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Meta      September 12, 2012

Beloved Meta
David Christopher Lewis
September 12, 2012   8:16–8:34 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

                                       A Gift of Light to the Child of Your Heart and unto Each Child
                              The Work within My Retreat: Bringing the Light of Love to the Children

Precious Hearts of Pure Love,

I come bearing a gift of light to the child of your heart and unto each child whom you have held up in that light for prayer this night. The child within you is pure, and when you focus on your inner self, on your soul, and live in the light within you that you know to be true—for you feel the integrated self of your true being through your soul—then you may know the purity of your Selfhood, the God-glory of your being, one with the Divine.
            The Master Jesus said, “Unless you become as one of these, the children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of God.”¹ And if you become as one of these, dear hearts, the way is made plain by the simplicity of a path lit by the divine light. And through this path you may walk fully into your eternal nature; and you may be glorified thereby as the angels of heaven witness unto your true reality, for you have become again as a little child.
What do I teach in my retreat? Where is my retreat? And can you invest yourselves in my work in bringing the light of love to the children of this world and many worlds? The work within my retreat is primarily for those children who do not understand upon Earth their true nature, because they have not been raised in an environment that allows for them to receive impressions from the heaven world, guidance from conscious parents, teachers, siblings and mentors. You see, I move among the great cities of the world, in which there are many children who have been discarded—those who are the progeny of drug addicts and the poor who do not have the outer means to support them in the way that would allow them to have their needs met and a proper education.
And therefore we gather the souls of these children and my angel escorts take them to the retreats of many of the archeiai and other lady masters and also beloved Ariel for them to receive nurturing, love, the inner care of their hearts and souls, and tutoring in divine concepts that we leave as impressions and engrams within their soul and inner bodies. We bless them, we wash them, we treat them with the utmost respect, and we attempt in every way to infuse them with this radiant stream of God's light and love so that when they return to their physical forms, their body temples, in the morning, they may have a new sense of hope, of possibility for change and advancement, and both outer and inner peace.
You can support our mission through constant prayer for the children and youth. And as you commune with and nurture your own children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and others in your communities, as you feel from within your hearts a love for and understanding of children everywhere, send angels to assist many who have been downtrodden, despised or left to their own devices to attempt to live outside of families, upon the streets, in the ghettos or along the highways and byways of life.
There is also great work in our retreat on behalf of the souls of all mankind, the inner child of the heart of those who have not fully made contact with their inner self, and especially those who have been abused by parents, relatives and others. For this abuse itself is causative of a great scarring to the soul, and often it takes a great amount of spiritual energy to erase the record of that abuse and to allow the individual to heal, to receive from within the self-respect, the nurturing that will move them beyond the dark experiences that they have witnessed, truly allowing them to have a new life of respect, authenticity and sovereignty under their own God Presence. Often this scarring and this abuse occurs over many generations, and therefore part of our work on the inner planes is to show families the results of their errors and how they may break the chain of events of continuing abuse, start a new spiral of light, and initiate through love, forgiveness and understanding a way that will move all generations forward toward complete resolution, transmutation and wholeness.
You see, dearest ones, the work I am engaged in is both specific for each individual and universal in its effects and approach in order to bring a generational healing and a new universal spirit of grace, compassion and peace whereby the earth may receive those light frequencies from Venus that the evolutions living thereupon have mastered aeons ago through the law of love. And through this, Earth, Venus' sister star, may be raised as all cultures and evolutions receive the teaching, the training and the understanding whereby the past is mastered, the future is set in light, and within the eternal Now all comes to fruition through that law of love.
I bless you, each one, for your efforts throughout this and a number of past lives to heal the children everywhere and to bring them to a new world experience of hope, possibility and happiness. We do what we do because we love God, and we love the God within all. And yes, dearest ones, you may be involved as much as you would like by simply uttering a simple prayer, singing a song to Mary or now to me, and asking that on the inner planes your spirit be involved in God's affairs on behalf of the children and youth. For in this your own inner child receives nurturing, healing and exactly what you require on your own path of light.
Where is my retreat? Will I reveal it tonight? Yes, in my retreat. Therefore ask to be taken by angels to Meta's retreat; and if you are sensitive, upon arising in the morn record your first impressions of where you know you traveled to. And many of you will, I say, know where my celestial mansions are, from which I emanate light and love to all.
I bless you with a kiss of peace, the fragrance of lilies and freesia and of many bouquets which I have created through your prayers. Thank you, Carol and others, who continue to so carefully craft heartfelt prayers for the children and youth. You all have special seats in my retreat, and you have been witness on the inner to the sacred work of the Lord and the Holy Spirit in bringing healing and grace to millions.
I love you with my heart, one with God, and seal you by the grace of our Lord, Jesus, whom we serve through the Christ consciousness that lives and moves and has its being within the lives of every created son and daughter of the One. I thank you.

1. Matthew 18:3, 4; 19:14; Mark 10:14, 15; Luke 18:16, 17.

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