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Jesus      March 21, 2015

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Jesus)
March 21, 2015  11:30–11:51 am MST
Jesus on the New Jerusalem and the New Age
2015 Spring Equinox Meru University Event
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Teachings from Jesus on Meditation

There are many levels of stillness, probably as many levels as there are people on the Earth, and you can rise in consciousness to access new, more radiant and divinely powerful levels through practice. As I shared a while back, there is a book by Malcolm Gladwell, who  has a number of books, in which he speaks about the Beatles and other individuals who practiced for ten thousand hours to master something. When you practice something long enough with the proper attitude and methodology, and, if possible, with mentoring, you do gain momentum. You gain insight and the mastery that is essential to really develop a richer and fuller life from that practice.

Many of us had developed a practice of decreeing, and I can say that many of you in this room have decreed at least ten thousand hours in your life. Yet how many of us have meditated ten thousand hours or more? If we truly desire to master this art and science, there has to be the commitment and the constancy of practice that brings clarity into the equation of your desire and your desired results.

So if you had difficulty in maintaining a still mind or focusing on what Lord Maitreya said to focus on—which is the light of the sun over your crown or your head—and your thoughts were wandering, you were thinking about something, thoughts of all kinds were entering the scene and entering your consciousness, then you can understand that it takes practice. And it takes time in your practice for you to be able to true your mind, your being to the point where focus is easier and you can stay true to the ideal that you set yourself about to fulfill and to live within.

Then as you gain greater and greater levels of beingness through the constancy of this practice, you will feel the results of your advancement, just as many of you over months and years and decades could feel the light flowing through your chakras when you decreed. You could feel the effect of that work on the planet. And when you weren't able to decree, you might have felt the impact on your heart and your chakras—you didn't feel that oomph in your auric field and in your life and have the energy that you required to be at your peak and at your best performance in whatever was your service to life, in your attitude, your emotional body being at peace and at rest, et cetera.

So translate what you already know about the science of the spoken word to this science of the unspoken dynamic of the word—the flipside of the coin of spoken prayer—which is meditation, a very, very important spiritual practice. You know that practice makes perfect. You know that your constancy, your dedication, staying true to your word, and now the silent word, will ultimately bring you to that point where you will be able to tangibly know where you are, what is ahead of you to accomplish and fulfill. And at various stages of the development of this science and art, you will be able to look back and say: “Yes, I went through that. I understand now what Boyd was talking about or what Lord Maitreya, or Jesus or Kuthumi were talking about. And I have moved through these stages, these levels consciously because I practiced, I put in the time and I consecrated and dedicated my life to this cause.”

Fifteen minutes twice in the morning during our morning broadcast is only a beginning. It helps to have others in the room at these events who have a greater mastery than you have to augment, vibrationally, what you are experiencing, to assist you. When you go back to your homes, you may be alone or with your spouse or significant other. And if you both have the practice and you practice together, it can be powerful. Yet, ultimately, it's really up to you, each one, how far you go, what level you reach, how you can make better progress through attunement.

Now, consider Jesus spending forty days in the wilderness. He may have been walking around part of the time. He may have been under a tree part of the time. He may have been meditating, probably much of the time. Gautama, under the Bodhi tree for forty days—he was meditating. There is a video on YouTube of a young boy in India who has been meditating on and on and on for what could be years now. I'm not sure. And others attend to him, clip his fingernails, take care of his body a little bit here and there. And he is attempting, I believe, to reach the enlightened state, as Gautama did, by his consecration of this practice.

We don't have to go to that extreme. We live in the Western world, where we have responsibilities, jobs, families to deal with. Not everyone can go that route. However, what we can do is take the fifteen or the thirty minutes a day, or whatever amount of time you choose, and ask for the masters' presence, their light, their sponsorship.

 We now have a Buddha for the rest of our lives to be with us, to help us in this practice. I think that is one of the greatest boons that we could have received. So this Buddha is obviously a master at meditation, having reached that level of attainment. And I believe the Buddha is chosen for each one of us because he knows us intimately—knows our foibles, our shortcomings, what we have mastered to this date—and will work with us at the level that we have reached to take us to the next level and the next level and the next level.

So you can name your Buddha, if you desire, or you can ask the Buddha what his or her name is and listen, wait for the response and then have this intimate communion with this being, and maybe keep a journal of your experiences on a day-to-day basis. You can also read books on meditation, if you choose, from various authors, preferably those sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood. You may desire to reread Prayer and Meditation by Jesus and Kuthumi from The Summit Lighthouse and do what it takes to really come at this science and this art from all angles. Because if we as a community are going to really progress, it's the responsibility of each of us, as an initiate, to make that individual progress. If 90 percent are doing it and 10 percent are not and you come to an event, the 10 percent will hold back the other 90 percent somewhat and the ability to make a huge impact, just as when at events in the past, people that did not know how to decree were a little bit befuddled at the speed of the decrees, not having necessarily practiced.

We all started out at the beginning, right? We all had to learn the art of the science of the spoken word, and we started out slow until we could practice, practice and become more articulate, pronounce our words, enunciate, et cetera. There's a whole science there. Well, translate that to meditation. Just as there are dynamics in decreeing—such as pronunciation, articulation, the finesse that comes from using your chakras, visualization, emanation, and feeling the various levels and frequencies when you raise your pitch at various stages to increase the energy field—so there are a lot of the same dynamics in meditation, only in a different context, in a different spiritual phase of awareness.

Some of us have the mastery of this science from past lives, and yet we have to re-experience it and go through the process again. It may be easier for some of you, having mastered it in the past, to access that level of attainment. You can actually make a call and ask the Great White Brotherhood and the sponsoring masters and your Buddha to reintroduce into your life—consciousness, mind and heart—the level of attainment that you had reached in past lives to bring you more quickly to the point where you can make even greater progress.

It is altogether appropriate and cosmically just to do this, because we are who we are based on all of our lives' experiences. And even though the veil is drawn between lifetimes so that we do not remember everything, so that we make the effort and don't rest on our laurels lifetime after lifetime, yet when we reach a certain level on the path, by God's grace, we do begin to have some flashes from past lives and possibly certain incarnations. And although it's not important in the total scheme of things to always know our past lives, when it's important for our progress, sometimes they will be revealed. And if you can time travel—which is possible—you can go back and access those points of self-mastery. I encourage you to do so and to be bold and daring, and, like the Star Trekians, go where no man or woman has gone before, and see what transpires.

You're not going to be thrust into the astral plane if you first do some prayers of protection, visualize the blue-white-fire light around yourself, within yourself and you ask for that protection. God will not allow you to be destroyed by some activity that may seem a little foreign to you right now. And yet through divine magic, through alchemy and through the divine sciences, you may be able to actually do and experience some amazing things.

I'd really love to hear your stories of when you were co-creative in an amazing way, when you reached beyond the realms of human frailty and the seeming limitations of your human self into the realms of divine beingness and accessed the miraculous, the stupendous, the dynamic. Record it in your journals, and at an appropriate time you can share your experience with us, with others—of course not in an egotistical way, in a way that edifies and graces others so that they may be emboldened to do the same type of thing.

So let us have a discussion now on any of the dynamics of this spiritual practice that we call meditation. I gave a talk in India, I believe on the banks of the Ganges. We were at this amazing place, kind of on a patio, and the Ganges was just behind me as the audience was facing me. We could even see the water, I believe, and hear it, and the Master inspired upon me to talk about all different types of meditation. Was anybody on that India trip who remembers that? Yeah. I expounded on that, and it would be good to have access to that teaching since we're focusing more on meditation now than we ever have. It will give you some insights as to what I received at that time about different forms of meditation.

There are guided meditations; there is meditation in nature; there is walking meditation, which we are going to do later today with Jesus on Mona's and my property. There is meditation in complete silence; there is a continuous level of meditation throughout the day, where you attempt to and hopefully stay centered in your Presence, being very mindful and heart-centered, and just be love, be peace, be joy. There are many, many types of meditation. Everything can become a meditation—washing dishes, doing your chores, vacuuming, gardening. It is your consciousness, your attitude and your awareness that determines what level of peace, reverence, inner-heart stability and state of grace that you can facilitate in your life and your auric field.

 There is another word similar to resonance, which is coherence. The HeartMath people use it. What do you cohere to? Your Divine Presence, hopefully—love, perfection, the graces and virtues of God. When we were investigating HeartMath, we learned about these little devices that you could have with you, and you tried to keep the light within it in the green. I think some of you actually bought those. It's a very interesting little science, to get heart-centered. The device actually registers your vibration, and the goal is to maintain that and to not get it in the other colors, red or whatever it was.

 So your meditation Buddha will be the one to monitor you, to guide you, to direct you, to lovingly chasten you at times, or to just muse with you to bring to you insights so that you can make the leaps to the next level and the next level. Sometimes you may not reach another level for quite a while. It may take weeks or months to reach a state of equanimity, where you feel at peace with where you are in your progress, so do not be self-critical or be down on yourself if you don't seem to be making any progress. Please don't do that. Please allow yourself the space, the time to move through this process with equanimity and grace. And if you hear others talking about their amazing experiences, as you did earlier in our conference, don't worry. Everyone is different. It's all going to be okay. However, when you do consecrate and dedicate the time, I can assure you that with this Buddha's help, you will make gradual, gentle and beautiful progress.

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