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Serapis Bey      April 02, 2016

Beloved Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis

April 2, 2016   9:00 ̶ 9:35 am MDT

Livingston, Montana

               Serapis Bey Speaks on the Co-Creation of Our Mansions in the Sky, Our Heavenly Homes

David:  Good morning and good evening, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being present with this wonderful broadcast service from Cape Town, South Africa. I am David Christopher Lewis and today it is April 2, 2016.

Early this morning beloved Serapis Bey came to me at about 5:30 am local time here in Montana and dictated a beautiful message to me, which I would like to read to you. It comes straight from his heart for all of us, those in The Hearts Center movement and initiates throughout the world, to give us a teaching, which I pray will edify your hearts and minds, bring solace to your souls and bring uplift to your entire being. So we will simply be still for another minute or so before I begin the reading of this beautiful message from the hierophant of Luxor, the chohan of the fourth ray, the white ray of the ascension flame, whose retreat is over Luxor, Egypt.

Beloved Initiates of the Sacred Fire,

I come to you this night from Luxor to deliver to your minds, souls and hearts instruction on truth, information that I pray will be for you important on your sacred journey of light. And this instruction may be disseminated far and wide, as you see fit, to all who resonate with this movement and its message, as well as our greater message of the Universal White Brotherhood for the Earth and its evolutions at this time.

I deal with the issue of the preparation of your spiritual home in the heaven world. Remember, the Master Jesus spoke unto you and said that he would go to prepare that place for you, for in the Father's kingdom there are many mansions.1

You know that as universal spirits, your eternal home is the universe itself. And yet, blessed ones, as spirit-sparks of fire who live, move and have your being in the Mater planes, you have that sacred space in heaven already manifested at a certain dimension of being, prepared by God and by the living Christ for you, which you may rise into in consciousness, which you may indeed abide within during your times of meditation, prayer, introspection and communion with the heart of God. And this sacred space truly is your eternal home of light.

In one sense, this place is nonlocal; for it is a state of beingness, an essence to be recognized by you as a divine individual, one with God. And it has a unique qualification of light based on your consciousness, your application of the teachings of truth that you have made over many lifetimes through your freewill experience upon Earth.

Consider the Master's words. How does Jesus himself prepare this place for us? What truly is this spiritual abode? Are we, too, involved in some way in its preparation with the great Master of light? Do we have input into what our place or habitation will be, will look like, will feel like based on our personal predilections? Or is our heavenly abode built in advance by the hands of the Almighty, and will we lovingly simply accept it, in humility, as our new home?

Of course each is involved in the process of both building and co-creating this sacred place, just as you would be involved in the designing of your ideal home upon Earth. You know that I am, as the hierophant of Luxor, an architect of the Spirit, of light and divine fire. And one of the classes that I teach at Luxor deals with this very subject, the designing of our heavenly abode based on sacred geometrical formulas in alignment with our own individualized perfected pattern of being—our keynote, our frequency, our vibration.

All have typically experienced numerous lifetimes upon Earth and lived in all manner of civilizations and cultures, with their specific types of structures and habitations. Many have been very simple and affordable and allowed for a minimal amount of outer protection, security and comfort. For, dearest hearts, most of your time has been engaged in and spent within the matrices of life itself, with all of its activities upon the Earth. During other lives, many of us have lived in more complex and ornate abodes, with highly stylized architectural buildings, artistically created with colorful decor, great ornamentation, details and embellishments rendered through many different media, which often symbolically portray various iconic cultural figures and themes.

In heaven, you see, blessed ones, all can choose the type of mansion and the rooms that we desire to have as our heavenly abode and to which we may come for spiritual rest and relaxation, meditation upon the eternal Spirit and divine light and simply to abide in a state of oneness through humility. Within the various etheric cities of light and retreats of the ascended hierarchy, we can actually have a number of homes or abodes based on how universal our work is within various heavenly committees, councils, communities and universities. The living Universal Christ, the anointed one, works with our own Christed essence, our Higher Self, to discern, based on our spiritual mission and vision, what our sacred space of love in higher octaves will be like, will look like, will manifest as.

We co-create and design this heavenly habitation and offer our own creative input. And it is coalesced around what we have assimilated of Earth's cultures that we have lived within upon Earth, and it is also based on our higher preferences in communion with our Source. Just as we would consult an architect, a builder, an interior designer in planning our homes, so we consult those who are spiritually aware of all the cosmic laws and formulas involved in this process of co-creating our spiritual retreat of light.

What Jesus meant in his statement was that he was laying a certain foundation of light, as the living Christ, within the Holy City and even within numerous cities of divine light in the heaven world for all who would spiritually work to become one with God again, who would work to have restored their natural place of light in Spirit for eternality. Jesus, as the avatar of Pisces, prepares the estate, consults with cosmic forces and divine builders—even the Elohim themselves—in performing this alchemy on behalf of the evolutions whom he serves. This loving work is his joy. When he sees that we are making progress to the point where our time has come for our eternal wedding with Spirit, we must have our home ready, just as a newly married couple plans where to live when their nuptials and the ceremony of their oneness is completed.

You may be aware that I, Serapis, was the architect of the great pyramid, even as El Morya was the master builder and mason. I have continued to design spiritual mansions of light with the Master Jesus and other great masters of light. And we have worked assiduously to help design and fashion that which is everlasting; that which is incorruptible; that which neither rust nor moth can corrupt or touch or decay; that which is composed of crystalline light, spiritual fire, godly grace itself.

Now, our major work is the building of our deathless Solar body, our merkabah light body, our everlasting universal sphere of beingness, which we fashion through divine love as we employ God's virtues in our lives. Yet concurrently there is the alchemy of the establishment of this sacred abode in the higher firmament of heaven that directly corresponds to our own merkabah. As we self-construct this vehicle of light, by and through which we can travel anywhere within the cosmos, within certain parameters of cosmic law, we do indeed simultaneously build our divine estate, our mansion in the sky. Because as we employ light, color, sound, fragrance, frequency and the formulas of the higher senses, we coalesce in the divine world these essences of Spirit within our ever-present mansion of beingness, our heavenly home.

Remember, dearest ones, that it is God's great joy, great pleasure indeed to give us the kingdom, the keys to our own kingdom of light.2 However, this can only occur as we master the sciences and arts of humility, purity and oneness through obedience to God's laws, God's holy will, wisdom and love and as we reunite with God's heart.

So begin, dearest ones, to consider this dynamic in your life. Feel free to soar with the seraphim in consciousness, to perceive within the Holy City that sacred space, that divine abode that you will, from this day forward, consciously enter into to co-create with great masters of light. See it as already realized, in one sense, and yet also established again and again through your higher consciousness in times of silence, stillness and meditation, embellished with the greater nuances of light that you are gleaning from the spiritual worlds. Consider every sacred formula that you utilize in collaboration with the great chohans of the rays, the great masters of light, within the context of this cooperative work of establishing the greater kingdom of light in the heaven worlds.

Long ago you were invited to attend the sessions within the retreats of the chohans of the rays and the Maha Chohan for certain periods of time by consciously asking to attend them in your finer bodies before retiring at night and then writing down the memories of your experiences within the retreats upon awakening in the morning. This exercise many of you fulfilled with great joy and intent, and you received, in addition to instruction from us, the sense of oneness, of true brother/sisterhood with the Universal White Brotherhood and the ascended hosts. You received these nuances of light deep within your being, which played upon the fine, sensitive instrument of your soul. And as you have continued on your path of oneness with God and accessed, through these streams of awareness, great light and great energy, they have seen you through even to the present moment on your path and are there so to help you pass your initiations, work the great work of the ages and fulfill your divine destiny and your mission upon Earth.

Now the chohans come as I speak on their behalf to again invite you to attend these sessions, as well as to consider this new dynamic of the building of your own holy temple of light in heaven. For many of you are qualifying for your ascension or have already done so on the inner. And there comes a time when we step forward to initiate you into a higher order of light, and you must have your sacred place prepared at that time. For, dearest ones, many souls upon Earth may come to your abode, just as they come to the retreats of the chohans and other great masters. They may come to visit you in spirit as they sleep at night to receive understanding, compassion, love, kindness and all of the virtues that you emulate and that you engage in honoring and exemplifying through your life lived to the glory of God.

Just as you invite friends, family, co-workers and others whom you newly meet in life to your homes for tea, for nourishment, for rest from travel, so in this sacred space of light in the heaven world you may invite to your place souls who also require that refreshment of spirit. So consider having an area within your mansion in the sky where friends and newly quickened ones may come to receive the ministration of your hearts and souls, the nourishment of their beings with that which you, as an ascending one, employ in assisting them on their own sacred journey.

As many of you have, in previous exercises within this movement, already co-created, in one sense, what this sacred space will look like, with this new understanding you may now wish to expand it, increase its reach, its radiance. Your home actually may be a great property of light, a retreat center itself, with wonderful opportunities for friends and even your own mentors to come and nurture you as you nurture others.

As you engage in this exercise, you can even co-create these properties and structures, temples and homes physically upon Earth. And as you engage in this activity in spirit, we will lend the momentum of our light bodies, our essences to your physical co-creative work upon Earth. For many of you do desire to have communities of light upon the Earth, places where you can gather and share the teaching, the experience of oneness with God through divine love.

Yes, blessed ones, God is great, and heaven is not so different from Earth. Yet it is more refined, more rarefied, more glorious, more immaculate, more radiant and able to hold that light without dissipation or any darkness whatsoever entering into the equation of the experience of your soul's journey with God within the heaven world.

You may begin at the beginning with the Master El Morya Khan in ascending in spirit to Darjeeling for a fortnight or more, and then move on to the retreat of the Master Lord Lanto himself to receive the ministrations of his great wisdom teaching from the East, which surely can be employed anywhere and everywhere upon Earth for the illumination of souls, for the ensconcing of their spirits with that great teaching that is so essential in this hour. Then move on to the beloved Venetian, Paul; then to my home; then to that of Hilarion, Lady Master Nada and Saint Germain himself. Moving through those rays, you will receive within them the ministration unto your soul, the understanding that each chohan provides. And then when you have imbibed the great magnificence of these seven rays, you will travel to Sri Lanka. When you enter the sacred retreat of the Maha Chohan, you will be the great recipient of his cosmic streams of divine love, the harmonic radiations of pure, divine, undefiled compassion that he emanates and provides as a source of nourishment to every soul.

One day you, beloved, may move up in consciousness to be a chohan or a master within a certain university of the Spirit, whom many will look to for guidance, support, love and tutelage. So prepare wisely that sacred place of light. For as your mission is ongoing in heaven, though there is an ongoingness of spiritual evolution of all souls of light, root races and peoples and cultures. And in this great antahkarana of the Spirit, the radiance of heaven grows as souls ascend. And one day the completion of this alchemy will manifest, whereby Earth is subsumed into heaven and all pain, sorrow and darkness are no more, wiped clean, and Earth is refreshed in the spiritual vigor of light and divine fire of its original creation.

O blessed hearts, there is so much more that I could share with you in this hour. Yet more will be transferred unto you on the inner as you contemplate these concepts, as you meditate with us, as you perceive with finer eyes the radiance and graces of heaven's great glories and as you witness to these truths, these teachings, these universal principles and values of light and love.

Now attend to the details of your lives, win your victory through fruitful action, through intrepid courage, oneness of heart, mind and spirit to fulfill the sacred dream of your soul. Move forward, ever forward, on your path of light, and one day when I greet you at Luxor, or wherever you choose to ascend from, there will be the new fire burning within your eyes and breast, your mind and soul. And that fire of the ascension will assist you in the final assimilation of your eternal nature, your God Presence, as you rise in oneness to that divine estate of pure beingness in eternal joy.

In this hour I initiate new spirals of light within Cape Town, Johannesburg and throughout all of South Africa and elsewhere upon the African continent. For you have called me forth, asked me to speak, and part of my witness and delivery is the initiatic path itself. Be prepared for change, transformation and evolution, dearest ones. For as you are prepared for the New Day, so it will alight in your midst; so we will stand forth to bless you, to encourage you, to urge you onward, to goad you ever unto your oneness with your Source.

I AM Serapis Bey. It is a great new day of oneness in Spirit. Rise, blessed ones and fulfill all in God as godly and beautiful ones. I thank you.

1. John 14:2.
2. Luke 12:32.

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