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David Lewis      May 22, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
May 22, 2016   9:40 ̶ 10:00 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Defending the Truth and Recommitting to the Path of Oneness

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Thank you for participating in our broadcast service today and giving your love to God, giving your light to the universe, offering your heart to our Source for the victory of the light, worlds without end.

I would like to speak a little bit today about defending the light through those who are true to the light. Christianity is under siege and the light is under siege and it is a perilous time on Earth for those who desire true oneness with God because of all that is transpiring that would take the lightbearer from the path, take the Christian from life itself and compromise within the heart that which is true, beautiful, divine, holy and reverent.

God called me early this morning to prayer and I did what I was called to do with great devotion to the One. And then I came upon a video of the actor Jim Caviezel, who played Jesus a number of years ago in The Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson. This interview was truly amazing, sharing what he experienced during the filming of the movie, how he literally almost died and experienced much of the same pain that Jesus experienced, including a shoulder separation when the cross fell on him. There was an accident—which probably wasn't really an accident—in which he was actually whipped and slashed, and he was struck by lightning at the end of the movie. He literally had pneumonia and almost died during that movie, and yet he allowed it. He knew that God was testing him, and it is truly an amazing story.

So I have sent Helen a link to this video, which I'm asking you all to watch. I believe it's around forty minutes. They do show a few clips from the movie, which was rated R because of the intense violence in it. And yet it really moves us to consider what Jesus the Christ went through in the scourging on the road to Golgotha, or what some call Calvary, and then during the crucifixion.

This movie did not really focus on the resurrection and the ascension as we do. And yet in a very appropriate way, Jim Caviezel shares how we all are called to walk fully in the light and to follow Jesus all the way, through all the initiations. His story is very inspiring. His message is very direct, and it calls us to truth, to integrity, to honor and to honor our path, to be true to our cause and to really self-reflect, pray, meditate, fast and do all that we can do to abide in that light.

It is a time when we have to defend the truth everywhere. Christians are under siege. The humanistic world that we live in right now, which most of humanity is experiencing as a state of disintegration, is something that we can take note of in our own lives and then reconsecrate, rededicate ourselves in a greater and greater way each day so that we truly give our all. We lay everything on the altar; we sacrifice where we are called to sacrifice and we don't just live for ourselves—we live fully for God.

As I've shared and the masters have shared, this movement is primarily for initiates. And what I'm seeing today is that the path of initiation is not always easy. It can be fraught with temptation, evil, darkness, doubt, fear, anxiety—all of the negatives that we are aware of around the cosmic clock, as taught by Mother Mary. Yet when we choose consciously to walk in the light, when we resolve in our inner core to be love, to be forgiving, to be compassionate and to follow Jesus in the way that he was kind, honorable and true to the commandments and to God himself/herself, then I believe that we will receive the support that we require, the encouragement that is so necessary for us; that we will receive at every hand the resources from heaven to make steady spiritual progress and to overcome every aspect of our lesser self and allow God to work fully through us.

Yes, we can have joy on the path. Yes, we can have the Aquarian model, which is beyond Pisces, with its intense focus on suffering, pain, anguish and sorrow. Yet life is life and we are in this 3-D plane. And at times many of us do experience these things, the breaking down of our physical temples over time. Some of you have been praying for those within our movement who have experienced heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, you name it.

So suffering is still here on Earth and we can choose to either avoid it—which may not always be the right choice—or to enter into it, accept it and move through it in order for what? For God to transmute within us everything less than him/herself, everything less than love, everything less than light.

I believe that each of us can make greater progress and focus and refocus, commit and recommit, be true to ourselves and to God and then reassess each evening how true we have been, where we may have erred or not walked in the light or compromised our path. And then, through this self-assessment and allowing God to assess us and kind of prejudge us in a righteous and loving way, we can steadily move forward and we can grace the Earth with greater light, love, the virtues that we are called to offer because we are staying true to principles and values.

Hollywood and the ways of the world will always spit in the face of the light of the Christ and the Christian who stands for that light. Yes, there are fanatics on both sides, and some do things in ways that are a little bit antagonistic toward the other side, from the vantage point of duality. Yet, to me, the true Christian follows the Christ, the light of the Christ all the way through the initiatic path. And he must be willing to bear everything and to engage, engage, engage and to discern, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, what is essential to be borne within the self for the greater glory that will come later when God sanctifies us in his/her Presence at the last trump, when all sorrow, pain and darkness are gone and when we can enter into that unity field of beingness, of perfection in the Holy City.

So whatever you are going through, whatever you are bearing, whatever you are experiencing on your path, on your sacred journey, realize that there are those who have borne it before, who have weathered the storms, who have sacrificed and even given their lives. As Jesus said, the greatest love is laying down one's life for one's friends, and, of course, those friends are true spiritual friends.

If we are to truly walk in the light in this way, we may be called at times to lay down our lives in ways great and small, in the little things and the great things, in the things that no one will ever know and in the things that may be more public. We may be called to give where previously we had not been willing to give, where we kind of reserved or retained something of our own self, which is part of the ego. And now God is calling us to even give that up in order to be of greater service.

I look at myself and realize that maybe I haven't been willing to give fully, everything of myself to the point of laying down my life. And so even I am assessing where I have retained something of that human, where I could have given even more. So I'm asking you to meditate and pray, to fast and to annul the darkness, to transmute human desire, to relinquish the nefarious hold on you that part of your lesser self has held through a number of incarnations up to this point, and realize that if you are to leap fully into the arms of God, qualify for immortality through the ascension, pass every initiation and test, there are still things for you to endure, to go through, to weather. And through a resolute heart, spirit, will and a mind trued to God, you can affirm and reaffirm that you walk in the light—the light of the living Christ—the Christ who is still alive today and prays for us even as we pray for others.

The message of the living Christ is what we should listen to, not dead words that do not edify—living words that flow as a river of life now through those who are inspired, who are enriched because they have gone through the initiations. Those who have truly suffered and gone through trials and tribulations are those who can speak directly from experience and share their insights because they haven't just lived vicariously through what someone else has done. They have endured; they have borne the pains, the sufferings. So even though we desire to live purely in the light, joyous, free, carefree, happy all the time—and we know that this is the ultimate, that we can reach ecstasy and bliss—in order to get there, there is the disciplined path. There is the daily walk; there is getting up early and doing our meditation and our prayers and our exercises.

All I can say to each of you today is that if my life has been at all inspiring in terms of what I have given, I pledge, I vow, I aver today to be even more true to the path so that I can win more souls for God; so that I can help many who have not embraced that light fully in their worlds, yet who have the necessary spin within them through a stimulation of spirit whereby they have the impulses to dig deeper and go further and climb higher on their path.

I believe that you, each of you listening and watching today, can be an advocate for tens, hundreds and even thousands of souls by being true to who you are. This is the greatest way that we convert people to the light, not to our movement per se. Our movement is a movement of light and yet there are many movements of light, many devotees throughout the world who are being true to the cause of light. Yet our movement is one which inspires, which graces, which blesses. And so long as you are true to this path and you can say at the end of each day, “God, I have given my all; bless me as I retire and take my respite from wakeful consciousness and move into a superconscious state with you in the etheric as I sleep,” then God will receive you, encourage you, bless you, embrace you, charge you with light. And then upon awakening in the morning, you can give more, you can serve with a greater audacity, with greater fire, a greater living light; and the essences that you perfume through your chakras will be cosmic volatiles of spiritual fire. They will go north, south, east and west. They will stimulate the atmosphere of the Earth to bless, charge, enhance and encourage every life-form and especially all human beings who live in the integrity of their true Self.

I'm asking that Helen post this link to the YouTube of Jim Caviezel and that you watch this this week and reflect on it. Meditate on the message as it relates to your path, your commitment, your vows and see where you may have an opportunity to improve and to be closer and closer to God and God's heart.

So thank you. God bless you. Have a wonderful day. Take care. Bye-bye.

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