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Manjushri      October 14, 2015

Beloved Manjushri Darshan
David Christopher Lewis
October 14, 2015   8:56–9:11 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Manjushri on the Buddha Mother and Seeing the Masters

David:  Well, I received one question already.

Question:  Can we have some teaching to get a better understanding of the Buddha Mother mentioned in our preambles?

David:  That's pretty simple. The Buddha Mother is an appellation for Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Guru Ma, who now has the ascended lady master name of Lady Clare de Lis.

The reason that she is called Buddha Mother is that I was shown and realized at the outset of The Hearts Center that she had attained to Buddhic consciousness, or Buddhic awareness. And we were using this appellation in our preambles even before a particular heartfriend told me the story of her vision when she first met me at Camelot in 1985, in which she had an amazing experience of seeing Mother as a female Buddha hovering in the atmosphere in a lotus, unable to speak, and dressed in a beautiful garment. That whole story is documented in the little booklet that we have called The Vision, which is in our bookstore. Many of you already have it, and if you don't have it, I highly encourage you to secure it and read it because it is a phenomenal story. The interesting thing is that we were using that name in our preambles in 2005 before this friend approached me and told me the story in 2006. So it's very, very interesting that her account corroborated what I received.

When we say “Buddha Mother” it also helps to remind us that there are female Buddhas. Typically in Buddhism you hear about all of these male Buddhas. Yet where are the female Buddhas? There are female Buddhas. Kuan Yin is a female Buddha, though it's thought that even she is technically male. If you read about Avalokitesvara, you will see that in some circles she is considered a he. Yet we know Kuan Yin as a female divine being, as a Mother Buddha also.

There are many Mother Buddhas, or Buddha Mothers, in heaven, those ladies of the flame who have ascended and reached Buddhic attainment. Any being whom we call goddess is beyond Buddhic awareness and has reached God-consciousness. And so all of the goddesses are really also Buddha Mothers.

So when we say “Buddha Mother,” in a sense we are referring to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Guru Ma or Clare de Lis. Yet we can also expand that awareness to think of Buddha Mother as a general concept representing all female divine beings who have reached Buddhic attainment. And you ladies in our movement can proclaim that you are moving into that field of awareness of Buddhic enlightenment, especially after hearing Manjushri today—a beautiful, beautiful HeartStream.

So that's what Buddha Mother means in our preamble. We typically say her name after Lanello's. When we were in The Summit, we would say “Lanello and the World Mother.” So in this case, instead of “the World Mother,” we say “Buddha Mother.”

Thank you for the question. Let's see if there are any other questions. I don't have any other questions, so we'll take a question from this audience here.

Question:  I was in an art museum recently and they had an exhibit from the year 100 AD. It was an exhibit of silver that had recently been dug up in France. It was all in honor of God Mercury, who we know is Hermes Trismegistus. They were very elaborately designed silver cups and plates.

 David:  Did they say God Mercury or did they just say Mercury? 

Participant:  Probably Mercury. I assumed it was Hermes Trismegistus. One of the signs they had there said that Mercury's consort was Rosamunde, who was a goddess of abundance, and that she is always portrayed with a cornucopia. It immediately popped into my mind—Goddess Fortuna. So I just wanted to ask, are they twin flames?

David:  No. That's the short answer. A while back someone in The Hearts Center was told that he was the twin flame of the Goddess Fortuna. I've never revealed who it is publicly, so I have to trust that. Now, Rosamunde is the twin flame of Mercury. Whoever said that is correct. Rosamunde contains the Spanish word mundo, meaning world, or earth. So the name indicates a rose earth, a rosy earth or a loving earth. So in the same breath as Mercury, you can say Rosamunde. I have never heard that question asked before. So that's the answer.

Question:  There is a question from __________ and __________'s four-year-old son, __________. 

Question:  Can all of the people in The Hearts Center see the masters?

David: Well, they could if they were willing to do the work on themselves. Can they now, physically? Probably not all of them. If you see the masters, tell your parents what they look like. Draw them, __________, and explain what you see. Because if your vision is open and you see the masters, especially when you pray to them, it would be wonderful for you to share what you see, especially when you're really young.

Many times young children see elementals, masters and angels. Then when they get a little older, they don't always see. If you can keep that vision by keeping your purity, that's the key. The Bible says that the pure in heart shall see God,1 so if we don't see the masters, we have to work on purifying our hearts. If we don't behold them, we can call to Cyclopea, who is called the All-Seeing Eye of God, to improve our inner vision so that we can behold them.

Remember that when you behold a master, part of the dynamic of being able to see him or her is being able to hold that field of purity within yourself, because if you see a master, you are kind of beholden to the vision of that master and who that master is, and you are then responsible to maintain a certain vibration. So if you implore God, saying, “I desire to see you, God,” or “I desire to see Saint Germain and know him face-to-face,” be careful, because when you behold a master, that master will be so awesome that it could be pretty intense for you.

The purer in heart you are, the less will be the intensity or shock to your system when you behold a divine being. The higher you are in vibration, the less shock you will experience. It's like when some people behold the light when they go to the Holy City and they are almost blinded by it, in one sense. Yet the purer and more refined you are, the more you can behold that light. It is similar to doing solar gazing. At first it's not easy if you've never done it. You look at the sun for ten seconds and it's intense, yet once you start doing doing it for ten seconds more each day, you build a momentum on it and then looking at the sun is not difficult and it doesn't blind you as much. You actually have greater light in your eye and a greater ability to behold the sun without it being too intense.

A lot of people on the Earth walk around wearing sunglasses all the time. Why? First of all, they've been told the lie that we can't look at the sun or that you have to wear shades to protect you from the sun. If they had been told the truth about how beneficial the sun is most of the time, they wouldn't wear sunglasses all the time. And yet this has become a standard thing and it is considered really hip and cool to wear sunglasses.

I can tell you that spiritually it is not hip and cool to wear sunglasses all the time. There are times when it is probably okay, such as when you're driving and looking directly at the sun, although I use a visor and don't use sunglasses. Yet many of you have gotten used to this. It's something you can wean yourself from gradually or, if you choose, immediately, by reading up about this and studying what Wayne Purdin shared with us about solar gazing.

The reason I bring this up is because looking at the sun is kind of like looking at a master or God since God is bright and a master is very bright. So if you can gain in solar gazing, I believe that translates to you being able to see clearer into heaven and actually being able to ultimately see the ascended masters, because you will affinitize your sight, your vision, by having more light shining through your eye. People will notice that sparkle in your eyes when you have more light. You can look in the mirror and see how bright your eyes are.

If you look at people who are very sick, you will sometimes notice that their irises are clouded. There is a science called iridology that allows you to look at the eye and see what diseases people have had and what is going on inside the body. The eye is the window to the soul. If the eye is the window to the soul, we can see into the soul, in a sense, through the eye. You can tell a lot about people through their eyes. You may notice people who have very, very bright, clear and shining eyes. These people typically have great light in their auras and have facilitated that light shining through their eyes through their spiritual practices, through their joy, through the brightness of their countenance and their joyful spirits. Typically, these people like to laugh and have fun, and that joy shines through their whole being and especially their eyes. 

For us to be able to see an ascended master, we can choose to work on purifying ourselves at all levels—in our body temples, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Many of us were actually able to see things in our infancy and into our toddler years, and then our eyesight may have been closed a little bit more when we turned six, seven or eight. You probably have heard stories like this. Very young children sometimes even remember past lifetimes, and when they can first speak they tell their parents stories about it.

When my youngest brother, Matt, was about four, he said to my mom, “Mom, do you remember Tanako and Mori Lan?” He remembered these kids from a past life. He had been in some other country, and he said, “How did I get here?” That is when my mom first started believing in reincarnation. She had read about Edgar Cayce, but when Matt told this story, it was amazing. 

__________, you are amazing. Please share what you see so that your parents can write it down, or you can write it down so that you never forget, so that if perchance you later stop seeing, they will always have that record and memory of what you have shared with them when you were very young. And I pray that you will never stop seeing, that you will always have this ability.

1. Matthew 5:8.

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