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David Lewis      October 21, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
October 21, 2014   7:31–7:38 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Why We Read Master Omraam's Daily Meditation in French

For those who don't know French, you may be wondering why we read the Daily Meditation in French every day. Of course, the obvious answer is that the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov originally taught primarily in French during the forty-nine years that he taught and modeled the divine life in France, especially in southern France at the Bonfin. As I contemplated this, I saw how his master, Peter Deunov, Beinsa Douno, sent him to France from Bulgaria before World War II began for a number of reasons. Of course, Bulgaria came under the dominance of, first, the Nazis during World War II and later the Soviets under the communist regime. If the Master Omraam, who at the time was called Brother Mikhael, had stayed in Bulgaria at a time when there was not freedom of movement, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, he would not have been able to reach as wide an audience.

                        The Master Omraam was in France during a very pivotal time of European as well as Earth's history, World War II. We've seen the destruction that was caused by the Nazis upon that soil. Imagine if this great light had not been there to, in part, hold the balance. He was there to very intently help hold a focus of freedom, of truth and of divine light. At the Bonfin, even today, the practices of early morning meditation with the sun go on and the teachings are presented and shared. Our compatriots of light, who primarily speak French, are there day after day in that community of the Holy Spirit to help hold a great balance for Europe in this hour.

                        So even though we may not outwardly know French, we are tapping into and aligning ourselves with the resources of other brothers and sisters who are members of the Great White Brotherhood on Earth and who are doing their work in a virtuous and beautiful way in that nation. By our listening to these daily meditations, we come in proximity in our spirits with these holy brothers and sisters. We tap into the resources of light that they are invoking through their songs, prayers, devotions, reading and study even as we are engaging in the same through our own dynamic here in the United States. This is a true brotherhood. Remember, France ultimately stands for liberté, liberty. Saint Germain traveled throughout France, the Master Omraam was there, and other great lights have been there and are still there, including at the retreat of Paul the Venetian over southern France, the Master of Paris and others.

                        The reason I'm sharing this today is so that we can be attentive and not let this get old for us, ignore it or not really tune into it. Some of you may even desire to study some French or to reinvest some of your energies in this language. When a great master such as Omraam comes, who himself had to learn that language and, in effect, master it in order to speak, it's worthy of our focus and attention so that we too can receive the original essences of what he shared for nearly fifty years as he taught disciples, many of whom remain disciples today.

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