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Afra      January 19, 2015

Beloved Afra Discourse
David Christopher Lewis
January 19, 2015   9:00–9:29 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Afra Leads a Session to Mitigate Destruction in Nigeria, Niger and throughout Africa

            Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Thank you for being here. The Master Afra is with us today to share from his heart the concern for what has transpired and what is continuing to transpire in Nigeria and Niger in Africa and reminding us that Saint Germain, in his prophecy for this year, given on December 31, 2014, said to watch certain countries for potentially dangerous and possibly catastrophic occurrences next year and in coming years. These can all be mitigated through prayer, divine intercession, meditation, fasting, et cetera.           

            These countries are Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, France, Australia, two nations in central Africa, one country in Central America and, of course, the United States of America. Saint Germain said some of these potential occurrences may be natural calamities. Others may involve what seems to be terrorism, yet which may actually be false-flag occurrences that bring about violence, destruction, murder and mayhem. We will continue to see in certain areas additional social and civic unrest and upheaval. Saint Germain also said the major thing that we can all choose to look for is what is happening in the economy and the financial sector. It is imperative that all of us become aware of what is really transpiring and that we financially get our own house in order, that we have reserves of food and water and that we assess what we truly have to have in order to be free.

            I would like to thank the International Council and the prayer team that meets once a month on Saturdays, as well as all those of you who participate on Saturday evenings, for your calls, especially the session that was broadcast this past Saturday from Chicago. When we focus on these issues and bring the light to bear in them, there is great intercession and the angels, the masters, the Elohim and cosmic beings can directly intercede.

            Beloved Afra's concern today is for this violence that is transpiring. He is sending a ray of light into Nigeria and Niger to augment the action of the light that has been invoked this morning in order to bring about a greater exposure to the world and to instigate a response from a number of countries and organizations that can move into action to prevent further destruction. The Master is recommending that all of us fast for one day, if we choose, and get on our knees and ask for intercession, for the mitigation of any further loss of life as a result of this terrorist organization that is wreaking havoc there. He also recommends that we call for the Nigerian government, military and police forces to respond swiftly to bring about greater stability.

            As we know, there is a lot of corruption in government, especially in Nigeria. There are a lot of kickbacks and paybacks and, unfortunately, because of the dynamics of all this, at times there is not the rapid response that is essential to meeting this destructive activity. So beloved Afra is speaking on the inner to the leaders in Nigeria and Niger and in other nations in Africa, urging them to respond in a humanitarian, loving and yet very effective way, militarily if necessary, and take command of this situation.

            In the name of the living God, beloved Afra, beloved Archangel Michael, beloved Hercules and Amazonia, beloved Arcturus and Victoria, we accept now the rapid-fire response from heaven. And we demand and we command, in the name I AM THAT I AM and the living God, that divine intercession and the mitigation of all violence, destruction, murder and mayhem manifest now! We call for the binding of all mass entities—the mass entities of violence, destruction, murder, chaos, confusion, horror, terror. And we call for the light of God that always prevails to move into action now as required, where required, when required to save sentient beings, to save the holy innocents, especially the children, especially families and those who simply desire to be left in peace. We call in the name of the living God for the binding now of all mass entities working through terrorism and the horrors of that terrorism as it breeds further destruction and loss of life.

            We now enter our own hearts to ferret out and consume, cause, effect, record and memory, anything within our own selves that is less than God-perfection—all inner hatred, subtle dislike of others, witchcraft, black magic, necromancy and any subtle energies of discord from our own past lifetimes and within our inner psyche that may tie us into this violence in Africa at an energetic level. And we are called on now to deal with and transmute these energies to thereby assist the great hosts of light and the legions of the Lord to take command and resolve this conflict today with Godspeed.

            We call for the true flame of brotherhood/sisterhood to reign supreme across and within the Earth, and we know that brotherhood/sisterhood begins squarely within our own hearts. Therefore we self-assess, we go within, we meditate. And using the Ho'Oponopono prayer now, we say to God, to our own Higher Self, to the light and to the core and soul of every individual at the center of this violence: “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” [repeated 9 times]

            Now the Master would like us to give prayer 70.003 to the Elohim Arcturus and Victoria, whose retreat, as we know, is over Luanda, Angola. We call for that light of Arcturus and Victoria, the seventh-ray action of sacred fire, to blaze forth now throughout that region to bring about the highest and the most luminous answer to this issue. And as I also thank the brothers and sisters of Afra who meet Sundays and pray, I see the light that they have invoked, and will continue to invoke during these Sunday sessions, mitigating this issue.

            Together, right into the body of the prayer.1 [David leads prayer 70.003; spoken 3 times and sung once]

Arcturus, Blessed Elohim

1. Arcturus and Victoria,
Lanello, Morya, Guru Ma,
With Zadkiel and Amethyst,
Your legions all in violet dressed.
Come, Saint Germain and Portia dear,
With Omri-Tas unto us here.
Now place your Presence o'er the Earth
And bring to all a great rebirth.

2. Arcturus, mighty Elohim,
Enfold us in a violet stream.
Release electrons pure and free,
Repolarized, returned to thee.
Transmute within the cause and core
Of all unconscious pain and more.
Increase the flow of sacred Tao
Within our sacred centers now.

3. Arcturus, mighty Elohim,
Let thy glory through us stream.
Answer now our earnest prayer;
We see perfection everywhere.
Charge the Earth in God's own name;
Blaze, O blaze the mercy flame.
We see the glory of the light
Of transmutation's power bright.

             Now feel this action manifesting deep within your soul, your soul connected to the soul of the Elohim, your soul connected to beloved Afra through soulfulness, and your soul connected to the lightbearers within central Africa, especially Nigeria and Niger, and for the freeing of darkness, the transmutation of darkness within the minds and hearts of those who feel that they have to resort to violence in some way to bring about their human will rather than accepting and living in the will of God.

            Now beloved Afra sends forth the blue-fire action of light through the Elohim of the first ray. So we will give “Beloved Hercules' Embrace,” prayer 10.002.2

            Beloved Hercules, we call for your direct intercession in central Africa, Nigeria, Niger and throughout that region. And we call for this light to be maximized, to enter the scene for the arresting of all dis-ease—the proliferation and spread of AIDS, malaria, and especially what has recently transpired in central Africa through the spread of the Ebola virus.

            Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through and root out now the cause, effect, record and memory of the spread of these diseases. Burn through, burn through, burn through, burn through! You have no power over the health, vitality, wellness and wholeness of the African people. I call for the absolute removal of the nadir and conception of Ebola, AIDS and malaria throughout the African continent. I call to the twelve Elohim and their complements to recreate Africa now in the light of God that always prevails And I call for the blue-fire radiance of Hercules to descend into that continent and into those countries named and others unnamed to instill the holy will of God within the lives of the people.

            Beloved Hercules, we thank you for your message yesterday. We take to heart what you have conveyed, that each and every one of us can come up higher and fly in spirit with you, soaring and ascending in new God-awareness to overcome limitation and move heaven and earth on behalf of the will of God. We accept it as we pray: [David leads prayer 10.002; spoken once and sung once.]

Beloved Hercules' Embrace

1. Hercules, thou Elohim of cosmic blue-fire light,
Seal us now within your aura, ever shining bright.
Lock the Earth in your embrace, protect her every hour.
Raise her now in holy radiance by your sacred power.

Twin-flame pillars anchor here

Now deep within the Earth,

Protecting life upon our globe

In reverent new birth.

Dear Amazonia now comes

With crystal-diamond shield,

Defending every child of God

In cosmic lightning sealed.

2. Power flows at your command, protecting every soul,
Energizing all with virya. Now we reach our goal.
Directing rays of diamond substance, sealing us in grace.
Thank you for your cosmic mastery over time and space.

3. Hercules, defender of our right to walk with God,
We bow before your presence as you wield blue-lightning rod.
Lock our souls in your embrace, protect us every hour.
Raise us now in holy radiance by your sacred power.

                        Now feel this action deep within yourself and within Africa. Feel the energizing of your auric field to a new level. Feel the strengthening of your will, your resolve, through cosmic virya, to be proactively involved and invested in the work of God, the will of God in action today and every day.

                        In the name of the living God, we call to you, beloved Padre Pio, for your mastery in bilocation. And we ask that a part of ourselves bilocate to Africa throughout this day and every day to save sentient beings who are in some way being impacted by violence, terror and threats through these movements and fanatics who are possessed by mass entities and destroying entire villages and people. Burn through those mass entities now! They have no power! Their day is done. They have no power! Their day is done. They have no power! Their day is done.

            I call to the Two Witnesses for the binding now in heaven and on earth of all mass entities of violence, destruction, mayhem, murder, war. Burn through, burn through, burn through, O sacred fire! And I call for the collective energies of our community to be directed into this situation for cosmic mitigation, intercession. Legions of Archangel Michael, go now to Nigeria, Niger and root out the cause, effect, record and memory of this mayhem and murder. Bind now those individuals and their leaders responsible for this destruction and murder. Bind them now! In the name of God I AM THAT I AM, in the name of Jesus the Christ, we agree together upon Earth that it is so by the light of God that always prevails, by the law of harmony, by the law of love.

            We accept Afra's presence, north, south, east and west, in every nation of Africa, especially in Nigeria, Niger, Sierra Leone and wherever the Ebola virus has spread. Bind it now! Bind it now! Bind it now and those responsible at all levels for its spread in their attempt to destroy life, whether on the astral plane, in the physical or on any other level of being. Bind now the astral energies and entities! Bind now the astral plagues! Bind those plagues now by the power of heaven, by the causal body of beloved Lord Ling and of the great ascended masters of light, beloved Mighty Victory, beloved Ray-O-Light and your legions of fearlessness flame. Burn through now, burn through now, burn through now, burn through now, O legions of fearlessness flame, and consume the cause and core of these viruses and the entire situation in these nations that is less than God-perfection. Root out, root out, root out now those perpetrators of murder and mayhem! Bring them to task! Bring them to cosmic justice, O legions of light!

            We ask you now, O Great Karmic Board—beloved Divine Director, Goddess of Liberty, Lady Master Nada, beloved Cyclopea, Pallas Athena, beloved Portia, beloved Kuan Yin and beloved Vairochana, overshined and assisted by beloved Gautama Buddha—for dispensations of light, for a new-blue and a new-violet wave of light to engulf Africa, especially these nations, in the light of Afra, the light of unity, the light of true brotherhood/sisterhood. Burn through now all that opposes true brotherhood/sisterhood, understanding, communication and the putting aside of all violent tactics, warfare and destruction as a seeming means to an end of peace. Let the flame of the Prince of Peace reign in Africa and throughout every nation upon Earth.

            O Jesus the Christ, O Elohim Peace and Aloha, O Magda, O Uriel and Aurora and cosmic forces of light from far-off worlds, we ask you now for intercession. We ask you for mitigation, for a new wave of peace to manifest throughout our planet. Burn through and bind now by the sword of living peace all that is anti-peace, and infiltrate into the pockets of darkness to bring light, light, light, as we have called it forth today, as well as love and joy for a new world to be born here and now within ourselves and within every erg of energy of this planet.

            We see our planet engulfed in light. We see our planet renewed in light. We feel our planet restored in a new renaissance of golden-liquid light today, and we live, move and have our being in it, O God. Amen.

                        Thank you, everyone. God bless you for your participation, for being there as a nexus for these calls to manifest today. Have a wonderful day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer number 70.003.
See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer number 10.002.

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