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Celena      December 09, 2016

Beloved Celena
David Christopher Lewis
December 9, 2016   9:13–9:28 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Archeia Celena Refashions Us in Crystalline Light

Dearest Ones,

With Celestel, I come to infuse your hearts with the radiance of the second crystal ray. And we blend the resources of our beings to assist each of you in attaining to a new level of divine awareness through the mysticism of the celestial consciousness of star-fire light, of jeweled beingness, in which you may live, move and have your being each day in a gentle and yet powerful way to give glory to God's grace within you and to experience a new mindfulness that this celestial awareness bodes.

You, dearest ones, can play with light so long as that which you do within this experience honors the Creator and allows the light vouchsafed to you to be utilized in blessed ways to raise others and to grace them with this divinity of beingness. We know God as the great playful one who created the universe and allows the archangels and the archeiai to invest aspects of that cosmic awareness within the lives of initiates, devotees, children of God everywhere.

As you imbibe the crystal rays through meditation, through pranic breathing and through collaboration with us, there is an outpouring of these higher frequencies within your world and a manifestation of them within your aura that literally allows you to live in a higher field of vibration above the astral, mental and physical vibrations of your planet Earth and truly more in league with us, in a more divine experience of beingness.

We perfuse heavenly light within your auras when you give the Rosary of Divine Quintessence, and at many levels within your inner being there is a strengthening of the bonds between you and heaven. There is an energetic release of crystalline light that is literally assisting you in building your eternal Solar body. And day by day as you reinvest a portion of your time, your focus and your energies within this sacred work, we come again—the five of us with our beloveds—to recreate you again and again in a higher, geometric, sacred formulaic matrix.

Did you know, blessed ones, that just as you are a divine being, you are also a formula of God? You know that you were formed in the image and likeness of the Eternal One, and within your form God embedded engrams of light that are part of your formula of beingness. When you understand sacred geometry, when you learn the higher mathematical principles and arithmetic progressions that originate from the mind of God, you crystallize light in a very rarified field of beingness. And your Presence sings within you, your Solar awareness shines through you, and the radiance of God is fashioned and refashioned through this formula, which is morphing day by day into a higher alchemical matrix of light. The alchemists of Spirit understand these dynamics and always work with light to bring into the field of their being harmony and grace and the quintessences that allow for this higher infusion of spirituality and Solar grace.

When the other archeiai of the five crystal rays come to you in future releases, there will be a composite of our light fields manifest in a sacred pentagram, through which we will focus Elohimic light on behalf of those whose names you now have—to phaze and maze within your world and to praise and raise within you all that is of God into this higher divine void, through which the jewels and the jovials may enter to inspire you to a new electric light, where flow is your norm and where the OM is understood.

Maximus comes now to release through you cosmic joules of God-power to intensify your auric field, to glorify your electronic fire body now. And the Buddha of the Diamond Crystal Light, high above the Sanctuary of the Heart in Livingston, also activates and energizes this blessing so that there may be fulfilled both here and where you live, move and have your being new possibilities for greater attainment and God Self-realization.

When new understandings come to you, blessed ones, that you know are from a higher source, often it is an angel of the sacred fire or a cosmic guide or divine master who releases them through your higher mind as an investment for your divine future and for the saving of sentient beings and the blessing of all mankind. Utilize these engrams and formulas to recreate your world in a higher field of light and to give birth, first within you, to the necessary seeds of creation that will allow for this new grace, this new quintessence to live on.

Yes, within these moments of timelessness, we are morphing you and your entire being into a higher field of light. And after this discourse is completed, you will be congealed in a new star-fire brilliance. And as you choose to accept and to utilize these frequencies in your work, you may just be amazed as to what has transpired, how easily and quickly certain things can be done and how, from this perspective of beingness, all things are new—a new reality has set in and a more joyful divine adventure may also begin.

My only request of you, dearest ones, is that you desire to transcend yourself a little bit more each day through striving, gently and affectionately, to imbibe more of God's light within you. As you do, your life will take on a new glow, a new youthfulness, vitality and energetic state. Yes, make all things new each day. For this is one of our mottos: We make all things new, by God's grace. We make all things new, by God's grace. We make all things new, by God's grace.

Thank you, dearest ones, for your loving attention, the joy-field of light that you recreate through your prayers and devotions, your songs and rosaries. Thank you for being the unique starry sons and daughters of God that you are.

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