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Jesus      May 12, 2016

Beloved Jesus
David Christopher Lewis
May 12, 2016   2:30–2:48 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Jesus Christ Speaks to All Souls in Argentina and South America

Gracious Sons and Daughters of God, Children of the Sun, Lightbearers of the North and the South, the East and the West,

I, Jesus, come to be with each of you within your heart this day. And my coming is for your enlightenment, truly the ennoblement of your souls and the acceleration of your minds so that you may understand just who you are as sons and daughters of God, as beloveds of the eternal Father-Mother.

Gracious ones, when anyone reaches up unto God through prayer and meditation, through living a holy life with the intention to be of service to the Divine, to benefit others through their hearts on fire with love, I am there front and center and present in your life as the living Christ, anointing you with my spiritual fire in those moments of intimacy and beingness; where together we emanate light, we raise consciousness of many and we intercede, by the healing grace of God, in the lives of many—heart, head and hand, body, soul and mind.

Those of you who desire a greater communion with my sacred heart may enter into the Christ consciousness of your own Higher Self first. For in accessing the Divine within you, you instantaneously reach a level of awareness where my energy, my life, my Spirit may also live, move and have its being within your heart, your soul, your awareness.

Many pray for things, for healing from distress, for freedom from all kinds of entanglements in the world. Yet, blessed ones, the greatest form of prayer is simply to offer oneself to God through love. And in that moment of the offering of the heart, there is a greater bonding of yourself to the Divine; there is the integration of heaven upon earth within you. There is divine glory that manifests as the light of the living Christ when— through this experience of oneness with your Presence, with the ascended hosts, the angels and archangels and the Lord God him/herself—you truly understand your eternal nature, who you are as a God-created one. You understand the living fire within your breast that God placed there long, long ago, which is your sacred connection with your Source. It is that which enlivens you and allows you to maintain your very life essence in this world.

Yes, I am here emanating from Buenos Aires to all lightbearers throughout Argentina and even throughout all of South America. And as I accelerate this light to the South American continent this day, a few have chosen to partake of the dispensation of The Hearts Center community worldwide from Buenos Aires. And these I honor this day and bless tangibly with my heart, with my head, with my hands. For you have secured a place, you have secured the time for the coming of Saint Germain and other great masters—so soon, in October of this year. And when we come and radiate our light, it will be a cosmic infusion within that continent and country, and there will be miracles of light descending from many realms on high into the souls of those physically present, as well as those who choose to participate online.

What are these miracles? you ask. Come and see. Be aware by being there with us. For every miracle is a grace of God, a bestowal of the Holy Spirit and manifests according to cosmic law, beyond what most men and women and children understand as the physical laws governing your universe. For with God, all things are possible.1 And the renewal of the Holy Spirit's grace in those moments of the manifestation of miracles truly allows there to be a great boon for your souls, surcease from certain diseases of the mind, of the emotions, of the subconscious.

You see, often we work first at more subtle levels of being within our disciples. For if we were to only heal your outer body temples and not allow there to be a deeper reach of the light and the energies of God within your souls, your hearts and your minds, that healing would be incomplete and you would still retain certain issues within your psyche, within your being, which, ultimately, when resolved, addressed and transmuted will be for your eternal freedom in the light beyond this world—in the heaven-world of spirit.

Within this movement of The Hearts Center community, we work primarily with your souls, with your spirits, with your consciousness. For we know that when all of these are aligned with the true spiritual impetus and fires of heaven, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, then that which proceeds within your life will be more refined, harmonious, beautiful. And when God comes unto you in those tender moments when you have given your all, when you have striven with all of your being, when you have emptied your consciousness of all egoic manifestations and truly embraced the divine light in all of its wonderful aspects, then God begins to spin his/her light within you, your soul sings a new song, and your spirit is free to soar with the angels, the ascended hosts and great cosmic beings of light.

Yes, we are coming to South America. It will be a great day of light and a certain restoration of higher awareness, an opportunity for self-transcendence for hundreds. I call these souls now on the inner to respond to the inner promptings of your Higher Self. And I provide, through angelic intercession, a pathway for you to find this resource of light—The Hearts Center community, as it is offered within the greater planetary activity and also as it exists in Buenos Aires through our cherished heartfriends.

Love one another, dearest ones, with your entire being, as you love God with your entire being. For this love will create a field of harmony, of peace, of brother/sisterhood that will engender all manner of future blessings to your beings, within your local communities, as well as within the greater community of light of The Hearts Center worldwide.

Yes, when you are harmonious, you create the vehicle for, the vessel for the anointing of the Holy Spirit. When you are harmonious in your thoughts and feelings, there is a restoration of the original blueprint of your being, present right where you live, where your heart beats, where your lungs breathe the fresh air of the Spirit. And in that sacred breath of the Holy Spirit, the anointing that transpires, the cosmic activity that ensues truly is a grace that many on the inner desire, though on the outer they do not always know which way to turn, to whom to go, where or how.

Show them, dearest ones, through your love. Express your love of God through co-creativity in song, in dance, in music, in prayer, in joyful adoration of the One Eternal Light, in transcendent forgiveness of all, in givingness in every situation, as I have shared, in offering your hearts in simplicity, in graciousness, in humility.

I, Jesus, modeled the divine life as the living Christ. And I desire that each of you also exemplify and truly be that same model where you live on behalf of the souls whom you have come into this lifetime to serve and to set free. The more that you retain the light within your auras and chakras and glow with the sacred fire by offering your love throughout the day, with God, the more you magnetize and draw all others who are destined to find you to your hearts, to the activities that we provide, to the resources that are here and now available through the greater community worldwide.

Now beloved Archangel Uriel stands also above Buenos Aires, and he blows his trump and there is a great inauguration of cycles of cosmic light throughout all of South America. And tens of thousands of angels now surrounding your land, your country, your continent ray forth the light into every home, into every school and business, community and family. And through this manifestation of grace and blessing, there is also the simultaneous dividing of the way that some have called the judgment, which is simply the inauguration of a cycle of light so that souls may choose either to serve that light or, by choosing to serve darkness, go their way—and hopefully in some future time bend the knee and at last serve the God-flame within all.

You have chosen the higher path; you have chosen the walk with God. And because you have chosen this higher means of divine expression, I have chosen you and I will walk and talk with my own. I will be with those who practice the science of the Presence, the art of holiness, the alchemy of beingness through love.

I AM your Jesus. I love you with the true love of a holy brother, a friend, a father, a benefactor. And in this love, you may feel always the love of God, dearest ones. I AM with you in your trust. I AM with you in your victories. I AM with you every day if you choose to pray and to live in the integrity of true love. Thank you.

1. Matthew 19:26;
Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27.


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