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Meta      June 29, 2012

Beloved Meta
David Christopher Lewis
June 29, 2012   7:49-8:00 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana 


Express Your Own Childlike Nature of Purity as You Serve Children with Conscious Love

Dearest Heartfriends,
            The currents of my love are here and now available to you each one as a resource of light, as a present reality, a fountain of beingness for your use on your spiritual journey through life. The child within you is limitless, with untold possibilities for you to express your creativity and the blessings of who you are as a son or daughter of the Divine One in your life.
When you enter into a childlike spirit, as Jesus has adjured us, there is a spontaneity of that Holy Spirit that enters your hearts, that sings the praises of God's joy and that gives birth within you to a new experience of living in presence, the presence of childlike joy. Many of you know that I work with children. For in the experience of inspiring them to know who they are—immaculate in God's eyes and pure within the Mother's mind—there can be the healing of trauma and a sacred blessing that allows the soul of the child to begin to soar, the mind of the child to begin to understand, the heart of the child to feel the depth of God's love, and the eyes of the child to see with clarity the truth of beingness.
Dearest ones, when you apportion your energies to express your own childlike nature of purity there can be for you an instantaneous release of the past and an acceptance of the Eternal Now, where you let go of all sense of limitation and burden and embrace the all-pervading spiritual virtues of the one God. When you sponsor a child by providing resources and time for that one, through your determination to serve and through your own childlike spirit there is a buoyancy and an affection that manifests that allows God's love to be born anew within your interaction, within your sharing and within your questioning the child within the other and within yourself as to what it observes, what is meaningful, what it has discovered of life's joys today.
When you provide for your children in mindful moments of receptivity and givingness, of acceptance and sharing what is true and beautiful, bounteous and rich in the harvest of God's quintessences within your world, God's family is born anew within the totality of your relationship. For you are of God's family, dearest hearts. This is what I desire for each of you to know—that you have always been a part of God's eternal family, the family of Man within the greater family of God.
            With this knowledge a sense of acceptance and inner peace may be yours. You will never feel bereft of knowing that you are loved. You will always feel a sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, familyhood. This is important in this time of Earth's experience and as its evolutions journey through life because many are disenfranchised from their family members, separated from the oneness of Spirit within the circle of their loved ones. And if there is to be the healing that I see now manifest within the greater family of Man, then each child must understand its purpose, its value and worth, and move forward in the light to be expressive of its true nobility, its virtuous self, its highest essence.
When you model this state of blessedness and self-mastery for your children and all children, then all are happy and present in the sure knowledge that God sees, hears and knows their prayers, musings and burdens and that the angels will assist them in knowing the truth and in feeling their self worth and in moving forward on their path of light.
Dearest ones, I am here for you because I long ago embraced the heart of God within the child and the child of God's heart within all life. With the sponsorship of my family, including Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus and all of the Holy Kumaras, we, the evolutions of Venus, share our love-fires with you each day as you embrace your inner child, speak  and listen to your soul, and grow in your love of life, of God and of each other.
I Am Meta. I bless you and I seal you in the light of your Presence.  Thank you.

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