoy your life. And enjoin yourself to God again and again, for in the mystery of oneness you will find true happiness. In the blessedness of beingness, you will know impeccable joy. In the divine state of stillness, you will reexperience what it was like to awaken for the first time as a son or daughter of God, to know life in its infinite opportunity—that which was vouchsafed to you as a spirit-spark on the first day of your existence, in the first hour of your life, in those sacred moments when the breath of the Holy Spirit was breathed into you and you now existed in the universe, in the cosmos as a sentient being, a newborn soul.

When you are resurrected fully, this will be the experience again, yet in a higher, more amazing world of light. Come and find it, dearest ones. Rediscover it, and in that renaissance of love, we will behold you. We will take hold of you and usher you to the source of the allness of God. Thank you, and happy Easter to all.

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