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Heartstreams Database-Messages From the Ascended Masters

David Lewis      March 03, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
March 3, 2016   9:00 ̶ 9:30 am MST
Livingston, Montana

The Foundations of Our Hearts Center Community
and Our Spiritual Path

Good morning, everyone. God bless you on this wonderful March 3, 2016—Omri-Tas Day. I'm broadcasting from my home in Livingston, Montana, through our wonderful heartfriends group, the Hearts Center in Mount Shasta. Thank you, Dwynn and Ronaldo and all those who are there, for facilitating this service today.

Today I'm beginning a series of sharings that I intend will be very important topics to discuss relating to our path, the formation of The Hearts Center movement, our community worldwide, the spiritual components of what we do, why we do what we do, a little bit of the history of how we came to be and things that will edify us from the heart of Lanello and Clare de Lis as they move us forward on our spiritual journey at this time.

We have now been active for about eleven years, publicly, in our Hearts Center movement, as of February 26—just a little over a week ago. There was activity before that, privately, through me and also in the home of a heartfriend in Glastonbury, Patricia Murphy. We are really accelerating of late through the work of our staff and our community in bringing these teachings to humanity through our website and through all manner of offerings.

As we pause to consider how we came about to assist those who are new to our activity, I believe it will give us pause to understand the dynamics of our relationship with the ascended masters and how I was called to do what I am doing, which many of you already know. Yet I hope to add a little bit more to the story so that as we move forward with our next publication, we can share our greater story with humanity.

Why do we have a living messenger, a spokesperson for the ascended masters? Why is this important? I remember one time going to a party in Bozeman and Ed Francis was there, along with a number of others. This was before he knew anything about what I was doing, which at that time was not public, and he said to me, “You know, we don't need another messenger.” I held my tongue, because at that point I was already receiving HeartStreams from the ascended masters, yet there was no activity. This was probably in the fall of 2004.

When I brought Lanello's 33 messages to a leader of the church to introduce what I was doing and express my desire to be considered as an approved messenger within The Summit, I was told that there would be no more messengers. This was a little shocking to me because I knew at that point that Elizabeth Clare Prophet—Mother, as we called her—had actually set up a matrix for there to be a new messenger after her transition or the completion of her messengership. There were guidelines that she had set up, and yet they were not publicly communicated.

When I was told this, I thought, why is this? I realized later that it was for control, for a number of reasons. People high up in the previous organization desired their status; they desired to maintain their positions. How can you control a messenger if it is someone who isn't from within the inner circle, or clique, of that movement? This is not a judgment of that individual or of the leadership. Yet, I have to say, many of us saw the handwriting on the wall, what was transpiring within the movement, and now we understand that the very individual that I brought these 33 messages to is the one who is the spiritual leader of the movement now. So it's very interesting.

I believe that God requires messengers on Earth to continue communicating with his/her people and that God has always done this throughout history. When someone is there as a vehicle for God's word to be expressed and shared, and, in a very humble way, is obedient to that word and delivers it, there can be a great infusion of light, of teaching, of understanding, which can edify our souls and bring us all up higher on our path.

Not everyone has the ability to commune directly with the ascended masters. The ascended masters are intermediaries between us and Almighty God. Very few, if any, people on Earth can actually communicate directly with Almighty God, because God, in God's infinite greatness, is, of course, pure Spirit, pure energy, pure love, an infinitude of beingness in the Great Central Sun. In our limited state of being upon Earth in the human flesh bodies that we wear, it would be very difficult to actually commune with that essence of God. The Master Omraam has shared this dynamic in a very wonderful way. This is why we have step-down transformers, emissaries of God, as the great beings of light, who can do this for us.

After the first public dictation that Elizabeth gave back in the early 1960s, Mark Prophet said that there would be a messenger within The Summit for a thousand years. So if the founder of that movement said this, why would the leadership later say that there would be no more messengers? It's very interesting.

I believe that the gurus, or sponsoring masters, of our Hearts Center community worldwide overshine me and overshine all of us to bring their radiance to bear in our ongoing work. They provide up-to-the-minute guidance on many issues through their HeartStreams. This is also ongoing through much of the work of the staff, as we have continual darshans and queries of the masters on various projects and they are always there, ready to provide guidance and instruction. In fact, even yesterday in a meeting I had with people to plan future events in California, the masters weighed in. I think their solution to our dilemma was absolutely perfect. It took a little while for us to come to the conclusion that was required, and yet it was a very wonderful, creative solution that we all thought was perfect for this situation.

The ascended masters provide dispensations from cosmic councils during their HeartStreams and during events when we generate enough energy by our collective work to warrant them, and when we ask for them—we beg for them at times—for greater resources, et cetera. When we do the spiritual work day after day and are constant and humble in our givingness, they respond. These dispensations are often great; they are spiritual grants of energy. Now, how can you have this if you do not have a messenger to convey that this is happening? Some individuals, here and there, may be sensitive to higher truth and the masters' comings in their individual lives. Yet on behalf of the Earth, an organization and a people, you have to have someone who has a direct connection with the ascended masters in order for them to reveal that these graces, dispensations and grants have actually been bestowed. This is a very, very important dynamic.

The ascended masters charge their light-energy, divine brilliance and radiance into the Earth during their HeartStreams. This dynamic is very important because the Earth and all of us require the light. We require the boost of energy, the fortitude and the virya, to enter our worlds so that we can keep on keeping on and maintain our spiritual path. When we have the edification of the masters, their graces, their boons and blessings bestowed on a regular basis, it gives us hope. It gives us purpose and it helps us to retain that which is true within ourselves, because the natural propensity in the human condition, through entropy, is for people to fall back into old habit patterns and matrices of imperfection, where they were yesterday. And so these boosts and grants give us that thrust and that sacred dynamic of light.

I don't believe that most of us could fulfill our highest purpose completely on our own. The energy that the ascended masters release—the output, the divine amperage and cosmic wattage that comes in their dictations—is tremendous. We all feel it, we know it, and this is what we revel in. Of course, individually you can muster a certain amount of that through the intensity of your spiritual practice, and yet the collective of us as one body energizing the Earth through the architecture of the Spirit that we are building and building and building day after day is tremendous. We all feel this. We feel the charge of the Earth, the mitigation of issues, problems, potential calamities and natural cataclysms. So all this is very important.

I believe the ascended masters help certain disciples in a very personal way to avoid pitfalls of illusion and downward spirals through darkness and habit patterns. The masters raise us up. And sometimes, through their disciplines as well as their calls to us, it can really make the difference for individual disciples. When we give them the authority to act in our world and allow them to do their perfect work and to be our mentors, our guides, our guardian spirits, they do that work. The chohans do it; the sponsoring masters do it. Many masters have come and released fantastic teaching. Much of it is the same, HeartStream by HeartStream: a bestowal of love and grace. And yet there are also specific teachings and anointings that occur that are very, very personal to that master.

Recently we had the wonderful HeartStream in Dennis's home from Lady Clarity—his former wife, Carla Fisher, who made her transition just four or five years ago. It was a fantastic, tremendous release of light for me. Here is a fairly new ascended master who came with great radiance and love and joy. And the boons that we received and the blessing and the bestowal was absolutely phenomenal to me. I felt it and I know that all of you who participated felt it.

Had we not known that Carla had made her ascension by having a witness—me, as the messenger—to proclaim it on the masters' behalf, how could we have received this grace and this blessing to all of us and this bestowal of so much love and light? It truly is a blessing and, in a very humble way, something that I've been privileged to experience again and again and again.

I believe that regular darshans with the ascended masters are a very important component of what we do. And these darshans—in which we experience their Presence, their energy, as well as either ask them questions and receive their instruction or they ask questions of us and then we have to dig deep and from within ourselves to come up with the answers, the solutions, the understanding and the wisdom—are very important. The personal blessings that have occurred during HeartStreams and during conferences are amazing—the blessings of the Holy Spirit, the charges of light. All of these could not occur unless there was a vehicle for them. We also have the crystals and the gemstones as vehicles for these alchemical releases of light.

These charges of energy from the masters are boons to our souls and our chakras, our energy bodies, and they do give us that boost that we require. Sometimes the personal messages are so amazing and transcendent that they can mean the difference for a soul for the rest of that one's life. Sometimes people are promised their ascension, and it relieves the tension, the stress, the strain to know that they have made this level of effort for a purpose and realize that God has promised this to them. It doesn't mean that they should lapse into not working and striving; it is meant to give people greater hope to strive and then go all the way and balance a hundred percent of their karma and give more and more of themselves to humanity.

These boons, these blessings are actually, in some cases, prophecies. When someone is told that he or she will ascend at the close of this life, that is a prophecy. It is the work of the Holy Spirit, as a prophetic message, and in that prophecy itself there is a grace bestowed that houses that prophecy in light and supports it and protects it. I did not really understand that dynamic and I was concerned at times that if someone was promised his or her ascension, that one might go backwards at that point and lose that ascension. Yes, it's possible; however, what I'm seeing today is that the very energy of that message and the action of it is a protective energy field that seals that prophecy in light because it is God's word through an anointed messenger, and God's word does not fail.

I believe that these boons that certain individuals have received when this prophecy is uttered is a great charge of light. It does give them hope. It does give them the sense that all of the effort that they have made is worth it—all of the striving, the discipline, the getting up early every morning and praying, meditating and singing—and they know that everything they do is of value.

I believe that The Hearts Center is an upgrade, in a certain way, to previous organizations. We've talked about this before, yet I'd like to highlight a few points. We were told early on in our movement that all of us are messengers. We had a number of HeartStreams from Hercules in which he invited us to come up and say, “I am a messenger of ________,” and then we proclaimed what our messengership was. This is very important. In other activities there have been one or two at the head and, of course, they were the vehicles for the messages. Yet for us to have the empowerment and know that we are also valued, that we are important, means that the work that we do is about all of us; it is about community. Sometimes we put out a book or something that, yes, may have my name on the cover, yet I always try to let people know that it was a collective work, a communal effort. Your names are in the acknowledgements, if you desire your names to be there. And even if you didn't have a direct impact on that book in the flesh, in terms of doing editing or whatever, your prayers, your financial support were there. So I acknowledge that.

This is very important because we are moving into the Golden-Crystal Age, which is an age of community. The Master Omraam and Peter Deunov have both shared this—the egregore, the concept of a higher oneness, of all of us as one collective. We are moving toward that. The origins of that are already occurring. The Internet has been a great unifier in many ways, even if at times it's a divider through all the stuff that's out there. It is bringing people together through a common understanding of truth through all of the wisdom teachings that are now posted, instant communication, et cetera.

We are now a collective more than we ever have been in the past. Through the media and the Internet we have been brought closer together. And there are still opportunities for that to occur through the unity field of beingness that the masters talk about when we imbibe that unity field, when we live in nonduality, live in the principality of God, the divine principles of light, and we affirm and reaffirm that we are one. Because we are all messengers. We all sit at the table round—we communicate, we share, we associate with each other and there is, through this collaboration and cooperation the building of this community effort and this community sense of oneness. To me, this is very, very important. It's what I was searching for at the age of eighteen when I looked for a spiritual university and community, and I found at that time probably one of the best examples of it in the world, although there were others.

I believe that our appreciation ritual that we've incorporated into what we do is very important because by acknowledging and appreciating each other, we have the growing sense of this oneness, of our love for one another and for our community. This one ritual itself is fantastic and, honestly, I don't see it in too many activities to the extent that we have it.

We have Holy Spirit-inspired sharing amongst all of us during our events, during morning broadcasts, during your broadcasts, where people are encouraged to give their invocations. People are encouraged to share what the HeartStream meant to them. In our Meru University courses, there is a lot more of that interactivity and sharing. It's very important because we learn from each other. We grow through each other's eyes and through each other's focus by observing, through the lens of another's perceptions, that one's self-realization and spiritual attainment.

Through this Holy Spirit-inspired sharing, the Holy Spirit empowers and reempowers us. I call it Holy Spirit-inspired sharing because I believe it truly is. I think that all of us within our community have the essences of the Holy Spirit brimming within our souls and consciousness. And the more we invoke the light, the more we feel the light, the more we generate that light, the more the Holy Spirit is active in our lives.

We honor heartfriends everywhere. We recently had presentations of heartfriends' biographies, their lives. Before that, we had many, many sharings from heartfriends—both within and without our community—of things that were of value to them. We had Donna Korth's sharings on health, Raphael's sharings on astrology, Boyd's sharings on meditation, and many, many more. It's important to share within our community what has been of benefit to you, the self-mastery that you coalesced and manifested in this life, because it helps all of us. It builds that sense of oneness, that sense of togetherness.

We have consciously chosen, from early on in our movement, not to have membership levels, which, in a sense, partition us and divide us by saying one level is higher than another: you can pay this amount and be this, or you can do this and be at that level. That is really almost like a spiritual caste system. I saw its effects in The Summit with Keepers of the Flame membership and church membership, and then beyond church membership there were ministerial commissions, et cetera.

We had a class on blessing a while back with Mona, and Jesus told us that all of us can bless, all of us can be a nexus for blessing. This is the empowerment of the New Age. We don't require a minister or an intermediary to be the nexus for the blessing of another. We can call it forth because we are all sons and daughters of God. So by honoring each and every one and not having these levels of membership, where some people feel less than, it really is a greater empowerment of all of us.

I realize that we do have the Knights and Ladies of the Flame, which is a holy order simply for prayer work. There are no dues or financial requirements. The members receive emails to pray for people, pray for knights and ladies who require prayers for their health and well-being, and pray for me during events and to protect me and our staff during travel, et cetera. It's a righteous type of membership, if you'd like to call it that, which is about prayer. It's kind of a prayer circle more than anything else, and I think that that is legitimate and doesn't create a divisive feeling that somebody is better than another. And it's a freewill thing. No one will coerce you to be a member of that. In fact, some people have been knighted before they were even members of the Knights and Ladies of the Flame. So that's pretty interesting.

We empower people to broadcast, and many of you have taken up this calling and are doing a phenomenal job. The empowerment that you experience during these broadcasts is tremendous. I know that you feel that empowerment. You are the nexus for the word going forth, and whether you're playing a recorded prayer or a series of prayers or you're doing it live, it doesn't matter. Still, you are the nexus at that point for the release of light to the entire planet, and especially to your community.

This was Lanello's vision long ago, that we would have these broadcasts centers all over the world, and we're still establishing more and more. And as we grow them and have more in other continents and nations, I think we will see the connectivity of all of us through this antahkarana. It really is anchoring the light in numerous places that will assist the Great White Brotherhood in their sacred work.

People have been given authority to create programs for conferences. I know this has occurred a few times. Joyce Genis was given the authority to create the entire program, including the masters who would come and even the titles of the HeartStreams, I believe. The same thing for those in Sweden. And I believe there was one other time. This is really unique, to have a disciple say which masters are coming and what their topics will be. This is empowerment of the highest kind, I believe. Often those doing the international broadcasts—from Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Chile or Canada—are given the authority to ask for a master to come. That's a new type of empowerment that I've never seen anywhere else. It's not about me dictating everything. You are allowed to request that a master come.

Creativity is encouraged rather than stifled within our movement. There are exceptions, such as when people are coming from the ego. I received an email this morning in which someone was insistent upon presenting something. I have experienced this from people at fairs, for example, where they feel that their thing is better than what we have to offer or that we must, as a community, incorporate what they are doing into what we do. This is an interesting dynamic and one that I can talk about more later.

We're coming to the end of our time, so I'm going to have to break this off right now. Sorry. Thank you, all, for listening. It is 9:30. God bless you. Have a wonderful day, and I'll return you now to Dwynn and Ronaldo, and we'll continue this discussion in future days. Take care. God bless.


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