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Hercules      October 08, 2016

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
October 8, 2016   4:52–5:02 pm ART
Pilgrimage and First International Congress—Argentina and Uruguay
Saint Germain Anchors the Light of Freedom in South America
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hercules and Amazonia Empower South American Pilgrims
with the Initiation of Messengership and the Light of Victory

Messengers All,¹

This initiation in this hour is an empowerment for you, each one. And Amazonia, named after the great river of South America, stands before you to place a laurel wreath of great cosmic light upon your head. For you are all victors of the Spirit Most Holy and you have been self-commissioned now to fulfill your statement, your vow, your affirmation to the universe.

Therefore we expect victory in all things from each of you and that you, each one, now being a messenger, will deliver your messages to the world, will spread your love and light throughout this planet in ways great and small, in ways divine and humble. For often in the most sincere and gentle ways, the power of God manifests through you. Your messengership will manifest through you not for outer glory, not for outer show—for inner commitment and oneness with your God.

Therefore be true first to thine own Self, to the God-light within your heart, and your messengership shall proceed victoriously, and the light that you shine forth will brighten our planet. This is your commission from us; this is your initiation of light. And this is part of the reason that you chose to come to this event. For your soul knew long, long ago that you would have achieved certain phases of enlightenment and the passing of initiations through many lifetimes unto this day so that you could receive this empowerment and this initiation and that it would be true and real for you, not some flighty fantasy—a deep and cosmic reality, made real by your own heart, your own mind and especially your will committed to your own path of great light.

So as the messenger has said on our behalf, if at any time in your future you feel less-than, devalued or little, look squarely in the mirror and remind yourself of this day. You may see your own Higher Self shining forth through your eyes encouraging you to be true to your own words, to rise up on wings of light and pinions of sacred fire to reach the very throne of God in your higher consciousness, to perceive beyond the veil unto the higher reaches of cosmic space, to touch the very fabric of heaven and to speak with God face-to-face.

Did you know, precious ones, that your own true Divine Self, the Sun Presence of your I AM THAT I AM, is ever witness to God's eternal face? So if you desire to see God, rise up into your I AM Presence and from that cosmic and Solar perspective, you can see God from this higher awareness, from this elevated state of consciousness. Having seen God in this way, you are truly transformed forever. And then all that you do is empowered by that experience, the experience of true oneness with God.

As our saints upon Earth, precious ones, and as your Elohim friends, we expect you to be victorious. We see you as victorious. We will you to be victorious. And the blue-fire power of God will empower you to be victorious!

Thank you for who you are and for your new state of divine life.

God bless you always,

Hercules and Amazonia

1.  Before this HeartStream devotees came forward and proclaimed their personal messengership at Hercules' invitation through the Messenger by saying:  "I AM a messenger of" and then stating their own words that key into their mission in this life.  After their proclamations the audience responded by shouting, "Si!" to confirm their statements.

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