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Amora      July 22, 2015

Beloved Amora
David Christopher Lewis
July 22, 2015   7:29–7:40 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Heros and Amora Send Arrows of Love into the Hearts of Devotees


I, Amora, come to invest God's love within this Earth, within the hearts of disciples everywhere. I invest this love on behalf of those who know the law of love as a concept and who may choose this day to make this a reality, so that that love grows and flows and extends its radiance to all life as we the Elohim extend it to all life through our presence ensouling so many worlds and the evolutions living upon those worlds.

With Heros I come, and we send arrows here and there into the hearts of devotees within whom love has waned and who now receive the calling on the inner to be restored to love, to be reinvested in love, to allow love to play upon you, to move through you, to co-create within you a new life of oneness with God.

Dearest ones, love is real. It is the highest reality that we know. And when you focus upon and realize who God is, who is love, then that love will sing through you, that love will dine upon you and you will be consumed by God in this love for God. And in this process the lesser self is no more; the Higher Self is your reality. All shadows gone, you live in the light. Love is present everywhere.

Within these arrows there is an action of love that pricks the heart to remember God, to be invested in God's ways, truths, life. Jesus said, I AM the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but through this way that I have shown.1 Blessed ones, many have understood this scripture only in the context of a man, and yet we say that it was his life that was the demonstration of this law, this truth. And that life of love, being the way, the truth and the life was that which God commissioned his Son to fulfill to prove the law in a life lived to the glory of the One.

How will you prove this law where you are, O souls? How will you extend the radiance of your heart to life in many domains through your co-creative works? It is your choice to be love or something else. We say, choose love, be love, expand love, express love, share love every moment of your life in some way, even if you have to express it silently, for many will not fully understand your words, your truths, your way. And yet they will still feel that love in the invisible ethers of its expression from and through your heart as you invest in that singular purpose of being perfect love.

Devotees within this movement have purchased one hundred amethyst hearts and brought them to the altar for a blessing. And we, the Elohim, now charge these with the essence of Elohimic love. And if you choose to receive one unto your heart, our love will magnify your love, our light will magnify your light, our expression of God-love will burn through you so long as you use this talisman to expand God's love through amethyst joy, seventh-ray violet alchemy to a world around you and within you, by your love.

Precious ones, all may know love. Be there for all to know love. Find ways through which love may be expressed and grow somewhere, some place, some time each day. For if your day goes by without an expression of love, we say, “How can you live one day, one cycle without saying to God, to someone, “I love you?” Say it throughout each day outwardly, inwardly, in your mind, in your heart, through your will. And in this expression—‘I love you'—God loves through you through the I AM of that I in that phrase. For it is always God who loves, first and foremost. And every other expression of love is only a reflection of that original love of God, the Creator. Be those expressions, those reflections, those regenerations of love. And in your love you will know the all-consuming power of the creative fire of life. And as a co-creator of love, all will be restored to peace and harmony, grace and beingness, beauty and perfection.

One has called us to the Earth this day. And through that one love we have come. We bow to the Eternal within you and leave you, hopefully, a little more expressive of that divine love of which all creation is established.

[Amora chants: Amora I AM love for 20 seconds.]

1. John 14:6

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