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Lakshmi      October 30, 2016

Beloved Lakshmi
David Christopher Lewis
October 30, 2016   9:40–9:50 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Lakshmi Speaks of Her Second Coming with Vishnu

Precious Hearts, Devotees of Love, Initiates of the One Eternal God,

I come into your midst radiating spiritual light to enliven and enrich you with eternal joys, with heavenly blessings and those divine graces that you, each one, may receive with open hands and ready hearts in order to in turn bless others with these graces and gifts of the Spirit.

As you learn to internalize the divine light each day in some gracious way, I am there resonating with you from higher octaves of light to enrich everything that you touch with the brilliance and the beauty of the Mothers of heaven, to enrich your spirit and your livelihood with that which heaven affords that will bring equanimity, peace and understanding into play consciously within you and within all.

As your Lakshmi, I come primarily to enter the auric field of the Earth and to bless every devotee who calls and sings to me and to all of the virtuous ones of heaven in order to bring that light, that grace, that love into the Earth, reverently and with a spirit of holiness, so that every life-form may be raised; every individual may be encouraged; every sentient being may come to that fount of the Mother's love, that source of inspiration and divine energy.

What is abundance, blessed ones, save that which God offers the souls of humanity in order that they may give glory to the light and abide within that light. Your abundant lives are there for a purpose—to move you ever and always into the very living Presence of God. Use your abundance wisely in order to anchor the greatest amount of conscious presence in the Earth; in order to bestow the greatest blessings that you can to every individual; in order to lift up those who are downtrodden—body, mind, soul and spirit—so that they may feel their connection with their Presence once again, enter into the path of loving-kindness and return to the heart of the Father-Mother God.

Each celebration, each sacred holiday is there for devotees to enter into the mystical union with the Mother light within, with the Mother light in heaven. And through the raised kundalini, the bestowal of that energy of the Shakti of Vishnu, who I am, manifests to glorify the Divine within the matter planes of being. It was an age-old understanding, through my coming with Vishnu, that every woman could be an embodiment of Lakshmi and every man could be an embodiment of Vishnu.

Do you choose, O women of the Spirit, to embody all of the graces and virtues who I am that there may be heaven upon Earth? Do you choose, O men, to embody Vishnu's spirit of fire, his radiance, his joy, his glad spirit, that which he brings as a Son of God to nurture the minds, the hearts, the wills of humanity? If so, O women and men of today who embody our light, our fire, our spirits, then the entire Earth shall be transformed through Vishnu and Lakshmi come again.

You see, even in the East there can be a second coming of the Son of God and his consort. And therefore we offer our hearts, our minds, our spirits to you to embody the second person of the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva where you live, move and have your being, East and West. For where this Son-consciousness abides, there the new reality—the Golden-Crystal Age—descends, is made manifest and shines forth in its glory to bestow unto all the new spirit of radiance, the new light of holy joy.

Now many gopis come before the devotees, perform an alchemy of the bathing of their beings with light, of the surrounding of their auras with jewels and gemstones of crystalline perfection and radiant light so that they may be enveloped in the spirit of the Golden-Crystal Age and embody the crystalline consciousness of Vishnu and Lakshmi. For we, blessed ones, will continue to shine forth this light East and West, within, without, in every direction and all about so that all life may receive that Sun Presence of holiness, that radiant spirit of joy.

Be sealed in this grace; be raised in this fire. Let the absolution of your soul from all past misdeeds manifest now. And through the ultimate forgiveness of the Son of God, enter into the new world of your beingness in God, your Presence, shining as the sun forevermore.

I AM your Lakshmi, loving you unto your victorious ascent and Self-realization in eternal light. Thank you.

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