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Solarus      February 16, 2014

Beloved Solarus
David Christopher Lewis
February 16, 2014   12:41–12:52 pm PST
Sealing the Fire Ring in Solar Light and Love—A Weekend Prayer Vigil for the Pacific Region

Vista, California

A Sacred Formula of Energy Is Delivered for the Restoration of Wholeness in the Earth

            I am Solarus, and I come as the Sun King from another system of worlds to shine my light upon and within the Earth and through you, O sons and daughters of God, for the restoration of wholeness for this Earth and for the healing of the Pacific Fire Ring.
            Blaze forth the light from the sun! Blaze forth the light of the sun! Blaze forth the light of the sun here and within every creature that lives and moves and has its being within the water, the air, the fire and the earth.
            You have called forth the light this weekend, and many masters and divine beings have answered. And I come at the request and behest of the Four and Twenty Elders and the Great Karmic Board to assist this Earth in the alchemy of the restoration of wholeness.
            Therefore, by the grace of the Divine One, there is an alchemization of light through a matrix that I, by divine decree, have delivered to Cuzco and the scientists of the Spirit who regulate the energy patterns throughout this sphere. And the formulas now are delivered and energized and activated by other cosmic beings who work with this planet and this solar system, including various Solar Lords, as well as the nine choirs of angels, the Lords of Individuality, the Lords of Form, the Lords of Mind and the Lords of Creation. And there is an adjustment within the Earth at its core, first, and then flowing out unto the crust, through the oceans. This adjustment is as a cosmic delivery of ethereal substances ingested by life in all forms, which will cause a gradual shift and ultimately the ascension of all life as you know it, blessed ones.
            As this subtle energy is delivered in these subtle streams of activity, some of you may feel almost, as it were, a certain dizziness or the requirement for an adjustment within your own temple of light today and in coming days. If you find this to be the case, simply ask your own body elemental to work with your Higher Self to assist in this transformational process so that you can live both purposefully and harmoniously within your own temple of light.
            This sacred formula delivered to the Earth also supports, at a certain level of being, a safety net so that if future attempts are made to destroy large segments of life across and within the Earth, these will not be successful and there will be the instantaneous backlash to those dark ones who attempt them, eradicating much of their strategy and plans.
            Now, precious ones, the action is continuing and coming into proximity with many lands upon the surface of the Earth, coalescing even at the higher elevations and altitudes, and now progressing into the atmosphere of the Earth itself. This is a type of re-creation, utilizing certain divine substances, radiations and subtle elements to assist in the safeguarding of the entire planetary body.
            How great is God; how awesome is his handiwork in the heavens and upon earth. And when sons and daughters of God, conscious ones and co-creators, utilize the gifts of the Spirit to assist life in all forms and living at all levels, the Holy Spirit is active, the Lord God is present and the miraculous and mysterious may ensue through the hearts of the faithful and trueyou.
            Now, in closing this conference, I ask that you sing to the Great Central Sun to give glory to God, the Creator of all that is. As you raise your voices in supplication and praise and in adoration to Alpha and Omega, this action will complete and seal the work that you together have assisted in accomplishing. The light will be perfused throughout the solar system itself so that life in all domains and spheres may be blessed and sealed, inviolate, by this grace of our Father-Mother God.
            Thank you, blessed ones, for your presence here, for the light that you bear for the Earth itself. Thank you for your givingness—the energy, the starry essence, of your true and noble selves. It truly has been a pleasure to be of service to humanity in this hour. As you sing this song, I will rise and take my leave of this Earth and return to my natal star system.
            Like Jesus, I am with you always as Solarus, the Sun King of one system, and one to whom all may call to illumine and bless a planet and her people in the love-light of eternality.

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