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Zadkiel      July 07, 2010

Beloved Lord Zadkiel
David Christopher Lewis
July 7, 2010   8:14–8:32 am MDT
The Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I AM for Zadkiel a Liberator of Light for All Life upon Earth

            In the name of the light of God that always prevails, I, Zadkiel, come to impress within the Gulf of Mexico the light of the seventh ray of divine joy and transmutation and for an accelerated action of transformation that will bring this entire planet into alignment with the seventh age of freedom.

Since my retreat is closest to where this tragedy is occurring in this hour,1 many ascended masters in council have suggested that an activity of light be initiated from within my retreat whereby the violet light is invoked and sustained and sent forth through all manner of cosmic technologies to deliver into the entire environs of the Gulf of Mexico a miracle manifestation of violet energy.

We have been discussing with scientists of the Spirit what specifically can be done in this hour to mitigate the long-term effects of this anomaly. And I tell you, blessed ones, that the consensus of the ascended masters and hosts of the Lord is that the violet ray—with a specificity of frequency accelerated by the blue ray, whereby it becomes almost the purple action of laserlike light—delivered into the very Earth at the nexus of where that rupture has occurred can be the Z-factor that brings forth holy transmutation and an action that will dissolve the very essence of this problem.

Therefore consider with us this day sustaining a full hour of giving violet-fire prayers, invocations, songs and mantras, even being creative in the Now of the moment to what emanates from your own Higher Self such that a greater activity of the utilization of this ray may manifest in this our collective endeavor. When you call to the legions of Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, we answer with intention and with divine direction where you pinpoint that light. You may even secure a globe or a map and hold your hands over it, specifically over the Gulf of Mexico, and see currents of laser-violet light descending with lightning speed into the Gulf by your conscious thought.

In addition, blessed ones, there must be an activity that involves the transmutation of mankind's ignorance surrounding the science of energy in general. And there must be an understanding of the utilization of divine energies and frequencies, specifically from the sun and from other cosmic renewable sources, so that mankind gradually, and yet intentionally, moves from the utilization of nonrenewable resources to those that will benefit, in the long term, his life upon Earth; that will demonstrate his respect for the Earth; and that will allow all that is divinely ordained to manifest for the seventh-ray Age of Aquarius.

There are those within the conservative movement who are stuck on oil and who will do anything to defend it as a resource for the powering of civilization. We say, blessed ones, that if you could see in this hour—and we show you at your inner soul level—what has powered previous golden-age civilizations, you would be in awe that all that was required by that civilization in terms of the resources for the movement of life, commerce and industry was fulfilled without the extraction from within the earth of oil, coal, gas, shale and other resources that originate from the decay of matter, natural matter, which is itself concentrated sunlight. Therefore you see that it will take an awesome movement of consciousness among the leaders of civilization in all nations to shift from this awareness of your current technologies to that which will assist in bringing about a higher conscious age of divine reason.

The resources of the Spirit are infinite, blessed hearts, and many of these are right within your hearts, your minds and your inner being. Look first and foremost to that which powers you. It is God; it is God's frequency and energy. It is your Solar essence. It is pure consciousness. It is the stream of divine beingness. You have this resource at your fingertips every moment of your lives to utilize—your conscious, waking God-awareness—to ideate beautifully and to co-create mindfully. What you can conceive of and believe, with specificity, and clothe with divine substance, through heart-mindful thought, manifests in reality by conscious choice. You know the laws of alchemy and yet you do not always fully utilize them with specificity and with conscious intent.

Therefore awaken now, O mankind, to a new reality of light. Hear the cry and the word of the Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays, who have delivered the message of the Lord Alpha and Omega that a third of the burden of the weight upon elemental life has been lifted. And yet this will also mean that unless change is swift and sure and true in your own domain, O mankind, that burden which they have held for you will be fully upon your own civilization. Therefore within the laboratories of the Spirit of our retreat there is a conscious intent to deliver to the minds of many ways and means of making this transition a reality. This will be funded, as it were, fueled, by the conscious prayers of devotees of light of all spiritual movements through an accelerated use of the violet-laser-light frequencies.

You already have within your spiritual arsenal of light a number of decrees and compact discs of prayers and music that invoke the violet light, such as “Raise the Earth in Sacred Fire.” And even this messenger of late has taken this specific disc and given it and played it in his vehicle continuously to invoke that laser frequency of seventh-ray joy on behalf of the Earth. So I suggest that each and every one of you consider this, blessed ones. Have this specific disc playing in your homes, on your computers, in your vehicles and wherever it is possible to have this activity of light sustained. For the action of light within these prayers, as led by the messenger with many of you present, has gained great access to the vaults of heaven and the resources of the Spirit, even from the very throne of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun.

We replicate light by conscious, loving intent in many domains, by sending frequencies and seeds of light into the four quadrants of the Earth. And as angels of violet fire, love and joy, it is our great duty and joy to engage in this activity, blessed hearts. We require your efforts, your conscious will in maintaining this solar balance of the Earth. Yes, I said “solar balance.” Sometimes you engage the Earth as a very earthy experience, and yet when you bring the domain of the sun into conscious awareness, that fire of living light into the Earth, there is an admixture of sacred fire engaged that brings about alchemy in a new realm through a power of action that is divine, blessed ones.

Sing to the violet flame; spin to the violet flame; dance to the violet flame; eat to the violet flame; meditate with the violet flame; walk in the violet flame, swim in the violet flame, within the waters of light around you. Breathe in the violet flame as you inhale and exhale only God's love-light of mercy, forgiveness and compassion. Yes, blessed ones, the violet flame must enter every domain of consciousness. And your agreement with heaven must be clear and true such that you will be an arbiter of the divine destiny of Earth where you live and move and have your being as you say:

“I AM for Zadkiel a ray of violet light where I AM this day. I AM a field of cosmic joy, and I send spheres, cosmic spheres, of light everywhere, everywhere, everywhere I walk, I emanate, I live. These are changing the Earth into a golden-crystal age even now where I AM, O Lord, because I AM one with Zadkiel and his angels of mercy and forgiveness. Therefore I say: Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light into the Gulf of Mexico and encircle it in violet-light joy this day, every day until every elemental who has been affected and every human being who has been affected is free in violet-laser-light joy.”

            O holy ones who would manifest more of your Godhood daily, the violet ray allows you to fulfill your highest desires, your most divine aspirations, as it is the pinnacle of the prism of beingness within the seventh-ray frequencies of solar joy. As you incorporate the rainbow of eternal light within your aura and your aura begins to shine with a new divine brilliance—and especially to tingle with that violet current of beingness—you will be seen as a liberator of mankind. Wouldn't this be? This is truly, blessed hearts, a most wonderful appellation
yes?to be a liberator of mankind. Therefore say with me, “I AM a liberator of mankind this day.”

[Audience repeats each phrase after Lord Zadkiel:]

“I AM a liberator of mankind this day through my consciousness of love, violet-joy love. Yes, I AM a liberating one with Guatama and Maitreya and my Lord Jesus the Christ and Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy. And I take to heart God's holy directive this day for me to be a liberator of light for all life upon Earth! Amen.”

You have proclaimed it! Now go and be it in all realms, O blessed hearts. Amen.

1. Archangel Zadkiel is referring to the oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010, as a result of the British Petroleum oil rig that exploded and then sank. Millions of barrels of oil subsequently leaked into the Gulf. Zadkiel's etheric retreat is located over Cuba.


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