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Lady Kristine      May 19, 2016

David Christopher Lewis (overshined by Lady Kristine)
May 19, 2016   1:45 ̶ 2:15 pm MDT

Livingston, Montana 

Lady Kristine Speaks on How Grace Manifests through Our Prayers

Thank you, everyone for being there in Barcelona and invoking the light for the raising of many, many people, for your prayers, especially the beautiful Rosary of Divine Quintessence. Lady Kristine would like to address us today in a discourse to talk about one of her favorite subjects, which is grace.

We know that grace is very much like mercy. Grace comes as a blessing and a gift from God; it is a bestowal of God's love to his/her children throughout the universe. And it is always God's pleasure to give anyone grace, which may not always be humanly deserved. Yet simply by the fact that we are God's sons and daughters, that we were created in the image and likeness of God, we have access to God's eternal heart and mind and will. And when we pray, there is a sacred dynamic that occurs whereby a portal to heaven is opened and light can flow to us on Earth.

In one sense, the portal is always there and available for people on Earth to utilize, yet because many people have forgotten God or do not pray, they do not open that portal, or door, to heaven. So because you have begun praying together as one spiritual family, what happens when we come together is that a much larger door, or portal, to heaven is opened. When one person prays, there is a certain doorway, or portal, that is opened, that is a certain width, spiritually speaking. Yet when many, many people pray, the combined energy of their love, their hearts' fire, their light opens a much greater portal to heaven so that more grace can come into the world.

The interesting thing is that when we pray for others, we are also blessed because God sees the giver of the prayer as the origin of that request to heaven to intercede or to provide a blessing. So the origin of the prayer, which is us, first receives the grace because this fulfills cosmic law, which says that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is the law of cause and effect, or the circle, or karma. And so when we pray, heaven immediately responds and we receive the blessing.

Now, the more you are centered in your heart when you pray and are feeling the love of God, feeling the love of humanity, feeling the love flowing through you, the more you will also instantaneously feel the prayer manifesting through your heart and then the response from heaven as an impulse of grace, which is through the agency of the Holy Spirit. And you may feel light, fire, divine beingness and a rush through your form, in your chakras, in your aura, in your energy field.

The more you pray with love, the greater your sensitivity becomes to light, to divine inspiration and to all of the graces and gifts of heaven. The more you meditate, the more sensitive you become to the same dynamic of the light that comes, because when you meditate you are contemplating God, the universe, love, light, virtues of heaven, the angels, the ascended masters. And so when you put yourself spiritually and mentally in proximity to all of these wonderful heavenly resources, then through that stillness and silence, there also comes a response, which can be felt deep within your soul and which creates an ocean or a stream or a lake or a river of spiritual fire.

I was privileged to travel to Barcelona many years ago, in 2004, when I was the Keepers of the Flame director for The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant. Then we went to Lourdes in France by car, then I flew to Portugal to visit Fatima, and then I went to Madrid, all in one trip, over about a five- to seven-day period. I met Keepers of the Flame in Barcelona and I loved the city. What I felt when I was there was this bustling metropolis with many, many motor scooters and many thousands and millions of people traveling to and from work, shopping, school and other activities. And I felt at home on behalf of Saint Germain. As you know, Saint Germain was embodied as Christopher Colon, or Columbus, and actually grew up in Spain, in Granada. He was of Spanish descent.

So the grace that Lady Kristine, who was embodied as Saint Teresa of Avila and lived in Spain, would bring to you as devotees of light, as saints walking upon the Earth today is the grace of your Higher Self manifest through your soul, through your heart as a boon, or a blessing, that will allow you to do greater spiritual work.

What is this greater spiritual work? This will be revealed to you in weeks, months and years to come based on your spiritual practices, your discipline, your devotions, the clarity of your consciousness and your mind; based on your ability to study and listen to Aida as she shares many spiritual truths. Listen to the HeartStreams as they occur and are translated into Spanish, as you study with Meru University the teachings of Mother Mary, which you've already begun with Jackie Fleder's wonderful sharings on Mary of Agreda, who was not made a saint by the Pope and yet she was a saint. Now she's reincarnated in our movement and has great, great light pouring through her heart on behalf of millions of people around the world. And she's doing very scientific as well as spiritual work in many areas of her life.

So this grace that you have access to today is a blessing to your soul and to your group and to any future groups that are begun throughout the nation of Spain or wherever you may travel, because some of you may actually travel outside of Spain, feeling the inner call to share these teachings in future years with others of like heart and mind who resonate with you. And this grace that Lady Kristine shares today will be there for you whenever you share the teachings, share your love through your prayers, your meditation, your great smile, the aroma of your heart and your aura and the virtues that you access through living consciously, lovingly, peacefully, graciously, honorably.

Now she would like me to tell you that she, as an ascended lady master, can smell the aromas that you emanate through your hearts. For many of you who have very expanded heart chakras, the aroma is like this beautiful wafting scent of a rose or many, many roses. And even the ascended masters, believe it or not, are blessed by these aromas of our hearts when we are in devotion to God. And all life is blessed; the elementals, the nature spirits are blessed by these aromas of our hearts. Some pray the rosary daily. The rosary, of course, is made up of beads that were originally made from rose petals and were concentrated attar, or the scent and the aroma of the rose petals. The original rosary beads were made out of roses and some still are. And you can still find them and they have this beautiful aroma.

Every prayer that you give is this little blessing that is going forth as this aroma of love from your heart. And some people see, at a spiritual level, the rose petals coming out of the heart and going up to Mother Mary, who then places that rose before God or within her garden in her retreat. And all these beautiful rose petals and rose bushes and flowers are expressive of the devotions of Mother Mary's devotees throughout the planet. Everyone who gives a rosary every day, or whenever they choose, takes part in the alchemy of the co-creation of these beautiful floral gifts to heaven, which Mary then uses to provide grace to us.

Why does Lady Kristine come today? Because you have really made an impact now for many, many months in the giving of this Rosary of Divine Quintessence, and she would like you to understand how important this spiritual practice is in bringing grace into the Earth. This grace can prevent calamities, can prevent crime, can prevent people from committing suicide, can prevent accidents and can heal problems in marriages and relationships. I know that some of you have experienced great pain in some of your past relationships. So part of the grace today that Lady Kristine is sharing is the healing of some of these very deep-seated inner emotional traumas that some of you have experienced, such as when you have loved someone and yet that person did not truly love you in the same way. Or that person misunderstood you and left, or you had to leave because there was too much emotional violence, words spoken that were angry, a situation that occurred that was not beneficial to your soul.

Kuan Yin is also augmenting, or supporting, the grace that Lady Kristine is sharing. Mother Mary, all of the divine Mothers and the archeiai of the five crystal rays that we name in the Rosary of Divine Quintessence are also supporting that grace. Each one of them comes forth today with a special blessing for each one of you. And some of you may have felt this as you were saying the rosary through the light that was pouring through your hearts and your emotional body and your soul. Others may not have felt it or seen it quite as much, yet you may be able to access it now a little bit more through Lady Kristine's coming and through the grace that flows, because as an ascended lady master it is her privilege, her joy, her opportunity to provide this grace because we have prayed.

Within the nation of Spain there still is, of course, opportunity for the resolution of so many issues, certain financial crises, divisions between people in certain areas. There is an opportunity for people who are very stricken by darkness within their soul to be raised up and freed from certain dark energies and spirits that have overtaken them. Every time you pray collectively, the energy that is invoked is pulled into a beautiful reservoir of light and then the angels and the masters can use that energy at any given time in your nation, and especially in Barcelona or wherever you live, to prevent crime and do all of these sacred things that I mentioned earlier.

We don't always physically see the results of our prayers. We believe that they work, we know that God hears our prayers, and yet energetically or with our inner vision we don't always see what the effects are. Some clairvoyants do, and when they see those effects they are amazed at how the masters and the angels come and use these prayers to help people and bless people. Having a sense of how important you are to heaven, to the masters and to the angels will hopefully inspire you to continue this work week after week and allow you to feel very dedicated to it, very blessed by it yourself, within your own family and your relationships. It will impel you to keep on keeping on, to maintain your spiritual path and discipline.

Lady Kristine is showing me that within my own life, when I began praying at an early age I became very sensitive to energy and to energy fields and the flow of energy through my chakras and aura. And because of that sensitivity, I was able to help many people through the accelerated prayers that we give in these decrees. Now, for some of you these spoken decrees become very fast sometimes and maybe not easy for you to do. It's hard to learn all the words. Yet if you will just trust God, trust heaven and the ascended masters and realize that as you memorize the prayers and give them together in unison as one voice, the effects of these very dynamic prayers are so magnificent that one day in meditation you may be shown just how effective they are, just how powerful they are. Some of you already know this. I know Aida knows it because she shares some of her vision of the masters coming and how powerful and radiant their energies are and what the light that is invoked does for the planet, for Spain, for Barcelona, for your families, for you.

Many of you are very young and you have many years before you to continue in this sacred practice of invoking light and in meditating and praying and just being joyful. And the greater the work that you do, the more young people you will draw to your center and the busier you will become in sharing these wonderful concepts, these wonderful teachings, these new understandings of light, of beingness, of living in the eternal Now, of being focused in the present moment with so much love and joy that you actually feel the movement of heaven's winds, the currents that are created as the angels come to you. Even though they don't have wings, as we think of them, the wings that they have are almost like light-energy rockets that allow them to transport themselves anywhere instantly. And sometimes the sound they make when they come, especially in groups, is so energetically powerful that it sounds like the beating of wings or like a whoosh, like a wind or almost even like an engine.

At my first conference in The Summit Lighthouse, the very last HeartStream was from Archangel Michael. After it was over, a child came running into the auditorium and said, “Everyone, go outside and look in the sky.” And right over the auditorium where we had gathered, there was a configuration of Archangel Michael at the peak of this column of light, and all this shimmering energy was coming down from all these angels that were part of his bands, part of his choirs. It was amazing. Everyone could see it. It was not just something that was etheric; you could see it with your physical eyes. All of us saw it. It was there for quite some time and we were just glorying in this amazing vision of all these angels that were gathered right above our auditorium high above in the sky. And then suddenly they were done with what they came for and they left; they took off as one energy field. And you could hear the sound of like a cosmic wind or a starry wind. It was like woooo, and they left. Then the light disappeared.

This happened in July of 1974, probably before most of you were born. I was eighteen years old when that occurred. We were in Spokane, and that's where the World's Fair was that year. And so thousands and thousands of people saw this from the World's Fair in Spokane, because that's where it was. It was amazing.

Well, what Lady Kristine says today is that even though you don't always see it, the same type of thing occurs spiritually in a higher dimension when you give this Rosary of Divine Quintessence, when you give the Rosary of Faith, when you give Vesta's Solar Rosary, when you give Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy, when you give the Children's Golden Buddha Rosary, or when you give Leto's Evening Meditation, or when you give just the regular long or the short Golden Buddha Rosary.

All of these rosaries are devotional formulas for invoking angels, divine beings, light, God's virtues, God's energy, God's qualities to come into your world, into your dimension. And even though you may not see it with your physical eyes, I can assure you that the angels are there, the masters are present, the energy is coalescing in the etheric plane and even going into the mental and the emotional. And some of you can feel it, even though you can't see it. And it is impacting everyone in that environment. It is impacting the elementals, the precious nature spirits. It's impacting the soil, the water and the earth, and it flows through the pipes into our homes and businesses and schools and everywhere. It's impacting the ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, which is so close to you. It's purifying the atmosphere, the soil, the water. And all of these energies and frequencies are part of this grace and blessing from heaven. It is God's great gift to us; it's for her children on Earth.

Lady Kristine now places a sacred garment of protection around you, and this garment is very, very energetically powerful for safeguarding your soul, your being and light. For the men, it is more masculine looking, like spiritual armor. And for the women, it's a more beautiful filigree. For some of you it's golden in color; for others it's pure white. For some it's both diamond and sparkling, and for a few of you, especially the men, there is a very, very deep adamantine blue that's impervious to darkness, that keeps you safe from that energy or from people's thoughts that are negative.

So the grace of this garment is the grace of heaven, and it's a gift from Lady Kristine today for each of you. Sometimes in our HeartStreams the masters will give us these boons or graces or sacred jewels or a garment, as she did today. All of these are there for us permanently. They are there in the etheric plane so long as we maintain our harmony. So long as we keep on the path of light and don't misuse the light through dark deeds, this grace will always be with you for all your spiritual work and as a blessing to you and your family and your loved ones.

So that's the message for today.

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