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Vaivasvata Manu      January 09, 2016

Beloved Vaivasvata Manu
David Christopher Lewis
January 9, 2016   9:02 ̶ 9:28 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Vaivasvata Manu Shows Us a Vision of Our Soul's Journey

Dearest Hearts,

The glory of God is within you. The nectar of the Divine One abides right where you are within the secret chamber of your heart, in the sacred space where he who loves you provides that divine essence for you to partake of for your victorious life, for your Self-realization, even for your ascension in this lifetime, at the close thereof.

I AM Vaivasvata Manu, and I set forth principles and values for devotees of the Spirit to abide by within an ancient order of light that evolved upon Earth eons ago. Yet these principles, dearest ones, are still appropriate for today. And when you abide by that which is within cosmic law for you to know, feel, deeply understand and model within a conscious life dedicated to God, ennobled by the Spirit and facilitated by your divine mentors, then there is a stream of activity in consciousness; there is a river of light and life afforded unto you through this connection with the Universal White Brotherhood that allows for you to soar in spirit and to accomplish your God-ideals with great intention and joy, with great reverence and even happy revelry.

It is God's pleasure to give you the kingdom,1 and it is God's joy to see that at every point along your path of Self-realization you imbibe those spiritual quintessences that will provide for you uplift, guidance, support of every kind. The Universal White Brotherhood is here for you, O devotees of light, to call to. And they will invest within your world the means—through God-power, God-wisdom and God-love—for you to be present, to be balanced and to truly enter into the divine estate of your Godhood, your Divine Self, and live within that new estate of consciousness 24/7; applying the principles and values of light that you know through the Source that you access, through the conscious stream of God-identification, whereby you realize your true goals, your heritage, your mission.

And we the manus provide the impetus for entire lifewaves—from the onset of their incarnations in matter unto their victorious ascension in the light—to both accept and live within that awareness, that teaching, that model of the God-ideal. Often during the manvantaras that the various planets within the various solar systems, within the various galaxies experience, God-men and God-women come as arhats, messengers of light and messiahs to initiate new spirals of light, teaching and consciousness for mankind to accelerate into a higher form of divine awareness; to initiate a new branch of the Brotherhood, as we see fit to release it, for the evolution of sons and daughters of God.

Therefore there are many branches or lineages of light that you have evolved within and through during your incarnations. And some of you, having lived within these multidimensional streams of being, do feel connected with many lineages and traditions of light around and within the Earth. And some, I daresay, hark back through these eons even unto Himalaya, the God and Goddess Meru and me, with my twin flame, and our plans, our initiatives to restore life to its original domain of spiritual fire and beingness; to restore the creation, as God released it through the Elohim, the creators of form, so that all may experience joy and divine happiness; so that all may evolve within the learning school that is this Earth upon which you abide.

The Divine Director is intimately aware of each of you, your soul evolution, your soul journey and your potential soul liberation. And when you involve yourself with him in the seventh-ray action of light by accessing these higher streams of awareness that he facilitates—the dawning within the Earth of his cosmic consciousness—you are drafted up into this cosmic awareness of his causal body and able to do more than you thought possible or conceived of. You are able to co-creatively enter into the mindfulness of God with many Buddhas of the Spirit to provide an impetus for all of mankind to also make that leap in awareness into the new era of divine wisdom, love and God-power manifest, in balance.

I daresay that the manus will be there, with Peace and Aloha and the thousand Buddhas, to add the momentum of our causal bodies to the great work that you will do in this spiritual prayer vigil for planetary peace and harmony, for divine equanimity to be brought into every sphere of activity within the Earth—all cultures, all peoples, all evolutions of light.

You see, dearest ones, when a thousand Buddhas are invested in the architecture of the New Age and you involve yourself in this divine affair, in their frequencies of mindfulness, cosmic consciousness and divine beingness, there is a support that you are afforded that draws you up into that draft of beingness. And thereby, far beyond the time that you come together in these few short days upon the island of Maui, there will be a new nexus of God-consciousness provided unto you through your heart-mind connection so that you may remain tethered to that higher awareness, live within it, abide there, even touching the octaves of light where we abide in spirit through your meditations, through your spiritual disciplines and practices. And this support, this dynamic is what can make the difference to alleviate suffering, to prevent greater calamity upon Earth and to provide that impetus for thousands and even millions to awaken to their God-reality and to the source of true divine light.

I come infrequently, and yet when I come there is a deep presence within even the core of the Earth that manifests from the inner to the outer, permeating every cell of this planetary body. For, dearest ones, I am an old, old soul and spirit. I have walked in consciousness upon every continent; I have meditated upon all life-forms. For you see, the manus must know of God's creative architecture and divine design in all realms of being and, in addition to raising the consciousness of mankind, raise the frequency of all sentient beings. And we count animals, plants and even the mineral kingdom within this.

So you see, our consciousness must permeate every molecule of life across and within the Earth and reaching up into the atmosphere and beyond. And our awareness, one with God, provides that resource of spiritual fire and integrity for all to live within the dynamic of peace, of presence and of the all-possibilities for a life of glory through divine love, wisdom and power.

When you call to us, there is the realignment deep within you—in the substrata of consciousness unto the very core of who you are—of that which must manifest for you to reach up into your Presence, to stay tethered to that awareness, to manifest God-consciousness and to Self-realize who you are.

Every HeartStream delivered through this activity is truly a stream of divine love. And if you live within that stream even for those few minutes of its presentation and then listen or watch again to imbibe the deeper meaning and the essential essence of its import, it will provide, day after day, a new script for you on your sacred journey of light and that spiritual fire for your victory in all things.

Some have said, “I have heard these messages now for many years, and many say the same thing, dancing around, through different words, that which I already know within.” Well, dearest ones, this is partly true. And yet how much of the very consciousness that we bring in these deliveries have you manifested through self-mastery and through the integration of this God-light within your world to maintain that cosmic consciousness day and night throughout your life? If you can truly tell God that you are Self-realized, if you can demonstrate to us that you have attained to this level of beingness, then we will withdraw this vehicle of divine expression from your midst and you may all ascend in an instant unto your God and our God.

            Yet we see the requirement for the entire Earth to be raised through the delivery of these fiery messages. And we feel the pain of mankind, which even we as ascended beings experience in order that we may help alleviate that suffering that comes through attachment, through inordinate desire. And within that which we release are these molecules of divine light and frequencies of spirit that, in many cases, will make the difference as to whether individual souls and the collective of humanity know that which they must rise into in order for the entire evolutionary scheme of mankind to move forward.

There are souls that incarnated during my tenure of manuship upon Earth who are yet residing here and who require this message in order for them to grow up, as it were, and fulfill their destiny, pass their initiations and move on in a new spiral of light. And I daresay that there are even a few within this activity who have suffered too long within the namby-pamby consciousness that says: “I will skirt around the issue of my Self-realization. I will enjoy the frequencies that I feel in these HeartStreams and deliveries, yet I will not engage in the deeper disciplines that I know are required of me by God in order to be God-free and fully Self-realized.” We speak to these souls now and say, when will you make the commitment, the effort, through action, to go all the way to the Sun and ascend?

After you ascend, you may still be a bodhisattva and serve Earth's evolutions. It does not require you to reincarnate again and again for millennia, to abide here physically on the Earth to fulfill this dynamic and responsibility. Consider the alternative to your ascension, for you know not the cyclings of light and the opportunity set before you to make that progress that God has set out for your soul to be fulfilled. You write your letters to the Karmic Board, you make your commitments and then somewhere in your consciousness there is an unresolute spirit manifest, whereby you backtrack and then must be brought back into an aligned state by the Master Morya El, Serapis Bey or a fiery being such as Godfre.

Yes, dearest ones, when will this end? And when will you, through Self-realization, maintain that state of complete alignment with your Source, where you become a nexus of light for thousands, you become an instrument of divine Self-realization for many, for healing and for true understanding and divine teaching to emerge?

As you demonstrate your self-mastery, the teacher then appears to provide the next step for you on your sacred journey of light. Yet if you dillydally in lesser states of awareness, accepting and liking all manner of titillating sensations within the astral plane of your emotional body through various attachments to this world and its entertainment, then how can you say, dearest one, that you are ready for pure fire, for pure spirit, for pure light? We will give each of you what you ask for in terms of discipline in order to fulfill that which was the cosmic dream of your soul when God ideated you in the beginning of your evolution.

Therefore, now I draw before the screen of your mind, your higher mind, the journey of your soul through many millennia, the ups and downs of your attainment and your nonconformity with God's holy will, wisdom and love. I show you the opportunity presented by the Universal White Brotherhood for the greatest progress that you can make in this life and what it will mean when, through a disciplined approach, you come to that fount of the allness of God right within you and drink it fully and assimilate God-consciousness and Solar awareness.

Now that you have seen this vision through your higher center of divine sight, my only prayer is that you will respond; that you will see what it will take for you to be God-victorious in all things; and that through your active and direct response and commitment, we can release greater dispensations and expand our reach to many hundreds and thousands of new souls who are ready to be reborn in higher consciousness, in the divine light.

I AM a manu, bright in God's light. I have no fear of the future, for I know the allness of past, present and future within the eternal Now. Have no fear, dearest hearts. Live in divine love. Express your Divine Selfhood through co-creativity daily and be the divine spirit who you were created to be by God in the beginning. This is my command to you: be all that you already are in your true Selfhood. And through this, know Self-realization, divine joy and the freedom to soar with us. I thank you.

1. Luke 12:32.

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