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Victory      November 01, 2004

Cosmic Being Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
November 1, 2004 8:24 - 9:00 am
Livingston, Montana

Beloved students of the One God,
            I am come to deliver you from the clutches of evil that have beset you this day. For the forces of anti-Christ do come to snuff out the aborning of the light within the child of God who does declare the divinity within. And that absolute evil is a force that must be reckoned with through deep prayer and intense meditation upon Reality such that that force has no inroad into one's consciousness or focal point of reality within the soul. You are wed with God when you wed your spirit to God through love. And thus, overcoming this point of darkness in the universe requires a more than ordinary effort to dispel that darkness through a great concentration of light, love and harmony.
            Have you, at times, felt inharmony in your world? If so, it is because you have desired to magnify harmony, supply and all the riches of heaven within your world and thus the antithesis of harmony does come to strip from you that very light that you have invoked before it can take up permanent residence within your being. You must thus invoke God-Harmony and those who focus the flame of harmony to conduct your life and affairs in all ways. Notice I use this word conduct, for God-Harmony is truly a conductor of cosmic energies and of that music of the spheres which releases the essence of God's light into this plane. The sounding of the OM and of other sacred mantrams does intensify God harmony in the earth; and so the initiates of the sacred fire maintain their vigils of invoking light, light, light to dispel darkness at all levels, first and foremost at that level where the light is released and becomes physical-namely, your heart chakra. Protect, seal and re-energize your heart through deep meditation each day, as your hearts are truly becoming great foci for the release of cosmic energies and your aura grows through continual prayer and decrees to the ascended masters.
            On this day of All Saints, you may invoke the dispensation for the release of the causal bodies of all the saints and ascended beings of heaven into your midst; and we admonish you to do so, as the forces of evil have outplayed their evil portrayals last eve through the great attention that the world gives to witchcraft, satanic images and the blackness of the left-handed path through ghostly and ghastly visuals, movies and costumes. You should begin to make a concerted effort to thwart their wiles and means at least a week in advance of this day, beginning when the sun transitions to Scorpio; for during this dark time of the year the forces of evil make great inroads into the subconscious and unconscious of mankind, leaving their own foci and twisted talismans which they seek later to energize and use against the individual soul of light.
            Yes, we come with the full power and flame of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood to lay our plans for the deliverance of the children of the light before you; for we have our maps and our atlases and our plans of attack to deliver a mighty blow for the Lord through you, through your vigils and through your coming together in God-Harmony to invoke light and greater light at each juncture and sacred convocation.
We would have you begin to use greater visuals in your work, using those specific thoughtforms that we will give (upon your request) to accentuate the work that we would accomplish. Call not only to all the masters whose names appear in the new publication of the Masters and Their Retreats, but invoke the causal bodies of all true chelas who are serving the Brotherhood on the etheric plane and all unnamed masters, devas and angels to assist in your work and vigils daily. As some of your chapels are almost barren at times with those in embodiment, you should see them filled with these mighty hosts at all times, for they do indeed come at your behest when they are invited. Therefore, develop a specific call that you give at the beginning of all your services wherein you all invoke their presence; and thus you shall be fortified, protected and sealed in a greater action than ever before.
            We come to bless, to inspire and to give you certain keys for your victory. You have had many of these keys for years, and yet you sometimes forget to use them; as the weight of the battle may at times cause a forgetfulness and a burden, and a curtain of samsara falls around you that can cause that insensitivity to our inspirations and up-to-the-minute directives. Have your research staff put together a list of the key dispensations that you have received in a form that you can invoke regularly as you put on your daily armor with Archangel Michael, and thus many more legions will come in answer to your specific calls.
            I am Mighty Victory. And I come this day on behalf of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood of Victory in the earth and on many systems of worlds. If you would be the Victorious Ones, you must invoke victory at every step of the path. We would have you bound into the battle by being the courageous ones, ever ready to don your battle armor and gear to defeat the enemies of righteousness that stand in your way.
            May this election on the morrow be victorious for all those who would represent the higher government of God through the Great White Brotherhood on earth. May those who don't fully or truly represent us be overshadowed by our bands so that as much as possible their decisions come into congruity with the will of God.
            I am with you always unto the Victory of your soul and unto the Victory of the soul of planet earth. As my legions take their place among you and at every polling place in this nation, may you always remember to give the cosmic S.O.S. whenever you are in need of our assistance. Give it now with me, beloved, for we would create a wave of light throughout the cosmos that cannot be denied in this hour to bring forth the victory of love in the earth and on all systems of worlds:

The Light of God Never Fails (3x), and the beloved Mighty I Am Presence IS that Light! (9X)

I am Victory. I claim your Victory in this Hour. May you take the laurel wreath and run all the way home to the Heart of Alpha and Omega and claim your immortality this hour!

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