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Zadkiel      March 01, 2005

Beloved Lord Zadkiel
David Christopher Lewis
March 1, 2005 8:35 - 9:02 am
Livingston, Montana

              Fire from my heart be upon you this day, beloved! I Am Zadkiel, Lord of the Seventh Ray Action of the Holy Spirit that comes today to cleanse you with that fire of violet love! Love is the action of the Holy Spirit resident within the violet flame joy's thrust for a holy purpose. Love is always holy, for it is born of God and borne by the wings of angels of mercy whom Amethyst and I direct across the earth to dispense living fountains of fire for the raising of souls and the instauration of a new age culture of divine love.
              We would have you enter the portals of transmutation into a new world of discovery! So, my son Saint Germain as Columbus came to these shores, magnetized by my heart which he knows so well, for he did serve on Atlantis in the temple of purification's fire wherein the acceleration of the violet flame was tangible through its outpicturing in new invention, new truth and new wisdom through the work that we inspired upon our chelas and disciples who did know us in that hour.
              Oh the joy of violet flame wisdom must become yours if you would be harbingers of a Golden Age, beloved! For if you would magnetize greater numbers of souls to begin to think about what it means to have a divine culture wherein there is no pollution, no power conglomerates that stifle the little people and the sons and daughters of God, and the true freedom of expression envisioned by your founding fathers, then you must be pure joy, dear hearts!
              Some have meditated on what it will take to convert the millions to know the true ascended masters, seeing that many have lost their contact with the divine source and know not that they should even be looking up to behold their own divine reality. I say that thousands and millions may be converted, almost in an instant, when you develop a momentum on delivering the teaching and the spirit of the violet flame through the modern media that builds excitement and an understanding that freedom is the birthright of all.
              Freedom to discover the truth within your heart is paramount for our Hearts Center and all its proponents, both now and in the future. Therefore the last vestiges of a perversion of the true Piscean culture of God-Mastery must be slain, and fear of damnation and fear of reprisal and of fear of God Himself must be wiped from the earth. God is not a God who mandates that you follow a rigid path of narrowness to his heart. God is the exponent of free will and desires to give you the keys to increase your attunement exponentially through oneness in the now of His heart-if you would have it!
              Dear hearts, I encourage you to join my Order of Zadkiel,* which is preliminary to being admitted into the Order of Melchizedek for priests and priestesses of the sacred fire. When you have the whirling action of the sacred fire of the violet flame always in your aura, no person, place or thing can inhibit you from knowing God and knowing God's presence manifest fully within you! So, set aside those thirty minutes three times daily or give a full round of ninety minutes of service to Saint Germain and me through your heart's devotion and experience that intense quickening that will come through your constancy and deep desire to roll up the scroll of your past and pass into the highest levels of God-Self awareness!
              Those who would discover the secrets of life on this planet must come to know the Master Saint Germain. For that elixir sought after not only by Ponce de Leon but by many students of alchemy and of the mysteries of God can be yours today if you simply choose to use our names in your invocations and experience the stepped-up action of the flame of transmutation which does bring eternal life to those who will drink it in daily.
              I Am Zadkiel! I stand to deliver the children of Israel in all nations from those who would take from them their freedom to be real. If you would be real, beloved, be on fire for me and I will turn up the heat of the transmutation of your karma and you will surely know what love is. For love is the fulfillment of the law of God within you. I am that love. Become that love through the divine sacrifice which is not painful but truly joyful, for in the giving of self to God you discover that God has always been available and willing to give the fullness of the joy of eternal life to you. Claim it this day and become angels and masters of cosmic joy, beloved!
              I seal you in the violet-purple-pink elixir of love's fire now fully expanded within your heart's center. Become the iris of God's eye and you will know the pure vision of the new age consciousness of the eternal dawn of love!
* The Order of Zadkiel was mentioned in a dictation given by beloved Omri-Tas on November 14, 2004. In that dictation Omri-Tas said: "Why I even suggest that you create an Order of Zadkiel of those who are willing to invoke 90 minutes of violet flame each day-preferably 30 minutes 3 times daily—who will help to hold the balance for the changes in the earth that we desire to bring forth. May I say that this order will be one that is most sought after by those of the Seventh Root Race, for they will know that they are the ones who will be responsible to keep their finger in the dike during the years of tremendous change that are coming."

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