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Astrea      November 23, 2004

Elohim Mighty Astrea
David Christopher Lewis
November 23, 2004 8:25 - 9:02 am
Livingston, Montana
            Chelas of Living Fire! I descend to earth in rings of fire for the dissolving of forces of anti-Christ within the forcefield of this planet in answer to the calls of you who know that circle and sword as a very living presence of the action of the power of God to transform your life and to transform an entire lifewave. Legions from out the Great Silence come to Terra this day to slay those demons that have set themselves upon you and upon your children through the misuse of the light of the base chakra in your culture. Yes, the light of the Mother is what these fallen ones go after because it is the very essence of life, the seed thereof, that they desire to capture and to hold and abase to then control your very being from coming into higher consciousness and an awareness of yourself as God.
            Beloved ones, it is time for many to be awakened to the glory of the very presence of God within them. How may we accelerate this quickening? Well I tell you that the use of my circle and sword is the most powerful means to cut them loose and set them free that you will ever experience; for this buzz-saw action will not fail to strip from them those elements of unreality that have become not only a garment but an actual cloak of chains as a perversion of the golden chain mail to hold that soul in bondage to the lesser self, the dweller on the threshold and the entities that taunt and haunt them to not make the leap into our arms of living fire.
            When you make your pledge to give those 36 or 40 calls to us nightly, you are wrapped in our swaddling garment of protection and perfection to seal you from the astral plane that the fallen ones are attempting to bring into the physical through their tools in embodiment who use images, sounds and vibrations to thwart and preempt the plans of our angels and of the masters of wisdom who would hold sway if the people would allow them entr�e into your world through acceptance and reverence.
            Those of you who have experienced the freedom that is won through the stripping action of our circle and sword know that you have truly benefited by this stupendous light and activity that we promote, and it would do you well to never miss a day or an evening of communing with us; for thereby you earn a greater and greater momentum whereby your auric egg becomes more impervious to the forces of darkness, thicker and more impenetrable, thus allowing all your decrees, prayers and meditations to become more lasting and effective because you are sealed in our very living presence of love for you.
            Beloved ones, truly you would use those tools that we provide if you knew that by doing so you could accelerate your victory in this life, wouldn't you? Well let me tell you that when you invoke us we will, from this day forward, also offer a dispensation to you that allows for your Holy Self Self to overshadow the opportunity for you to also sit in the very forcefield of the atomic accelerator and the ascension chair while you are giving those decrees to us with complete attention, surrender and heart-felt devotion. You will feel a new surge of energy coming up from the base to the crown in a more dynamic and powerful action than has ever been released to you in the past, because we choose to assist the Master Alchemist and his twin flame in accelerating plans to free the people of South America and Russia and other nations whose hearts yearn for freedom and whose calls are heard this very day by us!
            We come to merge the light of the blue and white rays with the action of the violet in a powerful composite energy that mimics the colors of the American flag-namely blue, white and pink, for this symbol is the symbol of freedom from tyranny; yes that tyranny of the dweller of the very planet that rises to oppose our dispensation this day. May you sing those freedom songs and invoke at least 15 minutes of violet flame after the giving of the calls to us; for when you do so, you will build a momentum of freedom that will sweep across this nation and every nation to help usher in the new light that is necessary for God-Freedom to prevail!
            Beloved, I come to set you on fire this day. Would you be those fireworks of God that will light up a world? Would you be set free from the bondage that you have allowed yourself to dwell in through ignorance? If so, then take an hour of your time each night and commune with us and with your Knight Commander; for it will yield tangible and wonderful results and invigorate you to a new-found love for life, for your work and for this movement which will surely become a world-wide movement if you are willing to be the ones to make it happen!
            I, Astrea, seal you in the action of blue flame and white fire this day. May you come up higher. May you aspire for adeptship through the use of our presence in your life, for we come when we are invited. Be ready, yes, be ready, for ready or not we are coming and we will no longer play hide and seek, but we will seek you out until you are caught in our arms of living fire and lifted unto the glory of your ascension! May you win all the way this day and forever. Amen!

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