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Victory      December 02, 2016

Beloved Victory
David Christopher Lewis
December 2, 2016   8:45–9:00 am MST
Livingston, Montana

33-Day Ascended Master Wisdom Series
Mighty Victory

      Good morning, everyone, God bless you and thank you for being here today. Today we have two sets of the dictates, or these beautiful quips, from the ascended masters. And the first twenty-four are from the great cosmic being Mighty Victory.

1.      God within you is continuously compelling you to see your brightest future, to seek your lightest path and to speak your highest truth.

2.      Victorious and optimistic attitudes are keys in discerning the most direct means of attaining the perfecting of body, heart, mind and soul.

3.      Make your reservation for the divine banquet, and then keep your appointment!

4.      The fruits of selfless and sacrificial labor are higher consciousness and solar awareness.

5.      Every investment in your divine life brings heavenly interest.

6.      Better to try compounding the light than to attempt to confound the darkness.

7.      The purpose of every relationship is to discover more love and understanding within.

8.      True knowledge of God is rare, for most people simply repeat what others say about the Divine. Knowing God is the purest knowledge.

9.      Most media pundits rely on self-proclaimed erudition to attempt to impress and persuade. Look past the façade to uncover the truth.

10.  True spirituality will soon replace religiosity.

11.  Salvation is not as permanent as most non-illumined preachers insist. Self-realization requires profound personal striving to lead to lasting mastery. The ill-advised promise vicarious attainment and an early arrival. They will have much to answer for!

12.  Your godly nature ever calls you to manifest it!

13.  Learn to be in step with God. Then you'll be in league with her angels and divine spirits.

14.  To reach for the stars you must first stretch for your next step upon Earth.

15.  Divine guidance and intercession often come when you most require them and least expect them.

16.  Be God's success-or else.

17.  The truly liberated are bound to help the unfree.

18.  Rely more on divine precepts than human perceptions.

19.  Is it realistic to believe in an unseen power that some call God? Absolutely!

20.  Every divine being is clothed in light by God.

21.  Eternality is fleeting to the Creator. Infinity is only the beginning.

22.  Compress all emotions into the sole perfect feeling of divine love.

23.  If you finally conclude that God has won you over, you've won and you are One!

24.  Holiness is sincere piety that springs from humility and is fulfilled in purity's love.

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