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Helios      June 23, 2013

Beloved Helios
David Christopher Lewis
June 23, 2013   11:32–11:46 am MDT
2013 World Freedom Conference
Soul Freedom through Spiritual Wholeness: Soar to the Sun
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Helios Places a Sunflower in Our Hearts

Live a New Magical Life in Your Sun Center

            Precious ones, we are gratified that you are here and that the Sun Presence of your being is shining forth more brightly now than when you came and arrived in Livingston. You may even desire to call this town the Living Sun, for you, as living ones, are here including the Sun in your worship and praise of God—the One Light, the Great Central Sun.

            We, Helios and Vesta, know something about that cosmic and universal emanation, for we have stepped up the frequency of our own beings this past winter solstice. When the God and Goddess Meru did come and reposition themselves within the Sun, we, being freed ourselves to soar to a new holy office, were given a new
perspective on life, cosmic life.

             When you enter into your own God Presence, the Sun of your divine being, a new model of life begins for you. And the sacred anointing that occurs manifests in both mysterious, magical and marvelous ways so that you, ascending in spirit, truly enter into a greater presence of godliness and eternal love than you had ever known possible. You see, dearest hearts, there are cycles of life, and when you continue to expand awareness, those cycles bring you to new ends and new beginnings of opportunity for self-transcendence. And if you are constant in the emanation of love through your hearts, you will find one day that you too have become a greater Sun Presence, nourishing many lifewaves through that love that flows through you—that which you allow God to deliver through your heart.

            This movement is aptly named. For you see, at the center of every solar system is the heart's center. Within the center of every cell of every living creature is a sun. Ultimately, when you discover the import and the message of that Sun in the very center of the cosmos, then, aligned with that level of cosmic creativity and oneness, you can fulfill your purpose in ever-ascending cycles of God-consciousness.

            Our rays extend themselves with divine intelligence to every life form within the greater aura of our field of beingness. And it is also so for you, dearest ones. Would you have that field be God-glorious, benevolent, merciful and rich in the effulgence of all virtues and spiritual gifts? If so, commune with us in the giving of Vesta's Solar Rosary as often as you choose—daily if you desire—and feel the welling up of a new warmth of spiritual fire from within your heart. For truly this is what will accomplish planetary change—self-transformation first within you and then expanding into that which you would see manifest within an entire Solar civilization.

            Yes, dearest ones, you have the opportunity to live a new, magical life in your Sun center. And when you absorb and then radiate forth the cosmic frequencies of pure love-consciousness, you will be amazed to see what is fulfilled within the greater environs and neighborhood of your own essence.

            We are pure, fiery light! And if you dare, as intrepid ones, to enter our fire, to accept our light and then to learn, through connectivity with that which we bear, to manifest this level of divine radiance, you too, dearest ones, will come to that point on your path where the Lord God conveys unto you the divine approbation, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”1 Have you made it your greatest desire to simply be pleasing to God, perfuming the cosmos with your own essence of holiness and beauty? If so, then we will work with you from the great within of your soul and spirit.

            You will learn the sciences of the Sun in future classes, courses and publications. For, dearest ones, this movement is a movement of Solar consciousness, heart-centeredness and godly love. That which you cherish within the sacred brotherhood/sisterhood of your community will naturally expand when each one understands the principles, precepts and values of a life lived to the glory of God in all ways, giving of self and always seeing new possibilities, divine manifestation from within emanated through the sacred heart center.

            Our gift this day is extended to your soul. It is a tiny microscopic sunflower, which we place just above your threefold flame. As you nurture that flame, the sunflower will glow and many tiny bees and birds will come to this talismanic and magical essence. And they will carry the message of your love far and wide to those souls whom you have been called to serve. For, yes, these little elemental beings and spirits feel the pulsation of your love-wisdom-faith fire in balance, and as they pluck one seed from this sunflower and deposit it within the soul of a particular lifestream, it will flower within that one and your essence will shine. And that soul will give thanks one day that you, in holy communion with us, were a vehicle for the transfer of so great a gift of the essence of God that is within you.

            The path is truly fun, joyous and easy if you make it so through the radiant smile of your heart and your love for one another, your love for Self, and, first and foremost, your love of God.

            We embrace you, and on this sacred day, made sacred by you, O holy ones, we shine forth our light and raise you up on eagles', butterflies', hummingbirds' and even bumblebees' wings of light to the Sun.

1. Matthew 3:16, 17; 17:5; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21, 22.

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