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David Lewis      May 09, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Sharing
May 9, 2014
Livingston, Montana

The Hearts Center Summer Youth Retreat

            We will have our youth summer retreat here. I worked with Boyd yesterday to create an even better plan for us, for our precious young people. And I'm asking you within our movement to invite young people you know who may desire to get away into the mountains of Montana near the Yellowstone River for three days—June 23, 24 and 25—to be with us, to experience what it's like to breathe fresh air, to be in the amazing Montana sun, to go on hikes, to float the Yellowstone River, to go to Chico Hot Springs, to prepare food in the evening over a fire, a live fire that we gather the wood for and create. It's the best of camping, spirituality, fellowship, fun, a little exercise, some work and a lot of sharing, talking.

Boyd and I are going to be here during the retreat and we hope that one fairly young adult female will be with us to help guide the female youth, and I'll be contacting one in particular to see if she's willing to come. I see this event as a new opportunity for us to invest in our young people. And I pray that some among you will be moved to donate to the youth scholarship fund to help us to bring a number of youth who probably don't have the resources or the finances to pay for their trip here from other states, or maybe even from outside the United States. We have a few thousand dollars in our fund, and yet the budget for this event is more than that.

We intend to pay for the food and to buy one or more tents. I had hoped for teepees, yet they're a little more expensive. So we're going with the lesser expense this year, as our board has approved. I know that there are some young people out there who love nature, who would like to learn more about permaculture, which we're going to have instruction on. John Nitzinger will come and give some training on surviving and thriving in the wilderness, based on his many, many years of experience in nature—probably five or six decades. Six decades! He's 80 years old, so he's been floating in canoes in Alaska for longer than most of us have been alive.

I've contacted one young musician, a guitarist who is linked to our community, and I hope to find and communicate with another whose music these young people will enjoy listening to in the evening around a campfire. We're going to do a lot of speaking and talking and sharing about what's important to the youth. What are their challenges and what are their opportunities? And how can we maximize what we have to offer through our activity to meet what they require and what their gifts are? I know that together we will create a most amazing experience.

            Mother Mary, El Morya and Lady Master Meta are sponsoring this retreat, which is titled “We Are Aquarius Now: We Are Sustainable in Solar Love.”  Isn't that great? The youth are the harbingers, the advocates of the Age of Aquarius.

When I was young in the late 60s, the Broadway musical Hair came out. Even though it was probably not the type of show I would go to, and in fact I didn't go to it, although I know other people who did, it had the song “Aquarius” in it, with the lyrics “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius…” Even back then we knew it was happening, and yet much more has come forth from the ascended masters in the last thirty, forty years that has given us clarity on where we're headed, what the challenges and opportunities are and how we together can make it happen.

I've contacted an expert in permaculture who has worked closely with my wife, Mona. His name is Zachary Weiss, or Zach. He is a young gentleman of 26 years in Bozeman who's already an expert. He's been to Austria two or three times and studied with Sepp Holzer for weeks at a time. He's probably going to be the first person in the United States who's going to be fully certified to promote the Sepp Holzer matrix of reestablishing nature in its beautiful raw state in order to bring the most effulgent resources into play.

Permaculture is a great opportunity for us to reach the young people because many of them are involved in and expressly desirous of working with the land in a natural way. Permanent agriculture is permaculture. We're going to have a workshop on the first day with Zach and then we're going to do some stuff on our property, not so heavy or intense that the kids will be burned out. They'll learn about composting, about using different types of mulch to optimize how plants, and trees especially, can thrive, and about methods of gardening that we've learned, how to use companion plants to optimize what Nature herself does to bring forth the highest.

We're going to have a hike up what we call Spirit Ridge down in Paradise Valley, which will be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the laughter, the levity, the discussions and learning from the young people themselves, because some of them are very wise already.

            We had a Becky Christian at our home a couple months back, a young person who is still in college and yet has gone beyond the norm in her understanding of truth in terms of what college offers. She studied psychology, but realized that the current psychological methodologies and matrix do not support her own higher truth, her own understanding within her heart and mind. And so she's looked outside of the current system for even greater understanding and truth. I'd love for Becky to come and share some of her truth, some of her teaching with us because I know that she could inspire those younger than her with her insights. Those in college or getting ready to go to college, such as Hespera, are already amazing young adults, individuals with great insights, with great depths of spiritual understanding. You may have seen Hespera in action at the Chicago youth retreat. What an amazing soul. We're going to be reaching out to her and others to help and to facilitate this event.

The youth will have an opportunity on the second day of the retreat to have darshan with the master of their choice, beyond Mother Mary, El Morya and Meta, who will be with us throughout, because I desire and the masters desire that they have some say and input into what will be the outcome of this experience.

            We'll have popcorn and we may watch a movie of their choice. We'll make a couple of side trips—one to a local 50s/60s-type food spot called Mark's In and Out, where you can order a vegetarian burger, which is what I get when I go there. Some of the key things that we will do in these three days include a bag-lunch trip to Chico, going up to the Pine Creek waterfall area and having additional time for open discussion, planning the future and preparing some gifts for those who have very graciously and wonderfully donated to our youth scholarship fund. There's one thing I can't reveal yet—you've got to have a few secrets.

            This will be fun, and I can assure you I'm going to enjoy it because we will have just had our five-day conference plus our one-day Meru course, Anastasia in the Garden II, and this will be a great respite for me, a refresher. My younger two children, I believe, will be here, Benard and Valerie. And I hope that a dozen or more others, at least, will come. We're hoping for sixteen at least who we can support. We've got a lot of plans that are still in process.

So let us consider how we can love, support, pray for and nurture our youth, because we haven't quite done enough for them in our movement yet. The day is coming; the day is now. Let's get the word out, and we will make this victorious, even as we persevere, have strength, courage, forbearance, love, patience, endurance and all those virtues that I shared early on. This is what we desire to model for our youth. We have to provide for them examples of conscious, loving adults who care about them, their path, their initiations, their challenges and who are actually preparing the world for their mission. It's similar to the Essenes preparing for Jesus. We have to do this. I see these youth retreats as essential—and that word essential shares the same root as Essene. I see the radiant understanding and overshining presence of the Essenes being invested in these youth retreats.

So please donate to the youth fund if you desire to sponsor someone. If you have the names of some of the young people who have either been to one of our events in the past or who you think may be interested, please let me or Boyd or both of us know.

            We desire to keep this as much about them and about their desires as possible, even while we have a little bit of a spiritual component, because it is sponsored by The Hearts Center. Yet we don't desire to overpower the sessions with too much spiritual speak. We will let it flow from the Holy Spirit's desire to take this event where the Holy Spirit will move all of us. When I found the teachings of the ascended masters as a young person of eighteen, what I desired was community. I desired a place with property, exactly like what we're co-creating now, where I could go and participate with others in creating a community of light.

This may be the beginnings of our community in many respects. So if you desire community for The Hearts Center, let's make it happen together. I love you. Thank you for who you are. Thank you for praying for my trip to Billings tomorrow to the Barjon's Bookstore and Pharmacology, with its great owner. I love this guy and we're going to have a lot of fun. His name is Jim Nymeyer. He's a young guy, probably in his late 30s, with a long Merlin-like beard. He's full of light and energy and love. So we're going to have a good time tomorrow. Please pray for me, 2–5 pm Mountain Time, Billings, Montana. Take care and have a great day. God bless you. Bye-bye.

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