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Jesus      March 20, 2015

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Jesus)
March 20, 2015   4:30–5:00 pm MDT

Jesus on the New Jerusalem and the New Age
2015 Spring Equinox Meru University Event
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Jesus's Discourse on the Peace that Passeth Understanding

You have heard in the scripture about the peace that passeth understanding,1 and you may have interpreted this as a type of peace that is beyond understanding. In other words, it is something that humanly we cannot always fathom. However, today Jesus would convey that true peace passes, or conveys, understanding. It elicits understanding; it breeds understanding.

How and why does peace do this? To know peace, one must truly enter into stillness within the great silence that already exists within the secret chamber of the heart. And when you go there and you make contact with the divine light in these eternal moments of connectedness, where you are invested in the spiritual world that already exists deep within you, you do access all that is true, beautiful and divine of divine wisdom, holy knowledge, which is gnosis, and understanding.

On the sixth ray of peace we have the purple and the golden rays. The golden aspect of the sixth ray is the wisdom that peace does bring, that it suffuses us in, and the wafting currents of the Holy Spirit that come in wave patterns of peace into our worlds—into our lives, into our consciousness—truly bringing divine mindfulness, Buddhic awareness and picture-perfect presence.

Have you sat on the shores of the Pacific, on the great white sands of Hawaii, and meditated with Peace and Aloha? And as you have been there in the sun, have you felt the currents, the wave patterns of their awareness of perfect stillness, which also provide for you their divine wisdom, their holy understanding of the path—the ancient path of the Divine Mother as it was known in Lemuria, Mu—and of the origins, beyond time and space as we know it, of the teachings that have come down over eons of time of Ho'oponopono and the true mystical Huna teachings?

When we understand divine truth through the avenue of Peace's representation of Christic consciousness, we can still the troubled waters, we can calm the terror of the winds that blow through the night and disturb our sleep. We can rein in anything by the holy vibration of Christ awareness, which knows all, which feels all, which sees all as God experiences it through the lens of a true son or daughter who is one with the Father-Mother God.

So consider, when you focus on this sixth ray of peace and attempt to bring about world peace, how the wisdom teachings of the Buddha are essential. Consider how Peace himself, with Aloha—as well as the Prince of Peace, Jesus the Christ, and his beloved Magda; beloved Lady Master Nada and her beloved; and the Master Kuthumi and his beloved—all transfer through the vehicle of their causal bodies their cosmic awareness, understanding, patience and what has been called long-suffering, which really is abiding in the Presence for longer moments of timelessness.

Consider how Peace passes this understanding to you, both on Thursdays when you choose to enter into that flame and at any time you desire to be still and know that I AM God and that that I AM God Presence is already within you. Yes, there is a peace that passes human understanding; it is a divine peace. And yet this peace also conveys divine understanding to all of us from deep within us, from that central point of being where God lives, moves and has his/her being within us.

This mantra of Magda, “I live, move and have my being in a liquid-diamond crystal light,”2 is one that we have been saying and singing now for a number of years. And if we will abide continuously within that awareness that this mantra speaks of, we, leading virtuous lives, will be able to feel what the plants, the elementals, the nature spirits feel as they abide within the natural realm under the sun, in the space of peace, divine abundance and prosperity that nature breeds and effuses throughout the world.

We can take our cue from nature about how to live a peaceable life because nature bespeaks, in its essence, this eternality. Observe a rose or any flower, its delicacy, its beauty, its symmetrical form, its aroma. Is this the outpicturing of an aspect of perfect peace? Yes. And what is the wisdom, what is the teaching of the rose to all of us? As we commune with a flower, as we enter its awareness, we may learn more than we had thought possible. We may discover something of our self, the rose of our own heart, the fragrance of our own being, the formlessness and form of our Selfhood.

Because Jesus was intimate with nature, he could calm the storm, walk on water and command, in a loving and nonviolent way, elemental life to be obedient to his divine command. And those who are humble and who humble themselves before their God, when they have delved into the deepest sacred spaces of inner calm and peace, can likewise have such an intimate relationship, conversation and experience with the precious nature beings and can live, move and have their being and their reality in the selfsame spirit that Jesus did.

I know that all of us have had sacred moments in nature in which we have felt that connectedness; experienced that oneness; and chosen, in sacred moments of harmony and presence, to abide free from fear, inharmony and overconcern about our lives, our work, our burdens. And we have entered into a new world—the world of light, the world of the soundless sound, the world of the sacred space that exists within the Holy City, which we experienced earlier. And, of course, that Holy City is within us.

Now, having experienced picture-perfect peace, you may be called to be a conveyor, one who passes understanding to others—a teacher or maybe more of an exemplar, one who models the divine life. Your vibration, your divine qualities that flow through your heart and chakras, and your beingness will determine how much reality will be conveyed through your words and what you share with others. If your words don't match your inner being and you have not truly entered into stillness and peace, your words may convey something that sounds okay, yet will they have the transformative power of actual attainment, of a high level of self-mastery?

We can talk all around the teachings, remember what the masters have said and share what they have experienced, what that they have spoken of, written about, dictated about. The rub is, what have we gleaned, what have we become, what have we clothed ourselves in of this spirit and experientially become? If we have truly understood the teachings by experience, by practical application, then those wisdom words live, move and have their being within us. And when we share them from the point of true God-identification, they will have the power to assist, to heal, to transform lives.

If you desire to be a true teacher, 80 percent of the work is done internally before any presentation. It is an ongoing inner work, and your meditation, your prayer, your supplication to the Divine, and your reflection upon the Divine within others with whom you share is the most important aspect of this work. And then the final 20 percent is the actual conveyance through the sharing, the words that you speak, the eye contact that you make, the love that you carry in your heart for the beloveds before you. The love that you share in those words and in the sacred moments of your connectedness with your audience will arouse within them, through an inner stimulus of the Holy Spirit, the power for their self-transformation, their overcoming, their enlightenment.

Each of you here and those on the broadcast have the same inner power that I have to do what I do on behalf of the masters, if you will take the time to enter stillness, to know peace and then to pass understanding from that central point of peace that you have become through your daily inner work.

Those of you internationally, in other countries, who would like to share our Meru University courses in another language, study the words first, muse on them, meditate on them so that when your audience has questions—and they will have questions—you'll be able to access an ever-new fountain of spiritual light, divine gnosis and wisdom in that moment with them, with your cherished heartfriends. And something new and beautiful and radiant will emerge because of the grace of God that flows through you, because you have first entered into the great silence of stillness, of peace.

Virtue breeds virtue; love breeds love; presence breeds presence; harmony breeds harmony. Whatever it is that you desire to have fulfilled as you share love, light and your energy with others, it can manifest when your motive is pure, your heart is afire with God's love. And the wisdom will come. It will come by the grace of the Holy Spirit when your first course in the divine meal is love.

Discourse is all about love, and it comes through peace; and peace conveys, or passes, understanding. So you become that great quarterback who guides the team with what you pass to future generations as the spiral is conveyed through your arm, in perfect timing, to the receiver—the passer and the receiver. And as you pass, you also receive. You receive the adulation of those who love you as one who mentors, leads, guides and calls out the signals. More importantly, you receive divine adulation because you've entered into perfect peace, divine presence and the beauty and harmony whereby true spirituality is applied in the sharing, the nurturing, the conveyance of grace.

As our Hearts Center movement grows and many of you take up your sacred calling to share what has already been spoken of and codified into books, please do not forget that what is important in the moment is the Holy Spirit's inspiration to you that comes as guidance, as edification, as a calming light-energy field, which you can lovingly express and radiate. That is more important than simply repeating what has been shared through me after I am gone. And our movement will be a viable one so long as every teacher, sharer, minister of the Spirit lives, moves and has his or her being in that presence of peace, having first accessed that light, that love through meditation, through prayer, through obedience, through God-connectedness and centeredness.

Other religions fail and other spiritual movements begin to dissolve when they leave off of the personal application of the masters' words in their lives and fail to become transformed and do those greater works. If scriptures are only spouted, if books are written and they are read once and put on the shelf and not eaten up and assimilated, they will not have the transformative power of the Holy Spirit for all future generations. However, Jesus's words conveyed—even with the mistranslations, mistransliterations, misinterpretations—still have the power today to heal, transform and change lives. Why? Because of Jesus's consciousness, because of his love, because of his inner wisdom, his purity, his oneness with the Father-Mother God. That is what is still powerful, dynamic, transformative within the Gospel, those red-lettered words that live on and have even deeper meaning after reflection and meditation and assimilation.

A heartfriend and I were in our store a couple of days ago and we were talking about the Jefferson Bible. If you haven't heard of it, look it up. We had one old, small hardbound copy in our store, and I think it's a gold mine. The Jefferson Bible contains all of the words of Jesus taken out of the New Testament and organized in a very powerful and beautiful way by Thomas Jefferson. It's the concentrated light of Jesus's words all together without all the trappings that the Gospel writers shared as they shared his words. If we eat up this little book and ask Jesus to be with us and to feed us as we are reading it and convey to us his eternal truths and who he is now, as a living Christ, then maybe we can move beyond the limitations of Pisces into the expansiveness of Aquarius, and the new dynamic of Aquarian love can take hold around the world and we can finally have true brother/sisterhood on our globe.

“Dis” is the course that the Master desires for you to take part in—his living words. And then you become the living Word through the dynamic of your virtuous life, and you become a Gospel writer. You become first a disciple, then a learned one and eventually a brother/sister, a master, an arhat. Let our course be true as we discourse, one with another, as we share from our hearts more than just what we remember—what we experience, who we've become, what we've applied.

1. See Philippians 4:7.
2. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer 9.009, “Magda's Mantra: Liquid-Crystal Diamond of Light.”

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