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Lady Venus      February 14, 2016

Beloved Lady Master Venus

David Christopher Lewis

February 14, 2016   12:16–12:29 pm PST
Mother Mary Comes in Support of Families, Communities and Nations

2016 Valentine Prayer Vigil

San Diego, California


Experience Divine Love on Behalf of All Life


Dearest Ones,

It is an hour to experience love in its glory, in its beauty, in its harmony. It is a moment to experience love in its transcendence, in its virtue and in its healing opportunities.

Many of you seek wholeness through all manner of outer means. Yet have you sought wholeness through the love of the Divine Mother, giving birth within yourself to a new, experiential way of being within God's Presence, as the nurturing aspect of the feminine beingness of God washes upon your soul and provides for you an impetus of eternal joy, through love, so that you may be restored to your transcendent space and state of wholeness?

From our perspective on Venus, love is the All in all. Love is the foundation of life; love is the purpose of being. And at every turn within the eternal cycles of life, love bestowed, love felt, love intuited may provide that impetus for all the essentials that you require in your life, and for you, each heart, to give birth to new worlds of light and life through your being. From a mother's perspective, love is what co-creates life itself as two hearts come together, giving glory to God through the creation that they now offer to the universe as new life and the opportunity of that life to be, to co-create and to experience itself.


So you see, love is within the center of every being, even as it is within the center of beingness. You may experience this love as you choose to be in love with God, to be in love with one another, to be in love with everything that is. For in love, there is harmony, there is peace, there is perfect understanding, wisdom and joy. From our perspective also, there truly is no way to live in any other state except love. For the universe is love, was composed of a Mother's love. And as you experience your life within the ocean of God's consciousness, that love keys you into the Universal Mother's being, all of her essences, all of her virtues, all of her sacred gifts for you.

To experience life itself, enter love. And by entering in, life will teach you its eternal secrets. Likewise, entering into love, love will reveal everything about your life, God's life and the universal consciousness that you require on your sacred journey of love—your destiny in love, your unique representation of love through who you are as a spirit-spark divine. When you embody love, you give glory to God in the Mother aspect of life. For the body of the universe is composed of the Mother's love. All nature is the outpicturing of Omega's essence, bestowed unto you as your foundation of life.


What we perceive on Venus, you may perceive upon Earth when you choose love always, dearest ones. Love may restore the Earth to its pristine grandeur, its state of beingness beyond conflict, crisis, war and every travail that men and women experience. We listen intently to your hearts, for your heart, as the repository of love, is the true voice of your soul, the voice of love, the voice of beingness, the voice of conscience. If we listen to your hearts, we pray that you will listen to ours to access the higher loves that may come to those hearts who are ready for the initiatic path of ruby love, higher love, that love which resonates with God's love in all of its compassionate and universal aspects.

To know love is to be subsumed into God within every breath and heartbeat. To know love is to be a co-creator, with love as your motive, as your modus operandi, as the means by which and through which you experience life through the lens of the Mother's vision of all within the sphere of love which is the holy space of beingness.

I prepare your hearts for the fire of Omega so that there may be a restoration within you of those higher frequencies, divine quintessences and fine resources for you to know God-love in all of its magnanimity and divine harmony. Therefore breathe deeply now, dearest hearts, as I breathe upon you the breath of Venus's love. [Venus inhales and exhales three times.] As you ingest this love and allow it to take hold deep within your heart and being, and be in this godly estate, with its true heroic glory and its novel creativity, maidens of love from Venus will serve you day and night, night and day so that you may remain centered in that love and always feel God's love within—and, through that feeling and knowing, go forth to be victorious in all things through love.

Peace in the flame of the Mother's love for you.

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